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Top 20 Cancer Killing Foods

Josh:Hey guys. Dr. Josh Axe here, along with Jordan Rubin. Today we’ll be talking about The Top Cancer
Killing Foods. And I know that Jordan, this is something
that’s affected my life directly with my mom battling cancer. I know it’s affected you, and your life, and
many family members as well. And so today we’re really talking about, how
to naturally beat and fight cancer. So if you want to know the best foods, we’ll
talk about that here today. And also, hey, if you want to be on mission
with us and help teach people, how to naturally fight cancer with food, take a minute right
now, punch your share button, click your love button, and help us spread the word on how
to use food as medicine. So Jordan, we know that cancer is affecting
millions of people and I know that this is something you’ve had a lot of expertise in. Talk to us about cancer, the devastating effects,
and what’s causing it. Jordan:Absolutely. Environment is clearly involved when it comes
to cancer. We’re in a very toxic environment today, and
so what we consume that can help us be built up or detoxify us is absolutely critical. Here’s the good news, so if you’re like me,
I’ve got a five children hopefully watching right now. So I’m going to give a shout out to Emma,
Joshua, Samuel, Alexis and Isabella, hopefully she’s watching too. And you know what’s great about today’s program,
we’re not talking about taking and consuming these foods if you’ve been diagnosed with
cancer. Although they’re great for you, this is for
everyone. I want you to watch this program, share this
program, and prioritize these 20 foods. There’s 20 and each of them in their own right,
help the body and fight cancer you know why? Each and every day we have unhealthy cells
growing in our body. Everyone watching has what you would call
cancer cells. They’re fast growing, fast multiplying cells,
but the body’s immune system keeps them in check. We need to do that. We need to be loaded with antioxidants. We need to stimulate certain cells of the
immune system. And we need to facilitate detoxification. Cancer is an absolute issue in America and
around the world and it’s only going to get worse. But those of you who are watching this information
is worth its weight and beyond gold, because gold is worth nothing when you’re facing a
death sentence. And I know a lot of you watching, in fact
everybody, has been touched by this dreaded disease. Let’s together get on mission to share these
20 foods and they’re all pretty simple. Well, a couple of them you have to look for,
but they’re all available, they’re all historically proven, and I encourage you this week to make
it a priority to consume let’s say half of them. Let’s consume 10 of these 20 cancer-killing
foods this week. Feed them to your children, feed them to your
spouse, make meals with them and get your body ready to fight the disease that we will
look back on one day and say, “It did not have to take our moms. It didn’t have to take our grandparents, our
siblings, our kids, and our parents.” Too many stories out there of devastation,
it’s time to end it. Josh:Absolutely. We want to give a shout out to some of you
guys that are watching right now. We’ve got Patricia Piker watching in Hutchinson,
Minnesota. Hey Patricia, thanks for joining us here today. We’ve got Mary Lou who is in Owasso, Oklahoma. Hey Mary, thanks for joining us here today. Lillian watching from Utah. Elizabeth from California. Christy from River-Winfree, Texas. We’ve got Debbie in Santa Barbara, California. We’ve got Martha in Vancouver, Washington. We also have Marlesta watching from Modesto,
California. Carol Jean watching from Michigan. Awesome. Hey, thanks guys for watching today. So Jordan, let’s dive right in and talk about
number one here in turmeric. And by the way, we have 20 foods listed up
here, a foods, slash some of them herbs, but we could have gone well beyond that. We will mention some bonuses at the end. In fact, Jordan sent me a text this morning
saying, “Hey, what do you think about this 20?” And I started writing down five more. I’m like, you know, I’ve got to stop myself
right now. Jordan:We got one minute per food, maximum. Because that’s the deal, we want you to get
this information fast. So let’s challenge ourselves to go back and
forth. Josh:You start with turmeric. Jordan:Turmeric contains curcumin, which is
