April 6, 2020
  • 3:53 pm Fun Meal Prep Idea: Yellow-Colored Lunch Box
  • 3:53 pm Gilbert’s on Main serves New York Style Deli in Bellevue – KING 5 Evening
  • 3:53 pm Keto diet Meatballs with tomato sauce ASMR cooking No talking
  • 3:53 pm John’s Texas Tenderloin Roulade
  • 2:53 pm Why You Should Try “Cook Once Eat Twice” Meal Prep | What We Ate Over a Weekend (Healthy Recipes)

Sugarless crystals here you cute little
paleo food with you and this is my top 3 3 3 3 keto foods and it is the first
time here subscribe now I do recipes all the time
the people like you get self-created I got a secret
kiddos not a diet here’s the lifestyle challenge and with daily lifestyle
they’re always going to be a couple loopholes so we want to keep you ascend
I got something to help you out these are my top 3 keto foods the one that
nobody’s talking about my first stuff piques my personal surgeon that hand is
like mozzarella a flower such as almond flour coconut flour and it forms a sword
though you have your cauliflower crust chicken crust and even bacon crust
Oh keep up sounding pretty good I made a copycat recipe that I put on my
Instagram of the Domino’s buffalo chicken pizza
it was fantastic man oh it was too good so you can do a lot with it I actually
have a recipe coming up for fair season there’s going to be a corndog recipe
using the fat head though press so look out for that my number two could be
there are tons of cookie recipes out there but to make it even more
convenient the actual product companies that make cookies for you you got keto
cookie with a little cliche and lower expensive and then you got my brand
that’s next these cookies are deliver right to your
door I got a video in a cart above while actually review a fast next for you and
my number three donuts the house of sweetness I’m gonna put my maple bacon
donut recipe that I review in the car above man it was too good some companies
are actually jumping on the bandwagon and do it I can’t think of the name but
absolutely recipe for chocolate donut or Krispy Kreme Kup again it’s just a lift
option and those are my top three keto foods I will recommend every day but
almost hard nights when you’re sitting there I guess struggling you’re thick
and you can’t make it anymore do on keto or a low carb diet
these are definitely get you through this now if you do too much because it’s
definitely just your status or if you always do it it will kick you out
ketosis and we don’t want that if you enjoyed this video subscribe now give it
a thumbs up we come out with concept like this
and here we don’t make any recipes we need the food and see you next time

Randall Smitham