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Triathlon Taren’s Fat Burning Keto Morning Drinks

– [Instructor] What’s up trainiacs?
Today we’re going to
head into the kitchen,
and I’m going to give you
the run down of the three
morning drinks that I
use updated for late 2018
that help me burn fat, but
still have really good workouts.
How I make them and when I use them.
Let’s do it.
(techno music)
(kitchen dishes clanging)
So when we wake up in the morning,
I’ve talked about this many times before,
we are in a fat burning state,
and we ideally wanna stay
in that fat burning state
because the ability to
fat-oxidize, use fat as fuel,
is a really big determinant
of how well we’ll do
in the ultra distance events,
and I’m going to classify
a half iron man or longer
as an ultra distance event,
and if you are only relying
on taking in nutrition,
you are going to potentially bonk,
you are going to
potentially have to take on
too much nutrition that
because there’s so much blood
in our arms and our legs,
running, swimming, cycling,
we are going to have not a
lot of blood in our stomach,
and it’s going to make
it difficult for our body
to process the fuel that
we’re putting in here.
However, we have more than enough fuel,
even the thinnest
athletes in our fat store,
so if we can access that easily,
we are going to do better in races,
we’re going to be thinner,
we’re going to be lighter,
we’re gonna look better in a speedo,
and that’s what we’re looking for.
So! There are three morning
drinks that I will use,
and these are the drinks that I will have
before just about any workout.
Now depending on what I’m doing,
it’s going to be one of these three drinks
and I’ll explain that to you.
Number one is just my plain old coffee.
Four sigmatic, mushroom type coffee,
and if you want to get 15% off,
just go to
Use the coupon code triathlontaren,
but I won’t just have that regular coffee.
I will mix that coffee with MCT oil.
This is coconut oil basically,
and these medium chain triglycerides
are really really good
for brain functioning,
it’s also basically pure fat.
Somewhere around 100-150
calories in one tablespoon
is what I’ll put into this coffee
and there’s a couple reasons for that.
Number one, that is going to give me
just a little bit of fuel.
It’s also going to allow me to
process the caffeine in this
smoother instead of getting a
really quick hit of caffeine
on an empty stomach, getting
a spike and then crashing
whenever I might do the workout,
that marriage between
coffee and the MCT oil
forces my body to process
the caffeine a lot slower.
So it’s a smoother burn.
In addition to that, MCT oil is clear,
and what I like to do is
fast for at least about
12 hours a day.
Typically it’s from supper
until the next meal of the day
being the shake that we
are going to discuss,
and why I want to do that is
to really give my gut a break.
We take all that blood out
of our gut into our muscles,
and at the same time ingest electrolytes
and ingest gels and chews and bars,
so we place a lot of
stress on the gut as it is,
and if we’re constantly putting
fuel and food into our gut
for hours and hours every single day,
and we never really give it a big break
besides when we’re sleeping,
we might overtax it.
So just having 12 hours
off allows your gut
to have a little bit of a break.
Coffee with MCT oil does not break a fast.
But what if I am going to
do say a series of workouts?
Depending on the workout, I
will then start adding calories.
In two cases I will have coffee, MCT oil,
and a little bit of no sugar coconut milk.
This is basically going
to function like creamer.
Why I might use this
is let’s say I wanna do
a really light recovery ride.
Well, with the heart rate being so low,
this is a perfect time to teach our body
to start burning fat.
We can just continue in
that fat burning mode
and having about 40-50
calories of this coconut cream
is going to end up being
somewhere around one gram of carbs
and six grams of fat.
Add in about 100-120 calories from this,
and you’ve got yourself just
a really nice slow-burning
energy from that coffee that you can use
just to kinda fill your
stomach for those recovery
kind of workouts, and
that’s more than enough
because again, we got lots
of calories in our body.
I might also use that in the other case,
in something like today, where
I had two workouts in a row.
I had a 55 minute run,
but it was gonna be very low intensity,
and then I was going to have
about an hour and a half break
and then go for a swim.
Now I didn’t want to have the
feeling of being really heavy
on that run.
Sometimes, I just kinda
like having the feeling
of less in my stomach
to just have the feeling
of a flat stomach, not
have a lot sloshing around
for all the workouts.
Just kinda taking the
taxation off of the gut.
So those two instances, I will
have just that light coffee
with a little bit of coconut
oil when I’m doing a really
really light workout, or if
I’m doing a series of workouts
and the first one is a lighter workout,
and then in between the
first and the second workout,
I’m going to have a more major
meal that’s going to function
as a recovery from the first workout
and fuel for the second workout.
Now what if I’ve got more of a typical day
where I have let’s say
a workout in the morning
and a then workout in the evening?
A lot of time between.
Or maybe it’s just a workout