what makes it yellow and orange. But I’m excited about tumerones. Josh:Oh yeah. Jordan:Tumerones are great for the brain. Turmeric helps the body by activating your
genes. It really activates our genes to fight malignancies. The more turmeric you get the better. I consume turmeric in my bone broth. Now I’m consuming turmeric CO2, but you
know what? Make it with teas, infusions, concoctions,
decoctions, every which way, cook with it, use the spice, it’s all good. Turmeric is certainly a force to be reckoned
with when it comes to cancer. Josh:Absolutely, couldn’t agree more. Bone broth here another superfood. Jordan, my mom was struggling in battling
cancer. She consumed a lot of foods on this board,
and one thing she did in order to get any type of amino acids was typically…the things
that she consumed most was bone broth and a little bit of salmon which we’ll talk about
later. But bone broth we know is high in the amino
acids glycine and proline, and hydroxyproline. But specifically glycine supports with liver
detoxification. These are getting proteins that really support
your body, your different tissues, and your cells. Not as much directly the muscle, even more
so your ligaments and tendons, and even organ tissue. So we know glycine is really, really beneficial
found in bone broth as well as the potassium levels. And then glucosamine chondroitin, and hyaluronic
acid, all of these have been shown to support the immune system. We know Jordan mentioned this earlier that
if you want to fight cancer, we got to strengthen that immune system, we know bone broth is
one of the best foods for doing so. Jordan:Absolutely. Number three grapes. There was a book years ago that I read, Joanna
Brandt, “The Grape Cure,” and she only ate grapes, the skin, the seed, different
kinds of grapes, multiple times a day and she claimed to have cured cancer. Of course many people followed, claiming the
same thing. I don’t believe grapes should be the only
thing you consume to fight, cancer boost your immune system, but the seed and the skin of
dark colored grapes and light colored contain resveratrol, they contain OPCs, and they contain
other powerful compounds that help fight cancer in vitro, which means in a petri dish. But the antioxidants help keep your body’s
cells, functioning well. So dark colored grapes, and other fruits,
but particularly grapes. I like muscadine grapes, jabuticaba is a grape
like berry in Brazil. Dark colored grapes are really, really, really…I
love concord grapes. They’re excellent. Buy grapes with seeds in them because that’s
where most of the power packed punch is found. Almost all the OPCs are in seeds. Resveratrol is found in the skin, and there’s
other compounds in grapes that haven’t even been discovered yet. Josh:Oh yeah, absolutely. Well I’m going to jump into green tea here. But I want to mention this, if you’re just
joining us right now, we’re talking about The Top 20 Foods to Fight Cancer. And as we’ve talked about, there are millions
of people right now struggling with cancer and they don’t know the best foods to be eating. I remember, Jordan, my mom was so overwhelmed
and she just, she didn’t even know where to start and what to do. And so take a minute right now, click that
share button, let’s let people know how to use food as medicine in fighting cancer, preventing
cancer, just in general how to eat better right now. We appreciate you being on mission with us. Also, hey, let us know your favorite cancer
fighting food. I’m sure there’s some we missed. So number four here is green tea. Now, green tea contains polyphenols and these
are really powerful. It’s a really powerful anti-cancer phytonutrient. So again, polyphenols have been shown in clinical
studies to have anti-cancer benefits. Also there’s a compound called EGCG, I think
it’s epigallocatechin which is another form of an antioxidant that’s a powerful cancer
fighter as well. And Jordan, I think there’s even been studies
mixing green tea with other things that may be great for fighting cancer. Jordan:Absolutely. In fact, chili peppers is one of them. University research shows that in a study
of patients with leukemia, the combination of chili peppers and green tea, there’s some
combo effect. Josh:Wow. Jordan:Reduced the incidence of cancer and
actually brought on remission in 32% of the cases, that’s pretty good for just one extract. Chili peppers are great, there’s a lot of
different kinds you can consume, we were teasing about me consuming a ghost pepper that I…that
we grew on our farm which I did so in a tea, one sip I made it through but these hot peppers
