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Triathlon Training Nutrition: Overnight Oats for BIG Workouts

(swing music) – My shirt is slightly Eastery, I didn’t plan that, but I’ll take it. (swoosh) Shake ’em all. (swoosh) (swing music) And there we have delicious
sustenance for a marathon swim. There’s nothing spectacularly about it, it’s overnight oats with
poached eggs on top. It’s a Gwen Jorgensen special. I’m gonna spend a little bit
of time catching up on comments on the YouTube channel. Thank you for everyone who does that, it makes it very fulfilling
to keep going on this. A little bit of editing on the vlog. Big ginormous swim and you know what? I know that a lot of people are gonna want the recipe for that. Later today, I’ve gotta
make a whole bunch of these, that I’ll stash at the office. I’ll tell ya how to make it. So delicious!
(clapping) Mmmmm. (swing music) This will be the first long,
long, long weekend swim that I use the FINIS Duo,
bone conducting mp3 player that I tried out this
week and it worked okay. So hopefully, that gets
me through the entire couple hours here today and makes it go by a little bit quicker. That would be sweet. Staring at a black line
for two hours is no picnic. That mental strain of
staring at the black line and doing a long swim in the pool, is probably just as draining
on levels of fatigue, as the actual swim. (swing music) And exactly three minutes later, (horn beeping)
I’m there. (swing music) So that meal I made this morning is my go to when I know I
have a really big workout. That was my number one
breakfast that I would have, planning for the last marathon
swim that I trained for. In the morning, as I started doing the two to four and a half hour swims, and now today, we did that two hour, one minute, one second swim, so I knew that I needed
a really big breakfast, so I pulled it out of
retirement in full force. That said, I use that
breakfast of overnight oats, three times a week and I
stash it at the office. I’ve gotta make my stash of
overnight oats for office, here, right now, so I
figured I might as well put that together and show y’all what my go to big breakfast is when I need a big, key
bunch of carbs in me. Get yourself some jars. We use the old almond butter tins. Get yourself some oatmeal. We use Bob’s Red Mill, Organic
Old Fashioned Rolled Oats, which are, are these gluten free or are they just low gluten? I think they’re gluten free. Kim thinks they’re gluten free. I take about a half of cup, during really big swims,
like this morning, I’ll do about 2/3 of a cup. However much oatmeal you put in, that’s how much water
you also need to put in, and then you also need
another cup of liquid. Could just be water, but to hardy it up, you use whatever milk we got. Help milk, almond milk,
sometimes coconut milk, mix and match it. Oh, I forgot to say at the start, welcome to another edition
of Shirt Taren Eats. Now, we should do a cooking
YouTube channel show. Music track for this, cue that now. (techno music) If anything, you want to err on the side of a little bit too much liquid. So like, a half a cup of oats, a cup and a bit of liquid because the oats are gonna soak it up. And then, I start adding
all kinds of seeds and seed like objects. Go with about of tablespoon of flax for some healthy fats. Tablespoon of hemp hearts
for some good protein. Hey, settle down. A tablespoon of chia seeds
for delicious chia-y goodness. Is chia a superfood? – There’s some debate about it. – Debate about it being a superfood or just being good in general? – Because it becomes gel like, there’s conjecture that it
actually steals the nutrients. – I don’t know if you heard that but there’s some
conjecture that chia steals the good things in the other foods, ’cause it’s like gel and it sucks it up. Use chia sparingly, with caution. Frozen berries, good
antioxidants in there. We all know that I hate oxidants. Some raisins, macadamia nuts, walnuts, vegan protein powder because even though
we’re endurance athletes and we live and die by our carbs, we do need some protein. A little bit of coconut
oil for some good fats. A little bit of natural peanut butter because peanut butter is the glue that holds my body together. I stole that from Instragram because I saw it last night. And then a little bit of natural honey from a honey guy. These jars of honey are actually from the bees in his front yard. He’s got wild flowers growing there and he makes honey out
of it, it’s awesome. Then here’s where it goes
from a slurry of ingredients to a delicious snack. Cover it up, shake ’em all, so the oats can get all throughout
the middle and then bam. You let it sit overnight or
over several nights, like I do. By the end of the week, there will be a five night overnight oats waiting for me at the office. This is gonna be nice
and smooth and creamy and you can just microwave it and you got delicious overnight oats. – Did you know that most people eat overnight oats cold right? – Well, most people
eating overnight oats cold are missing out. – That’s how they’re meant to be. – That’s how they’re meant to be eaten? – Yup. – Gross, whoever all
of you that are eating cold overnight oats, why? Now where this gets into
jacking it up a little bit in mornings like today, where I really needed a lot of calories to get me through that swim. I’ll increase all of the
ingredients by just a little bit, just to get the calories up a little bit and then what I also added
was two poached eggs. Now, I know that before I’ve mentioned that we eat a lot of vegan meals. I will reiterate, I won’t hold myself or even claim to be even in the realm of the amazing standard that
vegans set for themselves. I would say that we eat
many, many vegan meals, but I’m not a vegan, hence the eggs this morning. I find that the eggs make
it really, really hardy and also settles my stomach a lot. So, the egg energy, I find,
helps give you a really sustained burst of energy, whereas this typically burns off in, I find, about an hour or
two, an hour and a half, until I start getting hungry again. This morning, I ate the oats at 6:30 and then didn’t eat again until I had the first break
in the pool around 9:30 and I didn’t really have
hunger pains throughout that. So, that’s the fat, that’s the eggs, that’s all the hardy stuff
combining with the carbs to make it a really long lasting energy. But that’s rare, I might
have the eggs in there a few times a year. If you are interested in this recipe, I will put a link in the description below to triathlontaren.com/oats and the recipe will be there and you can also download a
little card onto your phone. Also, what Kim and I are talking about is because she has had
to feed this machine for so many years, she’s
got a really good collection of gluten free snacks, vegan meals, all kinds of good stuff that fuels the neverending
pit that is my mouth and I think that in the website redo that we’re working on, we’re gonna upload a lot
of the recipes there. Hit the like button if you’re
a big fan of that idea. Otherwise, that’s it. It’s Easter dinner, I’m
gonna go feed my face. What’s Easter dinner? – Ham, meatballs, cabbage
rolls, salad, mashed potatoes. – Like I say, I’m not vegan. When we have family events or we go out for a nice meal, it kinda goes away. And that concludes another day of Shirt Taren Eats in the kitchen.

