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Top 10 Keto Foods | Keto Foods List | Ketogenic Food List | Low Carb Keto Foods

The keto diet is used to lose weight, to control blood sugar, and as part of a solution to many other problems. Fortunately, the foods we have to take in the keto diet comes with great variations in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet. Today we will talk about the 10 most popular keto foods. 1. Olive Oil Olive oil is a very good source of fat. The amount of carbohydrates in olive oil is negligible. Olive oil is very beneficial for health of your heart. Also extra virgin olive oil contains phenols, which are excellent antioxidants. 2. Eggs Eggs are considered the most popular food in the keto diet. A large egg has only one gram of carb, that’s why eggs are considered the best food in the keto diet. The yellow part of the egg contains cholesterol. However, eating eggs does not increase the blood cholesterol levels. 3. Avocado There is only 9 grams of carb in 100 grams of avocado, in which 7 gram is fibres. Avocado contains some vitamins and plenty of minerals. When you take a keto diet, there is a lack of some minerals in the body. Avocado serves to fill the mineral deficiency, especially the lack of potassium. 4. Cheese Cheese is nutritious and tasty. Most people like cheese. These qualities of the cheese make it popular. There are many types of cheese. Fortunately, there is a little amount of carbohydrates in almost all types of cheese. There is only 1 gram of carb in 1 ounce (28 grams) of cheese. Cheese contains a good amount of protein and calcium. By eating cheese in a keto diet, the strength of your muscles remains good and you do not feel tired. 5. Seafood If we talk about seafood, fish and shellfish are one of the popular keto friendly foods. Salmon and other edible fish contain a good amount of vitamin B, potassium, selenium and other essential elements. There is very little amount of carbohydrates in most fish and shellfish. If you are taking a keto diet, then aim to eat sea food twice a week. 6. Meat and Chicken There is little amount of carb in fresh meat and chicken. It contains high amount of Vitamin B. In addition, good amount of minerals like potassium, selenium and zinc are found in fresh meat and chicken. Eating meat and chicken during keto diet removes the deficiency of vitamins and protein and increases the strength of muscles. Low carb and high protein make meat and chicken popular in keto diet. 7. Coconut Oil Coconut oil contains medium-triglyceride, which is called MCTs in the short term. Direct absorption of MCTs occurs in the liver and is converted into ketones which are used as sources of energy during the Keto diet. Especially in Alzheimer’s disease and poor mental state, coconut oil is very beneficial. 8. Nuts and Seeds If you take a controlled amount of nuts and seeds then the risk of heart-related diseases is reduced to a great extent. The amount of carbohydrates in nuts and seeds is very less and the amount of protein is good. Brazil nuts, cashews, pistachios, walnut, chia seeds, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, sesame etc. are very popular nuts and seeds that you can eat in a keto diet. 9. Dark Chocolate Chocolate is probably liked by all. You will be happy to know that you can eat controlled amounts of chocolate in Keto diet. Dark chocolate here means chocolate with more than 70 percent cocoa solids. Dark chocolate contains flavonols which reduces the risk of heart related diseases. 10. Berries Most of the fruits contain good amount of carbohydrates but barries are exceptional. Berries contain less amount of carb and more amount of fibers. These small fruits contains a very good amount of antioxidants, which is good for our health. Strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, blueberries etc. are the most popular fruits that you can eat in the Keto diet. So friends, these were the 10 most popular foods that you can eat in a keto diet.

Randall Smitham