are loaded with vitamin C, but they also have compounds such as capsaicin that reduce inflammation. So peppers are great and they’re a great
synergistic complement to some of these others. They work great with turmeric, they work wonderfully
with green tea, every one of these foods were consumed by cultures that have less cancer
than we do. In fact, they say that the Japanese can often
consume 10 cups of green tea a day. They’re small cups but they’re still cups. Josh:Awesome. I got a story here about salmon ceviche. The first time I ever actually went down to
South Florida. Jordan:How come all these stories involve
me? Josh:I don’t know, they always do. So, but anyways, the first time I ever went,
I was in Nashville in my clinic, I flew down and actually met Jordan for the first time
in person and ended up going to his house and he was drinking, he was on a special diet
of doing all green juices and this salmon that was raw actually in this lemon juice
mixture and this is what he ate all day. Well, I raided his fridge and I ate pretty
much everything else that was in there, but again, so Jordan, why were you eating salmon
ceviche every single day? Jordan:Because you ate all the other food
in my refrigerator. So moral the story is that, if Josh is in
your house, make sure to go have some salmon ceviche and some green juice. Salmon ceviche, particularly sockeye salmon,
is loaded with omega-3 fats, EPA and DHA. Very anti-inflammatory. Astaxanthin which is a fat soluble antioxidant,
very anti-inflammatory and it’s got vitamin D, it’s wonderful. And now, salmon ceviche isn’t really raw fish,
it’s actually cooked but it’s cooked through an acidic medium. So if you’re worried about parasites or bacteria,
when you make ceviche which is an uncooked animal food, particularly fish, a lot of times
it’s shellfish, I don’t eat shellfish. Put it in lemon juice, lime juice, or apple
cider vinegar, you’re sort of sanitizing it. But it’s really, really powerful. Josh:I love that. Jordan:And it has these native or raw nutrients
that really boost the body. So if you can make a raw sockeye salmon ceviche,
whether you have cancer or not, it is powerful for your immune system. Josh:I love it. Great tip here. Lemon juice or lemons in general. Lemons both the flesh and the peel have anti-cancer
compounds and so if we’re looking at the flesh itself, there’s actually some research. And Jordan in fact mentioned Linus Pauling
yesterday, but he really believed that vitamin C was one of the most powerful antioxidants
supporting immune function, fighting cancer. Also we know there’s other phytonutrients
in there, such as quercetin which has some really powerful anti-inflammatory properties. And then the peel of the lemon contains the
d-limonene. D-limonene has actually been shown to fight
cancer. It’s bitter in nature. It actually helps dry out that excess mucus
and really sort of changes your internal environment that is more unfriendly to cancer cells. So we know using whole lemons, lemon juice,
lemon essential oil, lemons in general have powerful cancer-fighting effects. Jordan:Okay, now we’re going to talk about
broccoli sprout. This has actually been studied not too long
ago at Johns Hopkins University for its ability to provide, I think, 18 times the cancer-fighting
benefit of broccoli itself. Josh:We know cruciferous vegetables are great
but broccoli sprouts are amazing. They also help detoxify the liver and balance
your hormones. So broccoli seeds in a sprouted form are truly
amazing. Josh:Wow. Jordan:They’re a little zesty, they don’t
taste the same as alfalfa or clover but they are so, so good and they’re alive and all
sprouts have antioxidant enzymes. It’s a must for anyone to consume but especially
if you want to fight or prevent cancer. Josh:Yeah. And I would say, you know, if you’re making
a salad at home look for sprouts in general. I mean, broccoli sprouts are the king of the…I
mean what Jordan said earlier, 18 times more powerful than broccoli itself. So we know that sprouts are incredible, throw
those on a salad this week, and make a superfood cancer-fighting salad. Next thing here is sauerkraut. We know that probiotics are essential to naturally
boost in the immune system, and sauerkraut contains a species called Lactobacillus plantarum
which is actually really, really powerful at supporting nutrient absorption. It’s great at overall helping build up those
good microbes within the gut. So sauerkraut is great and also, Jordan, it’s
