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The Scale: Friend or Foe? الميزان: صديق ام عدو؟

Welcome back to my channel and if you’re new here, welcome to the channel! don’t forget to like this video and to subscribe to the YouTube channel to receive all the latest videos Today’s topic is The Scale A topic I am constantly being asked about and I continue to argue with my clients over The scale and my weight being this much today, and this much yesterday, and it’s this much the day after so it’s my duty to really explain to you
what our weight means and what’s the difference between our weight, and the weight of fat in our bodies because there is a huge difference between the two and why must we be getting weighed?
and when should we do so Normal weight should fluctuate. It needs to go up and go back down. If you’re weighing yourself daily… this video is for you! so you can know when you should be weighing yourself and what results should you expect to avoid disappointment and to figure out the trend that your body should go through Normally our weight should go up and back down because logically and scientifically our bodies should keep changing weight until they settle on a stable weight So what I’m asking of you in this video and am trying to explain to you is to pay attention to the trend the pattern of weight loss in your body meaning, if today was October first for example, you would need to monitor changes till November first notice how we’re losing weight and the pattern of this weight drop because day-to-day and throughout the week it’s absolutely normal for weight to fluctuate for the reasons we’ll be discussing now The first reason for why our weight fluctuates is salt if we consumed more salt than we’re used to, for example, last night’s dinner was salty or we ate at a restaurant, and food prepared in restaurants is saltier than home-cooked meals so if the food I had consumed last night was saltier than average I’m going to retain water making me carry more WEIGHT and NOT more fat my weight will be different the next day on the scale because my body retained more water and water has a weight of its own, so as I step on the scale I can see a difference in my weight so this is perfectly normal and logical unfortunately, some people get on the scale, they see their weight has fluctuated and they go into the thoughts of “The Diet is Ruined” and therefore I’m going to go off it we need to look at things in a more rational manner and more importantly we need to separate our emotions from what our actions and steps need to be in this case If I felt overwhelmed or upset with the number I’ve just see on the scale This shouldn’t stop me from continuing my journey and I should know where this weight gain came from because every weight gain has a rational and scientific explanation to it happening first thing is salt, if I’ve consumed more salt the day prior, then I am to expect a weight gain from water not fat and the opposite is true! if I’ve consumed less salt the day before, I’m going to lose more water weight so on the scale, the water weight will have dropped and the number will have dropped on the scale the second reason for our weight fluctuating in a week is Starches! if I’ve consumed more starches than I’m used to the day before, they act almost like a sponge so they absorb and retain water and if I consume more carbs and starches I will retain more water again, when . a body retains more water you;re going to weigh more than usual exactly as I’m carrying this glass of water and am standing on the scale this cup of water weighs something and it will show on the scale this is exactly what’s happening when
I consume salt or starches salt or starch will act like a sponge and they will retain water into our bodies and when that happens the water weight will show on the scale and the opposite is true as well if I consumed fewer starches and stood on the scale the sponge wouldn’t be there retaining water so my weight will drop water on the scale so there you have 2 reasons for weight
fluctuating; salt and starches and this is one of the main reasons why people who go on the Keto diet notice an enormous weight loss at first The Keto diet is built on being high fat and carb-free so when individuals don’t consume carbs that sponge is no longer present in their system so they go through a significant drop of water weight and they’re ecstatic with the results losing 5, 6 and 10 kilograms rapidly because water retention stopped so this difference in weight that you experience on a regular deto isn’t present in the Keto diet and that’s one of the reasons why the weight drops rapidly and then plateaus or stabilises Why? because there’s no longer any water weight for our body to retain following a consistent keto plan and there is no longer any water weight for your body to lose so it plateaus or stops for a period of time and this is one of the reasons why the Keto diet is so efficient at first and then the weight loss may stop because they’re not consuming any carbs or starches once they have lost all of the water weight that’s retained in their bodies, those who are consistent with Ketosis their body begins to lose fat naturally we must all keep in mind that normal fat in our bodies, forbids our body from losing any more than 0.5 to 1 as a maximum per week and this is something that’s scientific and logical and has been studied so for individuals that expect to lose more than that limit are not going to lose any further fat regardless of plan so the first stage of rapid weight loss whether on the Keto diet or otherwise is due to lack of water retention so we find ourselves losing weight quickly and the more low-carb a diet