that is more intense,
more of a key purposeful
workout in the morning.
For that, I want to be a
little bit better fueled
because I am going to have to burn through
quite a few calories, and for that,
I have talked about my
morning bulletproof shake
that I’ve used to help give my
body little bit of calories,
little bit of energy while still keeping
it in that fat burning mode.
We have just a small magic
bullet sized little shake
that I will top up with
water, coconut milk,
almond milk, cashew milk.
I tend to stay away from dairy,
just because I don’t process it well.
A lot of people don’t process it well,
and this has morphed a little
bit over the last few months,
but here is the late 2018
version of this shake.
Just like before I have some collagens,
this is really really good for the joints,
it also gives a little bit of protein
so that my hunger gets satiated.
So I’ll put in just one
heaping tablespoon of collagen.
I’ll also put in somewhere around 50-60
calories of protein powder.
I tend to go with rice and pea proteins.
They are basically just as
bio-available as chicken or eggs,
but they also don’t have
the allergen properties
that chicken and eggs often have,
and again, gives me a little
bit of protein in the morning
to curb my hunger and
maintain muscle density.
I will put in about a half a
tablespoon of beet root powder.
There are about about
40% of the population
that beet root powder ends up
acting as a batsel dilator.
Your blood vessels really expand
so it’s like nitric oxide.
You get a lot more oxygen,
and if you are one of those lucky,
I think it’s 35-45%, hey,
take some beet root powder.
I don’t know if I’m in
that, but we try, right?
Then I get into the coffees
and the four sigmatic products.
I will put in just a little sprinkling
of the four sigmatic adaptogen blend,
and this has a whole bunch
of mushrooms in it that help
support immune function, so I’ll use this.
I put in a little bit of
matcha, just a tiny little bit,
just add some flavor and
still give a little bit
of an energy boost.
Then I will have four
sigmatic mushroom coffee.
This is their gold standard,
this is their first product,
and again, if you wanna get 15% off,
go to foursygmatic.com/triathlontaren
and use the coupon code triathlontaren
at checkout, get yourself 15% off.
Then the two last things
that I include are
cashew butter, and almond
butter, a sunflower seed butter,
and I will do a heaping tablespoon of that
which will get me somewhere
around 110 calories,
lots of fat, and this is going to
on top of the coffee that
I had earlier in the day,
once I break the fast, I’m
going to have about 100 calories
of fat from that, a little
over 100 calories from that
so I’m staying in that fat burning zone
but giving myself enough
calories combined with all the
coffee, the caffeine,
and I’m going to continue
to burn fat and teach
my body to fat oxidize.
Last thing, I put in two SP2
life frozen spirulina pods.
Why these? Because this
is really the only way
you want to get spirulina.
It’s the easiest way to access iron.
B12, ferritin, increase
your hemoglobin levels
in your blood, access
more blood oxygen levels,
feel great, I did a whole video on that
that I will link to at the end.
Now I’ll have that shake
before, like I say,
a key workout or before
a series of workouts
where I can’t have a main meal in between.
So if I’m going to do a
one to two hour workout
and then have a big gap in my day,
and then do my second
workout later in the day,
it’ll be that shake in the morning.
If I’m going to do a main
workout in the morning,
and then even if I don’t have
anything later in the day,
it’ll be that shake in the morning.
If I do a big two, three,
four, five hour brick session,
it’ll still be that shake in the morning.
I always want to start off with that shake
because it keeps my body
in that fat burning zone,
and if I ate nothing else healthy
throughout the rest of the day,
no salads, no good
soups, nothing like that,
I would have still given
my body some good protein,
good joint support, good healthy fats
that is allowing my body to get satiated,
feel full, combined with that protein,
burn the caffeine very slowly.
It would have given my body
a little bit of a boost
if I can process beet powder well.
I would have given my
body a fair bed of support
on the immune boosting side of things,
a fair bed of greens and
all kinds of nutrients
with that spirulina.
It’s covering all my
bases so that basically,
by the time that I get
to the first workout,
I’ve got energy, I’m still burning fat,
I have given myself a ton of nutrients,
and it’s setting myself up to
perform well in that workout
and for the rest of the day.
So there you go.
That is the 2018 December version
of what I drink the morning.
Those three drinks will get you through
a lot of triathlon training,
and I’ll get you prepared
for those ultra long
events and feel dang good.
Have a very healthy stomach,
have a very health immune system,
lose a little bit of fat,
look good in a speedo.
That’s what we want, right?
Alright trainiacs, if you
aren’t already subscribed,
hit the subscribe button below,
and if you are subscribed,
go to foursygmatic.com/triathlon
or use the coupon code triathlon
at the four sigmatic checkout
to get yourself 15% off.
They help us. Help us help you.
Alright, later trainiacs.

Randall Smitham



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