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Traditional kimchi recipe (Tongbaechu-kimchi: 통배추김치)

(upbeat music)
– Hi everybody.
Today we are going to learn
how to make Korean traditional Kimchi.
In Korea it’s called Pogi-kimchi
or Tongbaechu kimchi.
As you know, there are so many hundreds
of different kinds of Pogi-kimchi.
This is going to be a very
traditional style Kimchi.
With this Kimchi, you can make
all kinds of different Korean side dishes.
You can steam, stew, soup,
tons and tons of dishes you can make.
If you have never made Kimchi before
this is perfect chance for you
to learn how to make traditional Kimchi.
Let’s start.
This is napa cabbage.
Exactly I weighed six pounds.
Good cabbages, like a lot of green stuff,
leaves are better.
And smooth and shiny.
And usually peak season is fall.
Just before winter starts.
Really delicious and cabbage is beautiful.
Top part
If sometimes this really stand out.
Take off.
And cut it in half.
Just give a little slit like this.
Tear this way.
And then this here on
the center another slit.
Like this.
Inside is not shredded.
So we need to salt.
Before salting, first we
need to soak in cold water.
Because the wet leaves will
absorb salt more easily.
Half cup Kosher salt.
And then we are going
to sprinkle each cabbage
leaves between the leaves.
Stem part is more salt.
Now, every 30 minutes, just turn it over
so that evenly salted.
So let’s put it aside and
then we’ll go to next step.
Next step is, we make a porridge.
People freak out, “Hey
what kind of porridge?
“Why we need a porridge?”
But actually, this is really important
when you make real nice delicious Kimchi.
I always make this.
Dried hot pepper flakes
and all ingredients.
And the garlic, onion, all
the minced stuff together.
It should be really
nicely look like a paste.
The purpose of this porridge
is all this between the leaves.
Make it stick to the cabbage leaves.
It’s not going to go
dancing around everywhere.
Two cups plain water.
Two table spoons sweet rice flour.
Glutinous rice flour.
I use Mochiko powder always.
If you don’t have sweet rice flour
just use plain all purpose flour.
Let’s turn it on.
Well mixed.
In Korea, any housewives
who make delicious Kimchi
that means that she’s good at cooking.
So making Kimchi is such an important job.
In your culture, what
is your national food?
Anybody who can make this dish well
that means that she’s good at cooking.
He’s good at cooking.
So just leave a comment.
I’m very curious about that.
Now it starts boiling.
It took exactly nine minutes.
Brown sugar, two table spoons.
Very beautiful, shiny.
It’s going to be a good Kimchi base.
Remove from the heat.
Let’s turn off.
Let it cool down.
You see the bottom?
You will see the water.
It’s salty water.
Let it sit for 30 more minutes.
Wow, more water.
And just a little soft.
I’m going to let this soak
for another 30 minutes.
In the meantime, I’m going
to prepare vegetables
and other seasonings.
Korean radish.
It’s sold in Korean grocery store.
I peeled this and washed.
The radish makes the Kimchi
paste really special,
and tasty, and really sweet.
Now I’m going to make matchsticks.
Generously around two cups.
This green stuff is green onion.
Green onion and Buchu.
It’s Asian chives.
I always use this.
But if this is not available
in your area, don’t worry.
Just use scallion, green onions.
And this one is, I wanted
to show you, minari.
Water dropwort.
In the Korean grocery
store sometimes available.
Sometimes not available.
These days they must be season.
I found a really fresh minari.
But also, this is optional.
So all this things, you can skip this
except for this green onion.
Green onion, you can find it anywhere, right?
Mmm smell.
Really smells good.
Lot of vegetables are
going into Kimchi paste.
Next, let’s make this puree.
Puree garlic, and ginger, and onion.
This is half a cup garlic.
We are going to mince this.
Ginger, ground a two teaspoon amount.
And onion.
Onion, ground one cup.
Here I’m going to make Kimchi paste.
Minced garlic, ginger, onion.
I need to turn it over again.
See, really good.
Half a cup fish sauce.
Quarter cup fermented salted shrimp.
In Korean, Saeujeot.
So we are going to make very
special kimchi today.
When you use this just
squeeze out juice first.