plan is we will lose water weight faster following that, once we’re done losing water weight, the real fat loss begins at a normal natural rate Don’t forget to join our mailing list using the link below to receive bonus tips, extra advice and even some free diet plans and a lot of other tips and tricks that will benefit you straight to your inbox the third point of why our weight continues to fluctuate is consuming late-night meals let’s say I’m used to having my dinner at 8:00 or 8:30 PM and last night I had my dinner at 11:00 PM and I proceeded to weigh myself the next morning as I usually do I’ll have had less time for my body to dispose of the food and water I’ve consumed between then and now again I must remind you that we’re weighing water and not fat at this point so the difference of me gaining 1 or 2 kilos on the scale is perfectly fine and normal because this is retained water weight and in a couple of days you will have shed it but if we had eaten at different times it’s normal for our weight to appear different on the scale that’s a pattern to keep an eye on. If I’ve eaten the night before at a different time than I’m used to the next day I’ll see a difference in my weight on the scale because I’ve had less time to dispose of it so naturally my weight will be different on the scale the fourth point is exercise now when we do any weight lifting or weight training we we go through muscle breakdown which results in something called nutrient uptake or water uptake meaning for our muscles to benefit from the exercises we’ve performed it has to be fed and fueled taking in nutrients from our bodies as well as water in our bodies so our muscles expand because its being fed so I’ve done some exercise and I’ve lifted weights and I’ve gotten on the scale to be weighed there will surely be a difference in your weight because your muscles are being fed they were stable prior to that, I’ve done some exercise resulting in muscle breakdown and the muscle needed to be fed hence retaining water and nutrients so it will surely add weight to the scale again, that’s water weight not fat gain we must always differentiate that water weight is very different to fat and when one steps on the scale you must be mentally prepared that there will be a change in weight and that this is solely water weight and not fat gain to measure fat we must calculate from the beginning of the month till the end of the month and to look at the pattern of weight loss then regardless of the fluctuation going on throughout the week and day-to-day and if it’s going downwards then the diet is working and to stop focusing on daily or weekly numbers because that number doesn’t show our progress nor is it the real results that we’re aiming for. It is only a daily or weekly weigh-in. the real progress that we’re making and the real results is a pattern throughout a month. not a day or two the fifth point of why our weight fluctuates is.. constipation or bowel movements because it’s a block or bulk of weight so surely if I have yet to dispose of it it will surely appear as weight on the scale again as water weight and not fat gain the sixth point of why we fluctuate is Medication that you may be taking I would like you to keep an eye on the trend of weight and to examine what is exactly happening with your weight changes taking into consideration all of the points that I’ve listed as possible causes for this and the other points that I’ll be mentioning throughout to see which of these points is hindering your weight loss whether it’s a diuretic or a specific medication that’s causing you to retain water weight these are definitely things that will affect your daily weight on a scale so I don’t want your emotions to continue to be affected by these changes causing you to stop the plan that you’re maybe following just for the sake of some simple aspects that are affecting your weight on a scale instead of taking in the bigger picture that will lead you towards your goals the seventh point of weight fluctuation is.. is the Menstrual Cycle or Menopause… when we go through the monthly cycle we go through hormonal fluctuations meaning our hormones are imbalanced and that is something that could lead to water retention and not fat gain within our bodies or else I wouldn’t have lost the weight the following week or throughout the month we’re also expected to experience cravings and for our bodies to want more food or sweets and this is one of the reasons for fluctuations which are only momentarily and this is yet another reason of why we should examine the trend the entire pattern throughout the entire month and not just focus on this week where we may eat more, have a hormonal imbalance and retain more water The final point of why our weight fluctuates is stress… stress is a coping mechanism where our body releases Cortisol; a stress hormone our body releases it to protect us stress itself doesn’t increase weight. what we do as a result of stress is what causes weight gain meaning, if we’re stress-eating to deal with stress that’s when our weight changes as a result of consuming more calories than our body requires or burns why does stress vary from one person to another? for example, a lot of people lose their appetite under stress and they’re no longer able to eat and they tell me how they can’t eat when they’re stressed and others go through the opposite so stress or Cortisol in itself isn’t the cause of weight gain how we deal with it is what affects our food and the calories we consume so if we have any source of stress even exercise is a form of stress anything that we do outside of the body’s comfort zone can surely cause us a form of stress how are we dealing with stress? by