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Topp Chefs Cheezy Cauliflower (Chipmunk style as Requested by Ziva)

Welcome Everybody! This is Ziva’s cooking show.
And this is Ziva..she is my co-chef.
And this is…um… Daddy… He is the sous chef.
And I am the owner of this restaurant.
And she is cooking today some cauliflower and cheese
…kinda like macaroni and cheese, and she is going to explain to us what we have to do.
So what do we do Ziva?
{We gonna put some..
.gonna put this in the pan and
so that we put some cheese on it!}
Well what are we going to do with it first?
{Yes. We are gonna put it in the oven.}
For how long? For how long should we put it in there for?
{For…for four (4) seconds.}
We’re just going to put it in the oven for 4 seconds?
{Yeah! Yeah, Then we’re gonna get it out!}
Ok. You are gonna have to follow us with the filming so that we can… Ok, are we gonna go put this in the oven
for 4 seconds? Ok. Here we go…
You know what? I think… I think it should be just a little longer than 4…
What do you say we put it in there for…about 25 minutes?
{Maybe… all of the seconds…} All the seconds? {One, two, three, four…OK?}
Four? One, two, three, four…Minutes?…Plus 21 minutes…?
{Yeah!} OK! {Yeah!}
So we’re gonna stick this in there for… about 25 minutes
And then…
What are we going to do? What are we going to do while we wait for it to get done?
{Gonna make some cheese sauce!} Ok! Alright! So, we’ll be back when we are making cheese sauce!
So we are going to show you what we are gonna need for our cheese sauce…
You want to show them?
{Yes.} Show them what we got!
{Cheese sauce!}
Right, that’s
Parmesan cheese…
{And then…these…} That’s cream cheese…
{…cream cheese…}
We have two of those, because we doubled our batch…
{…two cream…three cream cheese…}
That’s because I have one extra
{Then, Cream!} Heavy cream!
This is not low calorie!
In fact, there are very little carbs at all! {And then, cheese!}
Regular cheese, and {Butter!} So.Much. Butter!
And then, because Mom is cool like that… {Yes!}
we might add a little bit of garlic. Because Mom likes to spice things up…
{One, two, three, four,} And then…{ five, six, eight, nine, ten!…} Yeah.
So that is what we are gonna use for our cream sauce.
We’ll be back when we are actually making the cream sauce!
Alright. You gonna show us what else we have?
We have this…
{We have this…}
What is that? What do you think that is?
{Um….what is it?}
What does that look like?
Yep. {Yeah!}
{Today, we’re gonna cook…some… few seconds…off in the pan…
{If it burns, then we’re gonna grab it out!}
Gonna put it a few seconds in the pan. And if it burns, we’re gonna grab it out.
We have bone broth also…
{Yes…} For our delicious cheese sauce…
So should we… should we…get to… Should we get to cooking this?
…{It’s gonna get too late!}
What’s gonna get too late?
{Oh, the sun is gonna come down, and it’s gonna be night-night time…}
{And then it’s gonna be too late.}
Oh is it?…Ok…
So here is what we are going to do…
Can you unwrap my butter for me please? {Yes.}
And then stick it right here.
Well, you gotta take all the foil off. Do you think foil will be yummy in our food?
… {Yes.}
{Gotta take all this…}
Um… cooking show going on here… thank you very much…
Alright… So…
{So… gonna do…}
That is SO cool! Look at us…
So we have a bunch of butter…
Oh, here’s a pan. Here’s our pan, this will be good.
{That’s our pan…} So…{that will be good!}
So we put our butter in the pan…
{Yeah.} K…
There we go…
I should probably point this down more. We’ll see. Hopefully, it won’t be a
Alright, so now what we are going to do..
{now we’re gonna do…}
I would like for you…
to take… this teaspoon..
And I’m gonna have you dig out…
..For the amount of cheese sauce we’re making?…
Two teaspoons.
Ooo. Know what? Maybe one teaspoon…?
Just one. That’s good.
Dump it in there?
Now…Um…that one should be good…{Ok.}
There we go.
{Now, we’re gonna cook…}
Now, what we are gonna do…
{Gonna do…}
Is we are gonna melt…
…the butter…
Here, we are going to have to skooch this all over…
Cooking shows…
…have to happen in phases…
when you are your own camera-man.
Because when you are four (years old), having a cooking show is So exciting!
I mean, I don’t even watch cooking shows!
Her brother watches cooking shows!
That might be…that might be a little better.
We’ll have to skooch you over closer…
{Whoa! Whoa, whoa!}
M’kay…so, we are gonna take this pan
And we’re gonna turn it on too…(tell them Medium High)
{Medium HIGH!}
{So, we’re gonna do… we’re gonna do… That!}
And then what are we gonna do?
{We are gonna do…}
{We are gonna put some few cream on that!}
{On…on the pan.}
In the pan.. when it’s done melting? {Yes!}
Oh, look at it getting all…
…all sorts of…
…melty in there! It’s gonna be so yummy!
It’s gonna be so good!
She is a stirring fool!
There you go!
Yep, movin’ it around so it gets all the…garlic!
{It’s gonna get… SOOO mmmelty!}
Daddy: Sooo Melty!