I just scooped with the juice plus shrimp.
And then we are going to chop this up.
Wow, smells good.
And then we need hot pepper flakes.
How much amount of hot pepper flakes?
Totally depends on you.
It can start from one cup
to maybe two and a half cup.
If you like a kind of mild version
I think you can use only one cup.
But I like a spicy version
so I will use two cups.
This is a good Kimchi paste.
Let’s taste.
Oh delicious.
Soak all salty water so we can add this
each cabbage pieces.
So total two hours it was salted.
Very nice.
Now we need to wash.
Couple of times we just
wash and pour out the water.
And then with the new fresh water.
And then wash again.
We made a slit right.
And then now when you wash this
you can split this.
Now I’m making rice.
I’m using my pressure cooker, rice cooker.
Can you hear the sound?
It is loud.
I always enjoy eating fresh
Kimchi with fresh rice.
You need to really drain well.
So now let’s mix.
So Kimchi paste…
So radishes have a lot of water
so soon this paste is going
to be a little thinner.
And also this cabbage
you see in the core part
I like to remove this part.
Always I remove this.
Now let’s make Kimchi.
We are going to put all this paste
between these leaves.
This is Korean earthenware crock, Onggi.
My grandmother, she had
really big huge Onggi.
Usually winter time,
winter Kimchi she makes.
Really huge Onggi she used.
Sometimes I use Onggi to ferment my Kimchi
and other pickles.
I use bare hands when I mix this.
But I give you a warning.
If you make Kimchi for the first time,
use this kind of
disposable plastic gloves.
Or just your rubber gloves.
So this, Kimchi paste.
(upbeat music)
When I was young my
mom made winter Kimchi.
Huge amount of Kimchi.
Huge batch of Kimchi.
My mom used to make 200 heads of cabbage.
We make real nutritious Kimchi.
Even in the Kimchi…
I didn’t use it today –
and some people use beef.
Ground beef, but cooked they add.
Some people use just fish.
Fresh fish.
And they cut just chunk of fish inside.
And then this kind of Kimchi
is going to be eaten in early spring.
And then all fish is
just all well fermented.
So so tasty.
It has protein.
It has calcium.
It has vitamin.
All stuff.
Whenever I make this whole cabbage Kimchi
it reminds me of my mom’s winter Kimchi – kimjang.
So I think this is filled.
So Kimchi jar, many
people ask me question,
“What kind of a jar or
container you’re using?”
This is, I’m using plastic jar.
This is BPA free.
Plastic jar for Kimchi.
Whatever you use or any container,
press down this so that all the air
doesn’t come into inside the Kimchi.
And this guy also, press down.
And then I always, whenever I make Kimchi,
I’m so excited about the delicious lunch
with freshly made Kimchi.
All the split leaves and
tear this with fingers.
It’s called Geotjeori.
Sesame seeds.
This is roasted very crispy sesame seeds.
And close the lid.
Also, close the lid.
Today we made Kimchi.
There’s Kimchi in Onggi.
I’m going to let it sit
for a couple of days.
Maybe one day.
At the moment, I will eat this Geotjeori.
Just a freshly mixed this.
And I made really warm rice.
A multi-grain rice and green peas.
So delicious.
This Kimchi is all crispy.
And then roasted sesame seeds.
When I chew this and broke this
it’s nutty and also
mixture of Kimchi paste.
It’s like a strong flavor from fish sauce
and garlicky onion and ginger.
Oh my God, so good.
Hi everybody.
Welcome back.
One and a half days passed.
36 hours later my Kimchi
starts fermenting.
How I know?
The smells.
Smells like Kimchi when it’s fermented.
A special smell.
Like a sour smell.
And also, the surface is bubbling.
So I will show you.
Come on.
Let’s open this.
Kind of juicy, like bubbles right.
This juice is so delicious.
It’s delicious.
And it smells sour.
Well ripe, and sour, and sweet.
Spicy of course.
From now, I have to keep
this in the refrigerator.
So it’s a cold temperature
in the refrigerator.
Slowly slowly like fermenting.
This is also fermenting, see.
So when the Kimchi starts fermenting
always press down.
The best thing is that
it should be submerged
in the Kimchi juice.
And bite sized.
(upbeat music)
Enjoy my recipe.
See you next time.
(upbeat music)

Randall Smitham



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