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Tricks To Load up On Free Meat – Butcher Box

A greetings y’all from the
birthplace of American barbecue. It’s bill here with barbecuetricks.com. I did a video before on butcher box and
I didn’t want to want to come back and revisit it a little bit
because tons of comments, and I’ve learned a ton about Butcher Box
and I really learned there’s a couple of tricks that you can use to
really maximize the amount, like the poundage of meat that you get. And I figured I’d go through it all here. There are other services that do online
butchers and I actually have a listing of them if you want to see them on
my resources page at barbecuetricks. com worth checking out. But first let’s take a look
at what butcher box is. Just, it’s a hundred percent grass
fed, grass finished beef. And actually that’s something that I
didn’t quite appreciate when I did a previous unboxing. But when I saw their latest
deal that they’ve got, which is free two pounds of ground beef
for every box for life if you get a new subscription. I figured I
wanted to revisit the old video, uh, answer some comments that people made
in the previous video on boxing and show you how I maximize a new box that I’m
getting now cause I get a lot more. This is what the original box looked like. You can watch the whole thing. That’s already on YouTube
but it still holds true. I think this is what you pretty
much get in a brand new box. What is Butcher Box? It’s a meat subscription company that
distributes high quality meat and they like to call it “meat
you can trust.” And, so, one of the comments in the video was
“was there dry ice and in that box?” And there IS. I went back and looked all that
meat is really solidly frozen and, yes, there was still dry ice in there. In my new box It got it all dissipated. But in that box there was still dry
ice. A lot of people in the comments, critiqued – I think kind
of unfairly – the box, and all the packaging it comes with. But Butcher Box does a really good job
of trying to keep things green and all of it is biodegradable. With the exception
of, you know, the plastic wrapping. But I think they do as good of a job as
you can do with packaging and trying to keep it recyclable. So that’s the box I got originally
and it was a lot of meat. I just think now I’ve learned how to
maximize it and I’ll get into it in the second. How do you get even more? Again, the whole thing with butcher box
is “grass fed grass finished. ” People were asking, and I learned a lot
in the comments of the previous video, that the grass FINISHED is a pretty big
deal to people (and big for health). My doctors now say that Omega
threes in grass fed, grass finished, meat is a pretty big deal. So this is the new box I got. You’re going to see there’s a lot of
different meats that I got in the first one, but uh, some of the same. I got a lot more pork and they
offer some different things. Now some different steaks. I got a
couple of steaks in here that are normal. I would like, if you
want to make a comment, I’d like to know in your comments on what
KIND OF MEAT of meat you’d like to see in a subscription box or in
an online butcher. For me, I’d like to see like maybe a
skirt steak available, short ribs, maybe a heritage breed ham or
special breed pork. I don’t know. Let me know what YOU think in the comments
there. So this is my most recent box, it’s the same packaging as the
first box, very biodegradable. They take a lot of pride in that.
And you’ll see as I open it up. That’s all like wood pulper or cardboard, that dry ice bag in this
box. It did a all evaporate, but everything was still solidly frozen. So I’m sure that’s a problem
trying to keep things so cold. I’ve never had a problem with it. There’s some comments in the previous
video where I guess people had, so look at all that. There’s a lot more per pound meat and
I got a couple of these great Boston butts, which were about over
four, four to five pounds each, which I think they consider
them half of a Boston butt, but there were like a perfect
size for my family. We had, there’s three of us and we’ve had guests
and cooked one up the this weekend and it was really good. The bacon I’ve been getting
since the very first box, here’s another Boston,
but then we got again, the half sizes were really, really good and since their hair does
breed the flavors like top notch on these, uh, I think these are steak tips. Yeah, grass fed flat iron steak there. So I did get a lot of
beef ton of wings here. I’ll tell you about those in a second. That was a special that I’m now
getting for life in every box. We’re getting more and more chicken
every time. Chicken breasts, we go through a lot of those. So figured we’d load up a little more
chicken so you can get a customized box instead of just the
regular turnkey beef box. We’ve got one with mixture of
pork there, pork Tenderloin, a mixture of chicken and a couple of
pounds of grass fed ground beef there and you still see in there a couple
of steaks on the very left there, some strip steaks, which I have not
cooked up yet, but look really good. Someone was asking me about how thick
the stakes were and that’s one of their strips or lines. So about a, not
quite an inch, maybe half an inch, three quarters of an
inch, but a ton of me, a lot more than I got in that very first
box and I could tell from the first it got my attention because I’m glad I
hadn’t been keeping up with what we’re getting in the boxes since
we first started in my wife. MJ has really been maximizing
it. So how do you maximize it? There’s a couple of different ways to do
it and one of the ways you can do it is by simply that you can, instead
of getting a monthly box, you can get one every other month,
which doesn’t increase the volume, but it’s one way to kind of manage. If
you don’t need a full box every month, you can spread it out a little longer. Another way is to have a combination box, for chicken or chicken and
pork and manipulate what
you’re getting that way and get more for your money. In short, you can get more chicken and pork per
pound than you can for beef. All right, so last but definitely not least is
take advantage of the four life offers. I got one may launch right now,
but we’ve done several in the past. I’ll show you them different
meats. We’ve done wings, beef and bacon was the
big one for a while, but right now it’s free ground
beef, two pounds for life. So it’s a really pretty good deal. Let me show you what that’s
all about. My first box, we actually started our whole butcher
box experience with a free bacon for life deal they used to have. I
haven’t seen in a while. It’ll probably come back after Ralph
and the Bacon’s great. You get this now. Now that we get the boxes, we get
free bacon in every single box. It’s high quality. I think you see up
in the corner, it’s whole 30 approved. It’s you know, your KETO, all that
stuff. No sugar, which is really good. So on top of everything we get that free
bacon every single month continuing for the life of our membership,
our subscription. Then there was a special promotion
where they had free wings for life and I think this is three pounds now moving
forward in every box on top of the bacon. So now we get free chicken wings in
every box and it’s super high quality, organic, free range
chicken wings that uh, uh, we tend to use every single month. So it’s been a really great add on for us. That was a onetime add on
and now we get it for life. Then on top of that, at one point we got the ground beef for
life deal as an add on and now we get two pounds, two of these. That’s
one pound that we’re looking at. But you get two of those in
every box for life ongoing. So that’s one reason aside from kind of
choosing now a lot of chicken and pork in our boxes you can mix
and match. We get so much, there’s two pounds of beef, three pounds a chicken wing and bacon in
every single box moving forward now for life. So uh, if you want to
look more into butcher box, I did put a bunch on the website, but
in summary it’s a really good deal. That’s the old video. Go back.
That old video still holds true. The quality of the meat. