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The Real Skinny on Fat – Highlights with Dr. Frank Lipman

Thank you so much for being with me
today. This is very exciting. Can you share with us your background, your name?
– Sure. I’m Frank Lippmann. I finished medical
school in South Africa in 1979, long time ago, and soon after I finished medical
school. I realized the shortcomings of Western medicine because in Western
medicine we trained in hospitals, we trained in crisis care. When someone is
really sick, they’ve broken a bone, they have acute appendicitis, they’ve got
acute pneumonia, that’s what we get trained in and Western medicine is
wonderful at this crisis care at this acute care medicine. But as soon as I got
into private practice or I started seeing patients outside of the hospital
they were coming in and they couldn’t poop and they were tired and they had
digestive problems and I saw and I realized that these patients were not
being properly treated by the way I was trained. So I realized very early on that
my training in Western medicine was very limited and it was limited to that
crisis care medicine and we didn’t get trained in treating the common problems
that people come to you as a doctor day-to-day. So I realized early on in my
training that I’d have to explore other modalities and other ways of treating
patients that are coming in to see me. Wellness is becoming the catch word of
today. How many years ago did you become obsessed with wellness? -In the beginning I was struggling for all of this to make sense. It was only when I started
understanding how it all worked together, seeing patients getting better by
putting a little bit of music on, getting him to sleep better, getting him to go
for a walk, getting him to…to feel inspired or motivated or passionate
about what they do. All these things we take for granted when I started seeing
these results in my practice I started questioning just listening to what I’d
been taught or reading what I’d read in studies. I started realizing there’s this
whole human condition that we ignore or we don’t really take…we don’t really
take note of that that’s so important in the healing.
So my new book how to be well is to show people that’s not that difficult
most people let’s say that they don’t want to eat gluten. You know, if you just
show people this is what you do, it’s really not that difficult. The
book…the premise of the book is to make it easy for people
people don’t really want to know you know the exact reasons why anymore they
just want to know how to do it. So I try, I mean,
I’m obsessed with trying to make it easy for people because when it’s easy
then people will do it. When it becomes a habit, then people will do it. -So you’re a
leader in medicine, you’re a leader in wellness, you’ve probably coined the word.
And what are the secrets? What are the ways that we that somebody like me can
quickly start to feel better? -Right so I have these six parameters that I talk
about in my book. You learn, you need to learn how to eat, how to sleep, how to
move, how to unwind, how to protect yourself because we have so many
chemicals, and how to connect and how to connect with yourself, with your family,
with your community, with the earth. So those are those are my six parameters.
Eating, sleeping, moving, unwinding, protecting, and connecting. Simple. -Can you
talk about unwinding? Because that’s probably one where we spend the least
amount of time. -Well I think we live in a culture where we’re on the go all the time.
We have all our machines, everyone is so stressed out. What we call it
from a medical perspective, there’s too much sympathetic nervous system activity.
So the perfect antidote to that is meditation because meditation stimulates
your parasympathetic nervous system. So wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone
learned meditation in school and that just became part of their lives. It would
solve a lot of problems. But a lot of people aren’t going to just meditate. So
how else can you create that parasympathetic effect in the body or
the opposite effect of stress? You can listen to music. Bob Marley or reggae
music, for instance, the beat is at approximately 60 beats per minute which
is the the rate of a slow heart rate. So if you just put on Bob Marley and listen
you actually automatically slow down. If you go sit at the beach and listen to
the waves you automatically slow down. There’s so many little things that one
can do to just get your body to relax and that’s what the whole the book is
about is to show people it’s not that difficult. The vast majority of people in
this day and age probably do based on a low carbohydrate diet. Now why is that?
There is an epidemic of diabetes and pre-diabetes or what I call carbohydrate
intolerance and especially as you get older your capacity to metabolize
carbohydrates decreases and we have so many carbohydrates in our diet today
because we still believe this crazy myth that fat is bad for you. -So fat is not
bad for you? -Fats are good for you. Carbohydrates are more of a problem than
fats. Now here’s a caveat. If you eating a high-fat diet, you need to eat a low-carb
diet. Because having a high carb diet with a high-fat diet, not good. But for
the most part if you eating a low-carb diet
fats are good for you. I eat so many fats. I became pre-diabetic because I was this
doctor promoting a diet full of grains and I used to eat tons of fruit so I was
eating…I wasn’t eating meat. I thought being a semi, you know,
pescetarian was healthy. So I was eating a diet, some fish, lots of grains, lots of
fruits and vegetables and I thought that was healthy and I became pre-diabetic
and only when I cut out the grains and I cut way back on the carbs and I started
not being scared of fat because most people think fat do you think fat that
they’re clogging up your arteries and only when I got over that fear and I
started eating lots of almond butter and avocado and coconut oil and
coconut milk and grass-fed meat and not being scared of theses
things and lots of eggs. My weight automatically dropped. I felt much better
and my blood sugars came down. So fat, you know, we we have this myth that
American society, American Medical Association, the government all bought
into this low-fat nonsense in 1955. Physiologist Ancel Keys came out with
this hypothesis, mind you, there was no researcher that had good research, this
hypothesis that there was a connection between your fat…the fat you ate and
heart disease and everyone bought into it and over the years have been more and
more studies showing that that’s not the case. There’s actually a correlation with
low-fat eating and lower mortality. So you died earlier when you eat less fat.
So it’s important eat healthy fats, not the trans fats, not the the vegetable
oils that people cook with and that includes canola oil. Canola oil is…there’s this
myth that canola oil is healthy. It’s not a healthy you know if you want to heat
your oils you use sometimes olive oil but preferably avocado oil or coconut
or butter or ghee. These are better to cook with so I think, unfortunately, we
eat so many unhealthy fats that fats have got a bad rep. But if you avoid…but
if you avoid the trans fats and the heated vegetable oils and you’re eating
natural fats made by god that’s so not a problem. -Thank you so much for sharing
how to be well. I’ve learned a lot and I think that it’s…it’s transformative
Thank you, thank you. And thank you for making a documentary. -It’s my it’s
my pleasure and my joy.

Randall Smitham



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