high, we know, in organic acids. Organic acids as we talked about earlier,
you want to change the environment of your body. The pH in your stomach, and your gastrointestinal
tract, and really of your blood, your entire body, organic acids are great, found in sauerkraut. Again it has cabbage so it’s also rich in
sulfur, vitamin C, many other nutrients. So again, sauerkraut, a great superfood, get
a cup a day. Jordan:Absolutely. Pomegranate is one of the royal fruits of
the bible. Here’s a really cool trivia fact. Pomegranates are said, I haven’t counted,
to have 613 seeds. Josh:Wow. Jordan:It is considered the royal fruit of
the Bible and there are 613 commandments or laws… Josh:Wow. Jordan:In the Bible. Josh:Wow, that’s amazing. Jordan:In what we call the Old Testament. So that is really cool. Pomegranates have ellagic acid. Ellagic acid is an antioxidant that actually
can cause apoptosis in cancer cells, which means they program cell death. Josh:Wow. Jordan:So causes cancer cells to kill themselves. Pomegranates are great, I love pomegranates. Josh:Yeah, yeah. Jordan:So, you don’t want to eat the fruit
and throw out the seed, the seeds got a lot of really great benefits. Folks, what’s awesome about pomegranate, it’s
great on a salad, it’s great in juice but the seed is so important. So I don’t recommend just drinking pomegranate
juice, you’re not going to get all the benefits. Buy a pomegranate and look online for how
to get the seeds out because it is kind of difficult. But you can really get some benefits from
consuming it. Folks, we’re talking today about the 20 cancer
killing foods that you can get in your grocery or health food store. I’m Jordan Rubin here with Dr. Josh Axe. We’re here every day but today is a special
day because you and everyone you know and love can start eating these foods to tune
up your body, to fight the greatest enemy of our health that we have ever known. And we’re only halfway through, so if you
know some people that could benefit from this information, click the share button and let
the world know that we are fighting cancer the old-fashioned way. Josh:Absolutely here. Well, let’s jump in. We’re going to talk about one of my favorite
fruits, in fact probably my favorite fruit, and those are figs. And figs are incredible. Figs actually contain a proteolytic enzyme
called ficin. That’s F-I-C-I-N, which has been shown to
reduce inflammation in a powerful way. Similar enzymes are found in kiwi, found in
pineapple, and found in papaya. So figs contain those proteolytic enzymes. Also, it’s really high in antioxidants and
so these types of antioxidants that really protect the body against free radical damage. And also the seeds found in figs have actually
really powerful anti-inflammatory compounds and they’re one of the best things for helping
having healthy bowel movements and really detoxing the colon, which we know detoxifying
the lung or that the liver, and the colon especially is a great way to naturally fight
cancer. Jordan:Absolutely. Watercress is not a very popular cruciferous
vegetable but it might be the best. There are in these four compounds that an
anti-cancer found in watercress. Watercress grows in streams and springs in
mineral rich water. We have some growing on our springs on our
farm. It tastes sort of like wasabi, it’s very peppery
but they’re growing it hydroponically. You can get it in stores but it’s awesome. Watercress used to be consumed, years ago
we’d hear about like a watercress sandwich. But we don’t much anymore. Watercress needs to be back on your table,
not just as a garnish but add it as a salad, eat it or juice it because watercress can
help your body detoxify, help your liver function, build antioxidant enzymes, and fight cancer. Josh:Love it. We’re getting some great comments here. Somebody said, apple cider vinegar with the
mother, who was talking about organic acids. We totally agree. Someone here, let’s see, says her grandmother
has a fig tree and indigo was saying as she has her own fig tree. Laurie is about to ask right now, what is
chaga? We’ll talk about that here and just a… Jordan:We need those stickies again, so people
don’t read ahead. Josh:Just a second. Okay here we go. So, all right so we’re going to talk about
chaga here. Now chaga is really…we know different mushrooms
are revered in different cultures. Jordan:Absolutely. Josh:We know reishi is revered in Chinese
medicine, we know Cordyceps, I believe, even more so and probably, you know, Himalayan
