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(instrumental music) – Hi guys, so about 10 months ago, Caleb and I made a video
about what my baby eats. Now he’s 18 months old, and I thought it was long overdue that I do a follow up, ’cause the first one everyone seems to really like. It’s had about 22,000 views, and I’ve had loads of requests for an updated one. It’s footage that I’ve taken over the last three weeks.
It’s not like a whole week of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s just kind of general
ones that I’ve done. But I wanted to show you a
few different ideas as well. So I hope you get some
inspiration from this. I know I personally love watching videos like this, so I hope it’s helpful. If it is, give it a big thumbs up, and thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you all soon. Bye. Good morning, so I’m making the boys pancakes today. It’s a favorite in this house, and all that I do to make the batter is cup of flour, cup of milk, two tablespoons baking powder, and an egg, and I whip it all up,
and I make a big batch, and then I obviously
just fry them in a pan. This is more batter than obviously they would need for like one morning, so what I tend to do is just make all of the pancakes up, and then keep them in
the fridge or freezer for like the future, and then you can just
literally take them out and pop them into the toaster for the next time that they want them, and yeah, I just serve it with maple syrup and some fruit. Oh, I forgot to say that I don’t fry them in vegetable oil, but you
can obviously do that. I tend to use this like raw coconut oil, ’cause it’s just a bit healthier, and it’s also a bit sweeter. It’s quite nice for the kids. (instrumental music) Right, today Caleb for lunch is having a cheese sandwich. I always grate the cheese, because it’s cheddar cheese, and I don’t want it to be like too hard or chunky for him to like choke on. So I just do one piece of bread, butter, grate the cheese, and then I kind of like put it over, because
he won’t eat more than that. So he’s got that, and he’s got some water, and I’ll show you what else. These tomato-flavored rice cakes. He loves these, so I’ve got them. They’re Annabel kKrmel. I give him a little pack of pears as well. I know this is like really baby baby food, but he loves these, and
he just sucks them back, and I think that at least
he’s getting some fruit, ’cause if I actually
gave him pieces of pear, I don’t think he would eat it as well as he does with this. Right, for the boys’ dinner, I’ve got really simple, really easy, but really nice dinner for them. I made tortellini. I just buy it from the shop, but the other thing that we bought is the chicken and mozzarella with smoked pancetta, so I think well at least there might be like a tiny bit of protein in there. It’s fresh pasta, so because it’s fresh, it takes only two minutes in the water, or in the boiling water, and then when I take it out,
I don’t put a sauce on it, ’cause I find they think it’s a bit too much sauce so I just put butter in it,
and like let the butter melt, and then maybe you could put like a little bit of Parmesan or I grate cheddar cheese on it as well, and then, for Caleb, I’ve
done some breadsticks, with guacamole, ’cause I think well if he eats that, then that’s like avocado and stuff, and then I put some peppers on it, ’cause that’s what his brother’s having. And then I’ve done like
just a bit of toast on the side. It’s ready. ‘Cause normally I do garlic bread, but I don’t have any garlic bread. So, yeah, so I will just give them the tortellini. For pudding, Caleb has
one of these freezy pops. He loves them, and they’re really good if you have a teething baby as well. All right, for breakfast this morning we have cream cheese on toast, and I cut it up, ’cause
he likes to use a fork. And then we’ve got some strawberries. Caleb’s eating them whole, but
I cut them up here as well. We’ve got some water. We’ve got their gummy multivitamins, and Fraser’s is having cheese on toast, ’cause he prefers that
over the soft cheese. Caleb’s just having an Ella’s Kitchen red fruit pouch for snack. Caleb’s now got one of
these Dairy Lea snacks, Dairy Lea Dunkers, whatever. Right, we’ve all got beans and cheese on toast today for lunch. – [Fraser] I actually like it. – I told you. It’s nice. And orange juice. Right, for pudding we’ve got watermelon. Right, so for the boys’ dinner tonight, they are having the
chicken and apple balls. This is an Annabel Karmel recipe. Got it out of this book, and it’s basically just onion, apple, chicken, all like food processered up together, and cooked. They don’t look exactly the same, but they’re really, really yummy. And then I’ve done a few chips, and some carrots, and
some ketchup for dipping. Right, for the boys’
breakfast this morning, they have french toast,
which is basically like eggy bread, and then I’ve got chocolate croissants as
well as like a treat. It’s Saturday, so we’re not being that good today, are we? But, nice one Caleb (laughs) I’ve got their little car multivitamin. We each got some juice, and he’s having a Petits Filous as well. Packing Caleb’s lunch for the day. So I’m making a sandwich, but I’m making, it’s cream cheese and jam. I think that’s quite a
Canadian thing to do. I don’t know. But it’s really sweet,
so children love it. It’s mostly cream cheese and
then just a little bit of jam but it just makes it
that little bit sweeter, so I’m making that. One piece of brown bread, ’cause that’s just what we buy, and he won’t eat more