{So, we are cooking… (Daddy: Excellent!) today, dinner…}
{…for lunch…}
{Then, then we’re gonna do some a little bit butter…}
{…on the cream, from the plate…}
{…and then we are gonna do…}
{…is put some vegetables on… on the butter!}
I like a little bit of butter with a sprinking of vegetables!
It’s my fave!
Look at that go!
Daddy: Mmhum!
{See, we’re gonna cook that butter, and let that melt.}
{So.. we…we’re gonna turn the butter ’round and we’re gonna mix it..}
{… in the pan.} Ok! Sounds like a plan!
{While this melts.}
It’s getting there!
{I’m gonna cook that, baby!}
Can I see the recipe?
{You can see the recipe for a few minutes, ok mom?}
Just for a few minutes?… Ok.
I am gonna get this stuff ready for you, Chef Ziva.
Daddy: I’m gonna grate some cheese.
Our Sous chef is gonna grate some cheddar cheese
Daddy: Cheeedaaar!
Mmm! Mmm! {A few seconds left…} It’s gonna be so good!
{Ooo! It smells good!} It smells like garlic! {Yeah!}
{Yeah! Smells like…teeny bit butter!}
Like a teeny bit butter?
{Mmmhumm, but smell it…}
Mmmm. Mmmhumm.
A teeny bit of butter garlic.
Daddy: Teeny bit. Teeny tiny.
{Holy cow!!}
Daddy: Holy Cow!
{Look it!}
If you haven’t guessed, we eat Keto… which means we eat little to no [complex] carbs.
So, if we had to pick sugar or fat any day of the week, I pick fat.
We’re gonna have some cauliflower. It’s gonna be so delicious!
How is it? Are we ready, do you think?
{Not yet.}
Ok. Tell me when we are ready.
{Just a little bit pop!}
{So, I’m mixin’, unless it turns to butter-mix.}
{ Now we need a teeny bit that…}
{On the butter…} This…is… chicken broth.
One cup.
{Put it in there.} Stir it all in…
It says ‘Chicken bone Broth.’
{Yes…and we are gonna cook it actually.}
{Mama’s embarrassing!}
{She’s just kiddin’ about the butter!}
Now, we have cream cheese…
{We need cream cheese…}
That’s a good idea, but don’t whip it around or otherwise it’ll
Daddy: Are you gonna soften it first?
Should I?
Daddy: I would a teeny bit. Will make it faster.
{K, Dad. Get started with the cheese time!}
Daddy: We are getting close to cheese time.
{ So, Daddy, put the cheese in the pan after…after that’s done. Ok, Dad?}
Daddy: Oh. Ok. I’m on it!
Here is our…
{New butter!} Whoo! { You just… you just catched it mom!} I did. I am fast!
{Look, it’s gettin’ hot!}
It is kinda getting hot. I should probably, maybe… just…you know…
We’re gonna have to put some stuff in there that will make it….um…
{Holy cow! It’s gettin’ hot!} You know what, I am just gonna stick this one in there.
K, keep stirring it.
Oh look it! I’m gonna lick off the…
Mm! Mm! Mm!
Yeah, actually, just kinda stir it around in that sauce there…
I am being challenged by….cream cheese here.
Oh my goodness, that is gonna be so delicious. Just keep
stirring it around, Doll.
OK, you don’t have to cut it. Well, I mean I guess cutting it up wouldn’t hurt.
I mean you have a whole big pan of hot… oil.
Oh man! See. This!
{Pretty….Can I taste it, Mom?}
Yep. You can!
That, my friend, is cream cheese!
It tastes like… buttery!
Mmmhumm, now stir it just…slow and careful. We don’t want it to burn.
There we go.
Mmm. Mmm. So good. So good!
Oh! Don’t touch this pan. Daddy: I’m turning it down. Medium high is probably too high.
Do you think so?
So we turned it down to Medium.
Because it is getting…quite hot…
We did put our chicken stock in there…so it’s…{There was something in my mouth…}
Oh was there? Is that right?… K, stir it slow and careful…
Then what we got here is…
Some parmesan cheese, which we are gonna put in there…
And some heavy cream which we are gonna put in there…
And some…cheddar cheese which we are gonna put in there…
For our macaroni and cheese sauce.
Keep stirring careful and don’t touch that pan. As a chef…
you’ve gotta be paying attention so you don’t get burned.
{I won’t…. I am being a CHEF!}
You are being a chef.
{*giggles*} You’re silly! {You just a silly Mom!)
Look it! Keep stirring. You are doing such a fantastic little job!
Careful! It is hot, my Sweet!
you don’t realize that well
so much keifa’s I’m gonna eat it right a
spoonful or I’ll cut up some broccoli
and put some on rocket ring at the
church eat broccoli cheese a tomato and
bacon and some like this okay love it
keep your arm up and I want you to bring
your wrist that would be terrible
anymore please
Oh make sure that it doesn’t burn all
right here we go
I’m going to turn it down so low that ah
and then I am going to let you finish up
the last stir is I can’t even I want to
show them this wonderful cheese because
let’s see what you can’t even see
because I don’t have the right then I
can go try that
no it’s beautiful that you don’t want to
put your mouth on that because it will
burn you you’re faster than with a house
so here give it a few little stories
don’t touch me
but I want to bring cheese how about we
pop down from the sheriff and so we’re
ready for the veggies okay so that we
don’t get it
it’s not

Randall Smitham