April 10, 2020
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(inspirational music) – Nutrition, concentrated
nutrition is the key to health. This is why so many concentrated, nutritional supplements
have been introduced in recent years. But raw, whole plant based
foods are still the best, because they contain a complete profile of natural compounds. They work in synergy as nature intended. Isolated nutrients, developed
into a supplement can help give the body a boost, but can never have the
same superior synergy that matches the human body’s complex need for nutrients found in
their natural state. Accompanied by all of the co-factors that make each nutrient function to their maximum God given capacity. Freshly extracted, raw vegetable juices are the ultimate
expression of this synergy. They are the best of the best. They provide the most amount
of living through nutrition with the least amount of
digestive effort from your body, because the juice has been
separated from the fiber, enabling the body to
get much more nutrition to the cellular level much quicker and with much less energy. This allows your body to rest while arming it with
the nutrients it needs to address deficiency, to detoxify and to fight the symptoms of disease. In affect you’re addressing
toxicity and deficiency, the two things that cause
disease at the same time. This is why juicing is the
ultimate wellness weapon. So, why is juicing
better than just eating? Well, let’s take the
example of a raw carrot. Even if your digestive system is healthy, you can only assimilate
a maximum of about 35% of the nutrition in that carrot. Why is that? Well, because of the effort involved. Your body first has to break
down the fiber of the carrot to get it the nutrients
inside the carrot cells, because most of the nutrition
is in the cells of the juice, not the fiber. The fiber just hold everything together. But if you use a juicer to
separate the carrot’s fiber from the juice and drink only the juice, all of the work of breaking down the food into liquid has already been done for you. So, now, instead of assimilating just 35% of nutrition from a whole carrot, your body can now assimilate up to 92% of nutrients from that same carrot by drinking the juice alone. That means that you can get the nutrition of a whole pound of carrots
in just eight ounces of juice. That’s the kind of concentrated
nutrition your body needs to reverse the symptoms of disease. I have more to share next time, but in the meantime you can
read all about it and more in my latest book, “Escape Root, “The Secret Passage To Lifelong Wellness”. Available at AROODAWAKENING.TV/ESCAPE. (inspirational music)

Randall Smitham