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These Are the Top Reasons People Quit Keto – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

it’s really hard for me to watch people
trying to improve their health and run into information about Keto that’s
inaccurate and end up quitting Keto before they were able to attain the type
of positives that they could have had they’d just been given the correct
information today I want to talk about what’s frustrating about some of the
information that I see online that causes people to quit keto before
they’ve even gotten started hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health
and Wellness with Violet I’m Violet I’m a psychologist and the reason that I make
these videos is because I really do believe that your physical health is so
important to you feeling well in life and it comes together with your mental
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content I want you to know that I do have a patreon account you can go to patreon.com/VioletReveira if you would like to contribute to the future production of these videos I have a few different things that I’ve noticed when I searched around for information on Keto. when I was first starting out And things I still see popping up when I’m doing my searches today That I know discourage people from doing a ketogenic
lifestyle and so therefore is discouraging people from getting the
health benefits they could be and improving their lives and I want to talk
about those ideas today the first thing that I believe causes people to quit the
ketogenic lifestyle a lot of the time before they’ve even truly gotten started
is that they are actually unaware that they’re addicted to carbohydrates and so
how does this play itself out in you quitting keto this is what happens see
most people will find out that a ketogenic lifestyle means you take your
carbohydrate intake down from whatever you were eating to 20 grams of carbs per
day per less when they try to do that what ends up happening is
they bring their carbohydrates down super low so most people will understand
that they need to stop eating bread pasta rice grains they they are cutting
out the majority of the things that are gonna cause problems and then they end
up feeling horrible they end up feeling like your steak can’t think straight and
basically they end up with the keto flu now here’s the problem most people when
they engage this situation and they feel this horrible if they were not prepared
for that piece of information so if their research hadn’t told them about
the keto flu or if the research hadn’t told them that the keto flu is actually
your body reacting to you with taking away carbs which is basically you are in
withdrawal from carbs if you weren’t told that information then you’re gonna
feel like if this diet is hurting you and right away you’re gonna feel like
know everybody who said that carbs are necessary for life we’re right and you
resume eating carbs the other issue that happens is that when people are not told
that they’re addicted to carbs when even if you make it past the point where the
headaches are gone and you’re and you’re that so that it takes heat of lucan lot
so keto flu the cravings and the carb addiction withdrawal can last about two
days maybe three days for some people and even when you get past the headachy
part in the feeling like really horrible part you still have the part that’s
cravings and a lot of people when they’re in that phase and they’re
craving sugar so they’re craving bread they’re K they end up eating little bits
of this so these foods they let stuff back in and then they’re stuck in the
cycle of eating a little bit and then trying not to eat it at eating it
because they’re not aware that they’re addicted to that because again it’s
called keto flu it’s not called withdrawal symptoms from your addiction
to sugar and carbohydrates so people allow themselves to eat a little bit of
this because it helps them to feel a little better in the moment
but not realizing that you’re just letting your addiction re resume or re
so right so your addiction is kind of grabbing you again and if I’m in that
cycle for way too long I give up because it just seems like it’s too hard
versus when I’m aware that it’s a carbohydrate addiction and I’m aware
that I’m gonna go through two or three days of withdrawal did I wait for that
to be done and then when I get past that point I’m no longer in withdrawal
physical withdrawal and I can make it forward so right so I keep going for it
and I’m okay now there’s another element of this that
I feel like causes people to quit keto which is when you are reading about keto
and you’re told that it’s a low carb diet sometimes we’re not giving this
other little piece of information which is carbohydrates or an energy source
fats are the other energy source so when people are asked to bring their
carbohydrates way down it’s sometimes not adequately explained that in order
to do that I actually have to bring my level of fats up slightly it doesn’t
have to be ridiculously high this is the other part of the story that becomes
problematic people believe that a ketogenic lifestyle is a high-fat diet
and it really isn’t in a sense because you’re switching one energy source
source for another however in the beginning a lot of people who bring
their carbohydrates down what they end up doing is leaving their fats low
because most people were doing a low fat diet to begin with even though they were
gaining weight they were doing a low fat diet so if you were doing some kind of
low fat diet and you bring your carbohydrates down but you don’t raise
your fats at least back to a normal level which means that I’m eating the
fat that comes along with whatever protein I happen to be eating so if I
eat a steak I let myself eat the fat that came with the steak if I ate
chicken I let myself eat the fat in the skin that came along with the chicken if
I’m eating a pork chop same thing I let myself beat the fat that came with the
pork chop it’s not excessive if I eat a salad I
eat a high fat dressing round normal fat dressing sorry I said high fat but it’s