or sort of Indian medicine. But chaga really is… these are famously
used in Russia today. And this is a great natural immune booster. I mean, we could have put any number of mushrooms
on here. I guess we’ll talk about it again are these
beneficial fungi. But you know, Jordan, we talk all the time
about getting beneficial bacteria and probiotics in our diet. We hear that all the time. We typically don’t hear as much about getting
beneficial fungi in your diet. And if you look at how powerful mushrooms
can be at really cleansing the earth and how they balance out the soil. They really can do a similar thing in your
body. They’re also great prebiotics. They really help support the growth of probiotics
within your system. And so, specifically if you know you need
a natural immune boost, chaga is one of those mushrooms that’s at the top of the list. Jordan:Great in a tea, absolutely. Onion sprouts. Now, you talked about quercetin. If you look back here, we’ve got some amazing
compounds. There’s curcumin in turmeric. We talked about others, resveratrol and OPCs,
we’ve got EGCG, we’ve got capsaicin, astaxanthin, d-limonene, this has a dimethyl glycine, oh
I’m sorry, DIM is what it actually has, glucosinolates, the list goes on, ellagic acid. So when we come to onion sprouts, these are
really onion greens. You know what’s so cool about them? Onions come from seeds, sprouting an onion
seed, you eat this tiny little bit of a sprout and it tastes like an entire onion. Josh:Wow. Jordan:Microgreens and sprouts are amazing
on salads but onion sprouts are loaded with quercetin, anti-allergy and anti-cancer. They’re delicious too. They’re not easy to find but they’re worth
it if you can. Josh:Absolutely. Jordan, I was actually on a walk here the
other day in Nashville and found this giant thing of turkey tail mushrooms. So we know that these are grown throughout
North America. Jordan:Yeah. I think you can pick one up right off the
highway, highway robbery. Josh:There you go. You know, I should have encapsulated it. But turkey tail mushroom is really powerful
here as well. So Jordan, you want to talk about turkey tail? What are some of the… Jordan:It’s your turn. Josh:Okay, I’ll go ahead and I’ll talk about
them. So, turkey tail mushrooms specifically of
all of the mushrooms out there, they’re one of the best at overall strengthening your
immune function. And they have some really powerful compounds,
mushrooms in general. The other thing that’s important to remember
about them, probably more than anything else on this list is they work as adaptogens. They really help your body better adapt and
deal with stress. And Jordan, I know we’ll have to do an entire
other program on this, but the amount of, you know…if we throw out a percentage of
when people ask what causes cancer today, we know that spiritual issues, emotional stress,
things from the past, you know, these are the biggest causes of cancer along with diet. And so anytime you can eat food or take supplements
that really release, reduce that neurological stress and cortisol levels, and balance those
things out, it’s really important. So that’s one of the things that we both love
about medicinal mushrooms whether it’s reishi, whether it’s Cordyceps, or a great one like
turkey tail is they really have this immune modulating effect on the body as well as an
adaptogenic effect on the body. Jordan:Absolutely. Turkey tail is edible and it forms two anti-cancer
drugs that are used along with chemotherapy and other treatments in Asia. Josh:Wow. Jordan:Contains beta glucans, glycoproteins,
polysaccharides are the name of the game when it comes to mushrooms. Folks I’m Jordan Rubin here with Dr. Josh
Axe and we are introducing the top 20 cancer killing foods. They could be in your cabinet, they could
be in your fridge, they should be in your freezer, and they’re at your grocery and
health food store. And everybody needs them because guess what? You’ve all got cancer, cells that is. Josh:Yes. Jordan:You know what I said the other day? I think that if everyone got a CAT scan every
single day, everyone would have what they would diagnosis as cancer, probably three
times a year. I know this is going to shake some of you
up but don’t you realize people go and get a check-up and they feel great but they got
a spot on their lungs and then they’re dead six months later. Josh:Yeah. Jordan:There’s a pattern, they’re told they
have cancer. They become scared, they focus on cancer,