than half a sandwich, so just do the cream cheese, and the jam. So packing loads of snacks. This might look like a lot, but I just never know if he’s gonna have one of those days where he eats loads, or he doesn’t eat much at all, so I sent a pack just for any occasion, so this is the sandwich. And I’ve got an apple, and then I’ve got these rice cakes covered in yogurt. They look like, the
packaging looks like this. I get these just from the pound shop, and he really likes them. And you can also get them with just chocolate on top, and these, if you need to go into a shop one day, and just have a quick browse, if he has one of those, that keeps him quite
happy for a long time. So he really likes those, and then, they’re basically little fruit strawberries, like fruit wrinkles or something. So those, and then Actimel. My boys just seem to love these, so yeah, Actimel, and then I’ve got a little custard. And some Pombears. And it’s a water. The boys are having quesadillas. It’s like a Mexican dish, but I thought I would show you it, ’cause it might not be one that you make all the time, but it’s one that I find myself making quite often, and I always remember having this as a child. So you just basically take tortilla wraps. You spread refried beans on one of the tortilla wraps. You can get this in
like the Mexican section in any supermarket, like it’s with the fajita mixes and the taco mixes and things like that. Yeah, refried beans are
also a really good source of iron, vitamin C, and vitamin B as well. And then I like to shred up some chicken. We have like one random
bit of chicken left over, so I thought I would make this dish. I tend to steam my chicken like that. So steaming is obviously
just overboiling water. It’s a really healthy way to cook chicken, but also more than anything, from a mom, it’s a really
easy way to cook chicken, ’cause you can just put
it over boiling water in a pot with a lid, like that. I don’t even have a proper one. I just use my rice strainer
to hold the chicken, or you can just put it on over boiling water, and like walk away, and play with the kids,
and that kind of thing. So I’m just gonna cook it I think for about 15 minutes, ’cause I didn’t even cut
it up. It’s like 5 minutes if you cut all the chicken up.
Anyway, steaming the chicken, then I shred it a little bit,
and then you can put like any vegetables that you
want in with it as well, so I’ve got like some
mushrooms and some peppers in the fridge, but if you wanted to like grate a carrot into it, or put sweet corn into it, or whatever, that would be fine. Whatever you have. You put the veggies in, and then you put the cheese in it as well,
to hold it all together, and then you fry it on either side, in the frying pan, and it’s
a really delicious dinner, but it’s also really healthy, ’cause you’ve got like chicken in there, and beans, and vegetables, and cheese, and it’s all sealed by the cheese, so they can’t see the vegetables that they’re eating, and they tend to just
taste the refried beans and the cheese, so yeah, my kids really like to eat this. So, yeah, I’ll show you how to do it. (instrumental music) Right, here they are, all finished, and I’m gonna serve it with some salsa for dipping. It’s just store bought. I’m not super mom. I haven’t made the salsa. (instrumental music) Right, for breakfast this morning, we are having Cheerios,
and we are also having some toast, and I’m also giving the boys some fruits in the form of strawberries and obviously another
Petits Filous as well. Right, for lunch today, Caleb is having tuna and mayo on toast. He’s got some cucumbers
and some baby tomatoes that he kind of chews
on and then spits out. And then he’s also got water with like the tiniest bit of squash, ’cause I think he drinks a bit more. Oh, he’s not getting any tuna in. Yeah, so that’s lunch. Right, for dinner today we’ve gone to Pizza Express, and we go there a lot, and whenever we go there, the boys get Dough Balls and a Piccolo margarita which
is just a child’s margarita, and they love it there. He’s eating an orange. Well, (mumbles). Right, so today I’m making the boys protein pancakes, so
spoon of almond butter. Half banana. Teaspoon of almond butter. One egg, and some powder. You can obviously do two
eggs and a whole banana if you want to make it for two adults or whatever, and then
you just whizz it all up, and then fry it like a pancake. And again I’m using the coconut oil to fry them in. A little bit of maple syrup on it. And some blueberries. Right, today for lunch we are having English muffin pizzas. I do this a lot. You just literally use English muffins with tomato puree and then mozzarella, or cheddar, ham, and some veggies, whatever you’ve got, really, and then you just put it under the grill in your oven, and it’s a delicious lunch. Dinner time, and for the boys tonight we have fish fingers, rice, and peas, and a bit of ketchup, and I’ve got the same for Caleb, all like cut up small. You cook the rice and peas together ’cause I don’t wanna get another pot dirty and I think sometimes if they’re eating their rice they’re more likely to eat the peas, because it’s kind of mixed in with it. Fraser loves this dinner. He loves fish fingers,
and Caleb does as well, so I do tend to do fish fingers at least once a week, and it’s like omega 3 and stuff like that, so it’s good. I tend to leave it to
cool for a little while because I don’t know about you but with my 19-month-old son, if he has like one bite that is a tiny bit too hot, that’s it. He’s like off his whole meal. He’s eating it all. This is the good one. (instrumental music)

Randall Smitham