a normal fat dressing basically and if I’m if I don’t have any fat in whatever
I happen to be eating in this moment I add a little olive oil or I eat some
olives or something so basically I’m trying my best to get
some fat in because I’ve taken the carbs out when people don’t do this what
happens is that they might be eating low carb but their fat is so low because
they’re still eating a little fat that they’re hungry all the time because
guess what I’m not actually eating an energy source if I’m not eating an
energy source of course my body is going to be hungry in the beginning because in
the beginning I’m trying to transition my body from carb burning over to fat
burning and I can only make that switch by allowing my body to have some of the
fat available so by eating it so it uses it for fuel until it starts to recognize
that oh we’re doing that now and then it starts pulling the fat from me so any
extra fat that you might have added a little bit of olive oil a little bit of
butter just to get your body into the fat-burning mode because if I eat it my
body will use it and then once I’m past the cravings and I’m in a point where I
start to realize that I feel okay then I don’t add any extra fat that’s the other
problem so all along those lines of the first beginning of understanding what
keto is and understanding that I was addicted to carbohydrates part of the
reason that I see people quit keto is that they’re eating so much fat that
they can’t manage but it’s because they’ve been misinformed about this idea
that we have to always add extra fat when you’re in a process of trying to
lose weight and you have become adapted to burning fat there is no longer a need
to add extra fat to your food because your body has fat that you can tap into
the other reason that people have a very hard time living a ketogenic lifestyle
is because they’re trying to replay all the Fu’s day they used to eat on the
standard American diet they want to have keto versions now in order to create
keto versions of all these foods it’s actually quite an investment it’s an
investment in time it’s investment in money because keto baking products are
not as cheap as regular baking products and you can’t just walk into the store
and buy some of these keto replacement foods and so because it becomes more
difficult to eat this lifestyle and again it’s because you’re trying to
replace everything and it becomes more difficult
but because you see the baking process so let’s say I’m not a person that was
baking to begin with well now I have to bake all this bread I have to break all
this replacement stuff I have to like make special spaghetti and I have to
purchase special replacement rice and spaghetti Zand and so all of a sudden
something like making a typical meal that would have taken me 20 minutes it’s
gonna take me an hour or two this looks daunting this is an everyday
situation and people are not willing to do it before I’ve even started to try to
do keto and see how it affects my body just trying to set myself up to do this
lifestyle it becomes too much partially related to this idea of the setup is is
the cost like sure finding replacement rice and replacement pastas and all this
is expensive and sometimes when we’re doing the research for keto we run into
these people explaining how to do keto and they’re talking about how everything
has to be grass-fed how everything has to be organic how everything has to be
so the cost what I think it’s gonna cost me to do keto all of a sudden seems
exorbitant what’s interesting to me when I started off doing keto I did not
change the quality of the meats and the quality of the vegetables that I was
purchasing but over time by eating a ketogenic lifestyle the amount of food
that I was eating diminished and now all of a sudden I do understand why eating
organic and eating grass-fed can be sustainable
on a kid genic lifestyle because when you’re actually very well into eating a
ketogenic lifestyle you’re not eating as much food and therefore yes you can buy
grass-fed and the amount you need to eat to sustain your body is not as much and
therefore it’s very affordable but what I say that you have to start there
absolutely not the truth is I started off my ketogenic journey and lost all of
my weight on normal food from the grocery store because it’s absolutely
doable ketogenic we’ll eat eating ketogenic lifestyle does not have to be
expensive again if I’m not trying to replicate the foods
that I used to eat if I’m not buying a bunch of keto snacks which one keto bar
can be five dollars compared to a normal granola bar that’s fifty cents of course
that price difference is crazy and if I feel like I need to have these snacks
I’m gonna not be able to sustain myself on keto right we need to keep in mind
that when you’re watching videos and you’re seeing these people with all of
these Keadle friendly snacks that they’re having it’s not always that they
are eating them on a daily basis and there’s a matter of fact most of the
people who are living a healthy ketogenic lifestyle are not as an
occasional treat when they’re going on a long trip and they want to bring
something along that’s something that they can eat on the way yes people do
that but to say that that’s what you’re gonna have all the time most people are
not doing that most people are buying real food eating real food and as a
matter of fact eating real food is what’s healthy about keto
it’s what improves your health the other issue that sabotages people who are
trying to live a ketogenic lifestyle before they even get started is the
people around them so you end up in a situation where you’re just starting on
this way of eating and you get invited to a dinner party or you’re just
starting on this way of eating and Christmas rolls around and you don’t
know how to manage yourself in this situation first of all because the
people that you’re engaging with are not supportive of what you’re trying to do
so there might not be anything on the menu at the dinner party that you’re
invited to that you can eat besides the meat right that maybe there isn’t a
