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hi guys it’s Keila I am back with
another video today is day of 5 of the giveaway a day I hope you guys have been
enjoying at the giveaways if you guys have not checked out my recent videos I
am doing a giveaway a day for the next week so we are at day 5 so some have
been here on YouTube I’ve had some on Instagram so head to either or and you
have all week and next week to try to get a chance to win I’ll leave it open
for a good week after the videos are up just so that way anyone that has
stumbled upon my channel you will still have the opportunity of winning today I
brought to you crew shreya haha I actually went to Trader Joe’s and then I
also had to get a couple things from rouse so I will show you guys the Trader
Joe’s stuff first and then the rau stuff and then I’ll let you guys know what
today is a giveaway will be so stay tuned looks like I get into it I am
excited for this first item I got butternut squash zigzag now this is a
little bit higher in carbs but I want some fry like option for my wings I’m
gonna be doing a lean video and I figured this would be perfect I’m
probably only gonna have one serving it’s 10 grams of carbs per serving but
two of them are fiber so eight net carbs this is four servings here so I’m
excited to see it hopefully this will be good check out my links off video I will
give you all the deeds and be eating it there next I picked up the mirepoix
this is definitely the lazy version of cooking I’m planning on doing a lasagne
so I wanted to have this stuff already chopped for me this is just easy if you
really don’t feel like chopping like me and it is a little bit more pricey but
you know sometimes price is worth it for the time I hear it and I don’t
chop all this right now I also have feta cheese I plan on doing a spinach dip
sauce for my chicken that I’m gonna have this week mozzarella cheese just gonna
go for the lasagna as well as I’m probably gonna add a little bit into
that sauce that I just mentioned I picked up some chicken I’m actually at a
chicken so I haven’t had to buy too much meat since I went to Costco but every
now and then I do and today is chicken I’m planning on could you miss in the
oven and then making a spinach cream kind of sauce to go on top of this with
like cauliflower rice I have some spinach I know you’ve probably tired of
me saying what it’s for but yes this one will also be added into that spinach dip
that I’ve talked about to go on top of the chicken I have some cauliflower rice
I have been obsessed with cauliflower rice lately guys honestly this husband
the life saver of everything it’s a perfect size it’s perfect add in two
things I recently put this in the oven I just add a little bit of avocado oil
salt and pepper garlic powder put this in the oven and it’s perfect as a
replacement for rice I ate this with a pot roast I’m so I’m planning on doing
this again and this will be this side for my chicken because it’s something
easy but it does add that bulkiness that you do miss on keto because you can have
rice and pasta and things like that I’m sorry I got this and then I also I also
picked up the rice broccoli and I’ve never tried the rice rice broccoli
before but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be good
I’m still not sure what I’m gonna use for completely I might add it in with
the cauliflower rice or I might just make a cheesy broccoli side for
something I don’t know yet but I’m excited to give this a try been wanting
to try the rice broccoli for awhile I just don’t know I haven’t grabbed it I
also picked up a small thing of a heavy whipping cream now this is going to go
forward this sauce that I’m going to make for my chicken I’m also thinking of
doing a hot chocolate this week I’ve been craving hot chocolate and it’s the
perfect weather for chocolate so I’m thinking of mixing this
with some almond milk that I have in there making it nice and creamy and
milky I got some hot Italian sausage this is gonna go for my meat sauce for
my lasagna I’m really really gonna try to get a meal prep video in using all
this stuff so you probably get it within the next couple of weeks it does take me
a lot longer to film and edit right null preps so stay on the lookout for that
hopefully I can get that done for you guys
I’ll just definitely keep you guys updated if it ends up not happening but
that’s the goal also I have some plum tomatoes crushed this is gonna go for my
lasagna meats off I make a huge batch of meat sauce I usually have used half of
it for my lasagna and the other half I freeze it and I can eat it I can defrost
it whenever I have no time since I’m going to be moving soon I’m trying to
prep a couple of meals that I can easily go back to and just reheat because it’s
gonna get a little quick right in the Hampton family while we’re moving I have
two things of zucchini I’m actually going to be making zucchini tater tots
and then I’m gonna be using zucchini as the pasta replacement for my lasagna so
I wanted to stock up on this I haven’t had a zucchini tater tots in forever and
someone actually tagged me in making their space of these the recipe that I
did and it like really made me remember wow I should really try that again I
also have some Parmesan cheese I know please don’t kill me I had to get the
grated kind this is gonna go in a whole bunch of things this week but mainly the
lasagna the Parmesan cheese I just ran out of which never happens this usually
lapses me for oh wow because I usually just use it as like garnish like just
sprinkle on top of things so I’ll probably put it on top of my lasagna as
well as a finisher for one of the cheese’s into my sauce for the chicken
also forgot to add that I got whole milk ricotta cheese this is gonna go for the
lasagna all right I also picked up a couple of
things from Rao some of the things that they just don’t have actuator Joes but I
