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This and That – Keto Shopping Finds, Marinades and Voting

hi there everyone it is October the 21st
2019 and today it’s election day in Canada it’s in the evening we’re waiting
for the results usually what happens how Ontario votes is basically how our
government gets in due to the population we really need a change in our way that
we get representation in Canada but anyhow and then it went shopping now in
Canada we’ve got a store that is owned under the same company brand as
Marshalls and home cents I think it’s called Winners and a friend of mine gave me at tip that there is a section there that
has a lot of keto friendly stuff and most of my friends know I’ve been doing
keto for a long time I’ve lost 80 pounds doing keto over the last three years and
probably doing keto or some very low carb for the rest of my life my body is
just a much happier camper and my pocketbook is a much happier camper as
well so here is my haul that I got from the one little I’ll add winners today
the first thing I got is a chocolate caramel truffle sweetener or flavor that
is sugar-free and I plan on adding it to my coffee in
the morning and this is skinny syrups I paid 6 bucks for it one of these the
same sort of thing on Amazon is usually about 11 bucks so I saved about half or
more I also got some keto creamer and this has got MCT oil in it
it does have some carbohydrates I just noticed but
it’s not that I’m adding this in great gobs but I’m going to use this once in a
while in my coffee when I don’t feel like heavy whipping cream and this was
only ten bucks and it’s comparable to about 14 to 15 dollars online in Canada
and what else did I get I got some collagen I have absolutely no
cartilage left in my knees from falling so much as a child it’s tasteless and I
can add it in a lot of different things mix one tablespoon with your favorite
beverage juice or water so we’re gonna see how this helps me see if it tones
my skin as well but I have been switching things up with the keto world
and in the morning I have a regular coffee not a keto coffee but I’ll have
some sugar-free fat-free creamer or whatever and a little bit of sweetener
and two hours after that I’ve been making myself these these this is a keto
shake and it’s got a bunch of vitamins in it as well it’s a meal replacement
and it’s quite tasty but here’s my little trick I thought I’d tell you what
I do when I make my hot coffee in the morning I make a big pot of it and then
I chill whatever is left over from my mug of coffee in the morning so I’ve
always got cold coffee in the fridge I’ve always got ice in the freezer
forgot to mention number one that keto meal replacement needs to be blended in
order for it to blend smoothly and do not add it to hot coffee that’s the keto
meal replacement that I was showing you if you add it to hot coffee it will
clump up and it’s disgusting another thing that I did
today I’ve stopped off at the grocery store and they were having a sale on the
steak now it’s not thick luscious steak but it’ll do and it’s even said on the
package marinade so I created my own marinade and I want to give you a little
tip that I don’t even know where I learnt this from but it really works
okay it’s a two ziplock bag system that I use to prepare my meat days before I
will eat it sometimes even weeks and what I do is I will mix up a marinade in
a measuring cup and then I will put a portion of meat in a smaller ziploc bag
and I will dump some of them marinade in it put the daily portion of meat into
that same thing lock it tight and then I put that in another large ziploc bag and
then I just repeat that until all of the meat is in there and I seal it shut and
it protects it from being freezer burned which I’ve had a problem with in the
past so all I need to do is unzip the big bag grab what I need reseal it up
and then I’ve got the other stuff that’s nice and protected
so what marinades do i do well this right now is my absolute favorite and
it’s so simple number 1 minced garlic now because of my disability my doctor
has suggested kindly that I don’t use knives unless necessary and so this is
Costco’s minced garlic and garlic keeps forever in your fridge because it’s got
a natural astringent in it I think anyhow I won’t tell me how long this
thing has been in my fridge but it keeps going and going and going so I put about
a tablespoon of the chopped garlic into a
drink up I then added Liquid aminos because on Kido using soy sauce is not
recommended and I added maybe four or five tablespoons of that into the
measuring cup I also added just a bit of oil and I’m
using avocado oil when I am marinating meat because it doesn’t have a strong
flavor and it’s also got a higher smoke thing where it’s not going to burn or
it’s not going to change its chemical compounds that’s why they ask you not to
cook on high heat with olive oil I then add of course because I love all things
Asian ground fresh chili paste it DOESN’T have garlic in it as well it’s got a bit of
a kick to it so don’t use an awful lot of it I use about a half a teaspoon and
all of that and I packaged up about two pounds of meat and then I am a ginger
fiend and you can get this it’s diced ginger and I keep it in the
fridge along with the garlic and the chili paste so I put 2 teaspoons of it
in my marinade and then I salt and pepper to taste
and then I pour that into the bags where the meat portions are I divide it sauce
even then I Ziploc it like I said with a bunch of other bags in one huge bag and
there it sits there that’s what I did today and I guess that’s it
so I’m going to put the links below to some of the items that I would suggest
that I have tried and have proven to be good
there’s the keto meal replacement I use when I was down in California is not
available here in canada but I’ll put an affiliate link to that
particular kind in the description below remember that any Amazon link that I put
here if you buy that item it doesn’t cost you a penny more but I do receive a
finder’s fee which is pennies but every little bit counts so if you want to
support the channel here’s a way to do it anyhow talk to you guys later bye

Randall Smitham



  1. Susan Posted on October 22, 2019 at 10:03 am

    I didn't realize you were Keto, Congratulations it sure is working for you! Thanks for sharing! You look fantastic!

  2. I Y Posted on October 22, 2019 at 3:40 pm

    wow u lost 80lbs, that's amazing, maybe u can do a colab with Totally Kathy, and u can talk about how u lost the weight, especially as u have reduce mobility, wonderful, love ur channel ❤️

  3. sparky Tuttle Posted on October 22, 2019 at 10:01 pm

    What a coincidence!! You have lost 80 pounds and I have found 80 pounds! Congratulations! What a wonderful accomplishment. Looks like you know your stuff, too. Of course, after watching this, I am starving!! Thank you for sharing.