they get a surgery, chemotherapy, radiation. It’s hard, folks. But the truth is your body was designed to
get rid of cancer. Years ago researchers believed that when you
would have a good sort of cold, flu like bronchitis, upper respiratory infection, that that spot
on your lung would be gone afterwards, how the body works. So instead of waiting for that, we are fighting
back today. We’re only 15 out of the 20 in. We’re about to bring this ship in for a landing
but there’s still time to click that share button, and let people know that you are fighting
cancer with food. The big guns, folks, and anyone can get any
of these foods at your local grocery store, health food store, or order online. Let’s do it together, it’s not about wearing
pink, it’s not about doing a campaign, it’s about simple strategies that kept people healthy
for years and can keep you healthy too. And get your kids on these foods. Eat ten of them this week, some are beverages,
make a checklist, make it a goal at the end of the week, consume 10 of these foods. Josh:Absolutely. So Jordan, next one up, you got flax seeds. Jordan:Flax seeds are great. They contain lignans, and lignans are important
for breast health. Now if you’re concerned about breast cancer,
which so many women are, in fact, during those Stand Up To Cancer campaigns you almost always
hear about breast cancer. It almost seems like October is Breast Cancer
Awareness Month, not just cancer awareness month. Folks, I know people that have died of breast
cancer recently. We can stop it. Flax seeds are a great way to help balance
the xenoestrogens in the environment, and flax has a great source of fiber that is good
to reduce the incidence of colon cancers. The colon cancer and breast cancer both can
be helped with flax seeds. Flaxseed oil is a key component in the Johanna
Budwig, cancer fighting protocol. Josh:Absolutely here. Green mango, another incredible superfood
here. You know, there are some great studies out
on…actually one, Jordan, on insulin, actually helping balance out insulin levels. And that’s something a lot of times we don’t
think of with cancer but we will tell you that when you look at something that causes
a lot of diseases today, it’s these insulin spikes and blood sugar issues. Jordan:Absolutely. Josh:If you can keep insulin balanced, it’s
one of the most important things. This is why sugar is so detrimental. One, I mean, sugar does absolutely feed, certain
cells within the body can feed cancer, different types of microbes that can grow out of control,
yeast and candida. But also we know sugar in general causes these
insulin spikes and imbalances. So that’s one of the great things about mangos,
it actually contains compounds that supports that. Also mango contains some really amazing enzymes
that have anti-cancer properties as well as its very high in different types of antioxidants,
specifically flavonoids which help fight cancer as well. Jordan:Absolutely. We say green mango. We don’t mean a different color. It’s typically the unripe mango that has more
of the enzymes, the proteolytic enzyme similar to fig. So this is popularly consumed in South America
but green mango, unripe fruit actually can have a lot of enzymes, particularly papaya
and mango. I’m up on sage, sage is so good. This is underappreciated. Josh:Oh absolutely. Jordan:This is a garden herb that I believe
provides powerful compounds. You know how you know if something’s cancer
fighting, it has a distinct color and or taste. Josh:Wow. Jordan:So something has an amazing aroma,
and I’m not talking about a cooked food with some kind of menu item or a recipe, I’m talking
about something real. Sage is powerful to boost your body’s antioxidant
levels, fighting germs, helping your brain, it’s just really awesome. And then I could have put 10 different spices
here. But I chose sage because it’s underappreciated. Sage and basil both, but sage is really good. Consume it fresh or dried. I like fresh herbs. I’m into fresh herbs right now. Josh:Yeah. Absolutely, in fact we made am Asian dish
just last night, that was incredible and we threw a bunch of fresh basil in there, was
absolutely awesome. Aronia berry, now this is a berry that is
smaller than a blueberry. It’s very, very dark in nature and as many
benefits inside. I believe has anthocyanins which have really
powerful anti-cancer benefits similar to what you’d find in cranberries. Also, if you look ORACs score, Oxygen Radical
Absorbance Capacity, it actually has three times the amount of antioxidants as blueberries. And so, this berry is really an antioxidant