healthy salad or there isn’t I think everything even the meat actually might
have spices and sugar sugar like if there’s ribs or whatever it might be
spicy spiced in a way that has too much sugar so right away you’re put in a
situation where you’re not presented with foods that you can eat and you
might not be far enough along in Quito that you can say no so you feel
comfortable saying no and just not eating so oftentimes or even worse that
you might feel like well this is what my life is gonna be always that I always
have to go out and say no whenever I go to eat then I don’t want to do this
because I’m gonna get feel left out so the fact that you’re not always in front
of food that you can eat is another reason that a lot of people don’t want
to do keto the idea that I have to go to a restaurant and order a special meal
and I mean special it’s not hard for me I do it all the time i order a meat I
take any potatoes rice whatever off the plate I say I don’t want that and I say
to them just double up my salad or if it wasn’t this I’ll come with it I’ll order
the meat I tell them I don’t want anything else
and I’m having and I have the salad or I’ll have some vegetables or I’ll have
whatever you know it does mean that you’re probably going to be a bit more
conscious of the types of restaurants you’re going to do I suggest people
going to fast-food restaurants when the Danny kinetic lifestyle
I don’t but not because of the food itself as much as it’s for the way that
they cook the food you know if you’re going to a fast-food restaurant that
grills their food go for it that’s probably gonna be much more healthy if
you’re going to a fast-food restaurant that’s putting their meat in some kind
of deep fried oil chances are that will is a peanut oil or some kind of oil
that’s not a healthy oil vegetable oil or canola oil I want people to fuel
their body with the best quality that they can and that does mean paying
attention to what I’m eating making better choices about what I’m going to
eat and so yes it means that when I’m going out to eat
the people around we are presenting me with something sometimes I might have to
make special requests if I’m going out to Christmas or I’m going out to a
dinner party talking about what I eat making sure that the person knows that I
would need you know my steak without the sauce if you’re putting sauce on the on
the steak just make mine without it salt pepper I’ll be fine right it’s your
health you need to talk about what you’re doing if you want to be healthy
yourself right don’t expect other people to take care of your health you need to
take care of your health but these are the things that cause people to quit
keto because they didn’t think forward – all right make sure what they’re making
something that I can eat now the other thing that could happen and this is sad
because I want to believe that my family my friends the people that care about me
want me to be healthy but sometimes we do encounter sabotage sometimes you’re
gonna let everybody know like so for example I’m going to a dinner party and
I let them know like I don’t eat these things and still you’re gonna get there
and when you go to when you taste the food you’re gonna realize that they
still put put the stuff on it even though they said for your major is
different but you know you’re gonna have people that are that’ll be besides you
eatin cake oh well just have one bite is not a big deal right you have people
that are pushing you to eat things that are off plan and I need you to
understand that at the end of the day it’s your health
so even if they want you to eat something off plan if you decide that
that’s not healthy for you don’t eat it it’s hard because we want to feel like
everybody else we want to feel included these are the
things that I see that push people to quit keto before they’ve even started
even if they had metabolic things to solve even if they had weight issues to
solve even if keto would have been something that helped them to enjoy
their life more because they’d be able to get back into the sports that they
love to do and have a better interaction with people because they were able to do
their activities that they loved if you are the in a situation where your
metabolic situation is not good if you are in a
situation where your weight is not good if you’re in a situation where you’re
not able to live your life the way you want to and kido could help you I need
you to do your research before you start be sure about what you’re about to do so
that you do it well so that so basically that you eat 20 grams of carbs or less
in the beginning raising your fat a little bit and then as soon as you feel
good putting your fat back down to where I only eat the fat that came along with
the protein I’m eating and I allow myself to eat if I’m going to eat for
example nuts and cheeses of the fattier nuts the fattier cheese’s but still only
having a serving keeping my total grams of carbs under 20 per day if I
understand that is keeping my carbs low that helps my body to stay in ketosis
and helps my body to burn the fat that’s on me I’m much less likely to quit
because I’m much more likely to have success if I’m tricked by thinking I
need special keto meals if I’m tricked but I think I need to add excessive
amounts of fat if I’m tricked by thinking that it’s impossible to go out
and eat it’s impossible to if I if all these things come in and trick me I
won’t be able to live the lifestyle that I want to live and I won’t be able to
get the metabolic gains that I’m trying to get I won’t be able to get the health
gains I’m trying to get living a ketogenic lifestyle is not difficult but
you do need to understand what you’re doing I really hope you found this video
helpful because I want to thank you for watching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet if this is your first time here please consider subscribing for
everybody else if you enjoyed these videos and if you find that they’re
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for you guys I can’t wait to talk to the next video

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