still wanted to have this was just an impulse buy it’s the new p2 I think it’s
from the people that make much of all I miss the Delian actors I got the turkey
bacon and Kobe Jack and then also the turkey ham and cheddar and I’m a big
person and like having grabbing those snacks and I found that I’ve been
craving salty a lot more than sweet so this is perfect I can grab it and eat it
at work I think I’m gonna leave one at work and one at home so if I want to
snack at least I have something to grab onto that’s quick and easy and I don’t
have to really work so this was on self 2 for $3 so if you guys are interested
in it check out the other post or they’re
having crazy mother cells everywhere for all these like easy pickings grab and go
items I also had to get some chicken flavor I like buying this rather than
the chicken broth just because it lasts so much longer and we don’t need that
much and I feel like this has never done me wrong sometimes chicken broth you
only use like a half a cup for a recipe and then the one that’s already pre-made
you’d have to use within like the week or two and then it goes bad so this is
just a little bit more cost-efficient for me especially since I’m going to be
moving soon I want to make sure to have some staple things on hand so I can make
quick sauces with this I can make a soup relatively fast with the space which I
think I’m gonna probably do next week also they had a buy one get one for the
spices so I was like why don’t you free up on the spices I needed more basil or
my milk prep that I’m going to do the lasagna so I figured I’d pick up some
basil and I actually just ran out of chilli powder so I wanted more chili
powder also picked up a lone jalapeno I ended
up getting it at Ralph’s rather than Trader Joe’s because you had to get a
whole bag of it and I just really needed one last but not least I picked up but
it’s organic on an extract this was totally not so much an impulse buy but
here’s the situation I watched Hioki next video of ricotta cookies and
since I’m doing lasagna this is the only time I really buy ricotta so I really
wanted to give that recipe a try I’ll probably have it in my milk prep video
and if it’s good of course I’ll let you guys know to check out their video on it
because it looked super easy and they they have this in their recipe and I
don’t have any of this and I feel like I’d get some goodies out of almond
extract alright that’s all for the grocery haul let’s get into what the
giveaway for today is the lovely people at cut the carb was so kind enough to
offer two 12-packs so two of these you get two 12-packs all you have to do is
like this video subscribe to me I have cooked this with this so many times on
my wedding in the days I think I’ve made pizza out of this I made some egg rolls
with this in my Chinese mukbang I’ll probably link all of them down below if
you want to check it out but it’s so versatile but perfect now I will say
this does have meat in it so if you are 110 percent on keto this might not be
the print out in for you so you might not want to get into this giveaway for
me I count carbs over you know the wheat that’s in it and for me if this has been
able to still give me the weight loss that I have been looking for so I just
want to put that out there though before you want to give away but if you are
interested in let’s give away you get two of these
you can freeze these and it lasts for up to six months so that’s what I did with
mine I froze one of them and then I’m using one throughout the week and yeah
I’m super excited I actually met the creator of cut the carb at the keto la
meetup so she has been so supportive of you know my growth and my journey on the
ketogenic lifestyle and it’s just amazing
meeting these people in these companies that truly do want to have a great
alternative for people that are going through a weight loss journey because
this is hard it’s hard finding replacement and knowing what’s good and
what’s not good so it’s great to find companies that are their mission is to
help others that are clearly in need and want to be in a different path on their
weight-loss journey so again thank you so much cut the card for being the
donors for today’s giveaway it’s very much appreciated and I will continue to
support your company because I believe in a hundred percent and it has helped
me this past couple of months but that’s gonna be all as always if you like these
types of videos and want me to make more all you have to do is which I already
know you’re gonna do because you want to get into this giveaway like this video
comment and I’m so appreciative and that’s why I am continuing to give you
guys as much as I can I’m not getting any of these products I want to give
them to you I have you know tested them and I really do love them so cut the
carb is going to be directly shipping this to you so you know you’re getting
it as fresh as possible and I made sure to make that a priority based on what
you have to have the best experience at with these products as I have but I’m
just super excited I’m so happy thank you guys for seeing my journey through
out I feel like a completely different person and if all I can do is give to my
viewers that is what I’m here to do and that’s what this giveaway is it’s not
showboating it’s honestly I’ve worked really hard I worked hard to secure
these products and I just want to make sure
that you guys get as much as you do from my channel and from taking the time out
of your day to encourage me and to watch me grow I have a hundred percent
indebted into you guys and I just wanted to take the time to say thank you so
much but I’m gonna stop rambling I feel like I have to say that every two
seconds thank you again for watching these videos it truly has changed my
life and I will see you guys at the next one

Randall Smitham



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