superfood. And Jordan, you talk about why are antioxidants
so important in fighting cancer? Jordan:They protect your cells and so most
people that have malignancies have a deficiency in antioxidants in their diet. And so you need a plethora of colors and flavors. So if you look here, got a lot of different
colors and flavors. Aronia berry is an acquired taste, it actually
is also known as Indian chokeberry. It’s almost beyond bitter, it’s bitter,
astringent. Sometimes I call it a sore throat in a berry. Don’t let that dissuade you, though, because
the juice is so dark. It’s a good product in the end. The Native Americans consumed it to keep themselves
healthy. But Aronia berry is making a comeback. Check it out. There are some products in stores with these
Indian chokeberries. Josh:Absolutely. What have you got here last? Jordan:Cinnamon is awesome. And when you talked earlier about blood sugar
with mango, it is really critical to keep your insulin levels balanced because excess
insulin feeds cancer as well. In fact, we know that because a form of chemotherapy
that is more of an alternative medical treatment is insulin potentiated chemotherapy. Josh:Wow. Jordan:So they attach insulin molecules, really
they attach sugar to the chemotherapy, they can do it in low doses because it targets
cells. Remember… Josh:Wow. Jordan:Sugar feeds cancer cells and it does
so through the increase in insulin. So the developers of insulin potentiated therapy
or chemotherapy use that to their advantage to deliver a targeted dose, much smaller amounts,
less side effects. But cinnamon is awesome, get about a half
teaspoon or a teaspoon a day. Consume essential oil, supplements. I love adding it into a tea, I put a drop
of cinnamon oil on my toothpaste, it’s awesome. Cinnamon is an unheralded cancer fighter but
you see not one of these are going to do it. You know what I get frustrated about is these
companies come out with products, I’m going to move this one back, and they say, Aronia
berry for cancer is all you need or they say, lemon for cancer, or turmeric. You need a plethora of foods that have colors,
diverse flavors, and you don’t have to have cancer to benefit. If you’re watching and you are 4 years old
or you’re 40 years old, eating these foods, consuming these beverages can transform your
health. You know, food is medicine and we can actually
get excited and and love the fact that we’re consuming something good for us. I got really excited, my daughter Emma consumed
the first fig that we ever grew on our farm. Josh:Oh wow. Jordan:Now we have two fig trees. Josh:That’s awesome. Jordan:And it is really, really exciting and
my son Joshua is working on all the different plants we’re going to put in there. He found the small pomegranate. There’s a type of kiwi that actually grows
in Missouri. We’re going to do muscadines. I’m just not going to eat too many of them,
crack my teeth. How awesome is it that our future generations
can grow up and consume these foods, and not have to deal with the devastation, the loss,
and the financial absolute devastation that cancer can cause? Cancer’s a machine, it’s an enemy. And we’re here to fight and I’m thankful that
God created 20 great foods. Josh:Oh yeah, amazing. Jordan:To fight cancer. Josh:Absolutely. And we’ve covered a lot of great foods here. Of course there are some others we could have
talked about—green leafy vegetables and you know, and ginger and some other herbs
as well. But, you know, that here’s the big thing that
Jordan stated, really when you are making a meal, make your food your medicine. When you’re making a smoothie in the morning,
say to yourself, “You know what? I’m going to make this smoothie to where it’s
going to have cancer fighting ingredients. It’s going to have bone broth. It’s going to have blueberries, and it’s
going to have flax seeds in it every meal.” When you’re doing a superfood salad for lunch,
I mean, whatever it is, hey, make your meals your medicine. If you do that, you’re going to be healthier
for it. And we want to say we appreciate you being
on mission with us. Thanks for everybody who clicked the share
button. There are so many people right now who don’t
know what to eat. If they can simply learn more, read articles,
watch videos like we’ve posted here. It could completely transform their overall
health and their future. And this is Jordan Rubin, myself, Dr. Josh
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