consuming more calories? I always like to remind you that calories vary regardless of what we’re going through this all affects what calories I’m consuming caloric deficit what I’m consuming versus what I’m burning and if I’m stressed which should try to breathe and relax so that we can deal with stress and not have it result in us stress-eating in response which causes an increase of WATER weight and not fat after having the most important aspects of why our weight fluctuates and the most common reasons of why around 90% of people go through fluctuating weight and they continue to get on the scales and say I’ve lost weight, I’ve gained weight these are some of the reasons why you might be experiencing this and these are all logical reasons, so I would like for you to pay attention to these things and study them before jumping to emotional conclusions and get to a place solely based on emotional judgment find out exactly why this is happening and again try to notice the trend that you’re going through and you’re monthly weight loss and not just weekly because this isn’t what’s going to get you the results weight loss patterns vary from one person to another and this is something you must know so you can understand how your body is dealing with weight loss throughout this journey and even more importantly stop comparing yourself to others every body loses weight differently than the other body and what matters is for you to understand how your body loses weight because there is no reason for you to not lose weight if you had the right mindset and second, you realize how inconsistent and adamant you need to be to accomplish this so there are roughly 3 patterns of weight loss that you may want to study to identify your own and this is the norm there are no superhuman powers that can send somebody out of this and what you may be seeing on social media or adverts these are all irrational claims 99% of people should lose weight this way you drop some weight, you stabilize, you gain, you drop again so don’t be seduced by claims that say things along the lines of “lose 20 kilos a month” I wish! you’re more than welcome to try it’s not real! it’s not normal and it’s not natural and 99% of people aren’t made this way so to avoid frustration please keep an eye on these patterns some people, drop weight, then they stabilize, then they drop some more and stabilize and in this stable phase can last up to a day or 3 or a week or 2 and this is where most people give up and quit and they say things like this diet isn’t working it’s not suited for me I’m a hopeless case this dietician isn’t good or this plan isn’t for me and they stop! this is EXACTLY where you should continue and you shouldn’t tell yourselves it’s not working because this is only normal weight stability is part of the progress it’s part of your development and improvement and to reaching your goals weight stability isn’t holding you back and it doesn’t mean it’s not working this is exactly where you should continue and keep going so keep an eye on this trend, am I one of those people who lose weight, stabilize, lose more and if you see your self stabilized don’t jump into emotional conclusions I know this happens but just keep going and stop looking for magic fixes the second pattern, is dropping, stabilizing, going up a bit, then dropping some more it’s not consistent but the overall monthly pattern is towards weight loss but daily or weekly there will be spikes and drops randomly and this is another period of frustration for people they come to me saying why did I gain weight? this isn’t working! is there anything else I can do? Ola give me the magic potion how about I crash-diet? or prescribe me a magic pill or tell me of a concoction to drink and drop pounds this is all irrational. you need to trust the process and trust your body because it’s on the right path to get you where you want to be picture a train, taking you somewhere specific the train stops in the middle would I get off the train or am I heading to my destination? If I’m looking to get to my destination and I got off at the middle-stop then I’m not getting to my destination just trust the process no matter how annoying or different to your expectations weight loss is not easy and it needs a lot of patience please just keep going the third pattern to monitor is the one where you’re stable, you don’t lose weight at first. Then you lose some. then you’re stable again then you drop this is one of the patterns that are so common with people and this doesn’t mean it’s wrong. This is the nature of your body we should accept it as it is and at the same time, it’s going to get you to your goals so if you’re one of those patterns you drop weight, you gain some, you stabilize or you rapidly drop or it reads like a ladder dropping rapidly then stabilizing because with the thousands of cases that I’ve witnessed, bodies are different no one is the same so don’t compare yourself to others and place yourself in a box trust me, you’re going to lose weight and reach your goals you just have to be consistent if you are consistent, you are going to win and you didn’t rush things and let fluctuations hinder you this is all part of the process and if anyone tells you otherwise they’re not being honest with you and is not telling you something that’s rational and scientific and normal that you’re experiencing so I want you to be consistent look at the big picture monitor your monthly progress and not the daily or weekly please don’t forget to subscribe to the youtube channel and leave me comments and likes and I’ll see you in the next video. Goodbye (salam)

Randall Smitham



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