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    Btw, i came across you channel a few months ago, and i has been a great source of encouragement and great ideas, Thanks!
    I've got my bike tuned up and i'm trying currently to implement a run/walk routine. There might be a Sprint Tri in the works for July at our local aquatics center, and i really want to, "Just do it!" Thanks again for the channel.

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    Modified version was 1/2c Oats, 1/2c Water, 1/2c Almond Milk, TBSP Flax, TBSP Honey, TBSP Peanut Butter, 1/2c Frozen Blueberries, 1/8c each of Raisins, Cranberries, Macadamia Nuts, and Pistachios.
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    My usual routine is : oats [ about 150 gr] + blended nuts ( hazelnuts, nuts, almonds,, macadamia nuts) [about 50 gr] + blue berry jam no added sugar [about 2 spoons]. Add milk until you obtain a texture slightly more dense than what you want. Add about 100 gr of yogurt. Let overnight. Serve with 3-5 egg slightly fried egg whites ( you can add a yolk in the mix if you like ). Add 1-3 medium bananas. Prepare a mug of coffee, double espresso , 3 spoons of normal milk, 1 spoon condensed milk, 1-2 teaspoons of honey, 1 meted cube [about 5 grams ] of milk chocolate. This is what I usually go for before a long swim, usually in the afternoon before the swimming day. I complement with a protein shake [50 gr of protein, including the milk, use any kind + 2 teaspoons of peanut butter for added taste] in the evening. In the morning right before the swim I like to eat 3,4 poached eggs and a peanut butter + jelly sandwich about 2 hours before going into the swim. At the pool, a long swim goes like this : 600 meters warm-up, 3200 race pace, 200 cool-down + 30 minutes relaxation swim to cleanup my form, or drills and also get some time to fool around like pretending you're a crab walking sideways on the bottom of the pool 🙂 🙂 :). Or just pretend you're a floating dead seal =)) That works too 😀

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