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The South Beach Diet – The South Beach Diet Explained

the South Beach diet is a commercial
diet plan at first it came to help people to lower the risk of heart
disease but it rapidly became popular as a diet for losing weight the diet claims
not to be a traditional low carb diet instead it focuses on selecting the
right carbohydrates or carbs these include whole grains specific fruits and
vegetables appropriate fats such as olive oil and lean protein sources it
recommends avoiding certain carbohydrates based on their glycemic
index score foods with a high GI score tend to contain refined carbohydrates
for example white sugar the body digests these foods quickly and this can lead to
blood sugar spikes the person feels satisfied after eating these foods but
not for long they will soon feel hungry again
wholemeal foods that contain unrefined carbs have a lower GI score the body
digests these foods more slowly and they release their energy over time this
helps to prevent blood sugar spikes and enables a person to feel full for longer
they will not feel hungry for some time the South Beach diet has three phases
the first aims to kick-start the weight loss process the second takes the dieter
to their target weight and the third aims to maintain the ideal weight phase
1 of the diet lasts two weeks it aims to eliminate cravings for sugary foods and
refined starches by stabilizing blood sugar levels rapid weight loss may occur
during this phase phase 2 lasts until the person reaches their desired weight
the individual now learns to reintroduce some good carbohydrates weight loss may
now be steady but slower than in Phase I during phase 2 the diet says people
usually lose 1 to 2 pounds a week depending on their metabolism in phase 3
the individual learns to make good food choices and maintain their new weight in
the long term while enjoying all foods in moderation phase 3 is the maintenance
phase they say that people who follow the diet are better able to maintain an
ideal body weight for the long term avoid diabetes achieve normal
cholesterol and blood fat levels prevent hypertension for more information on
diets be sure to check out the links in the description also make sure to
subscribe to the channel for more videos and have a healthy day

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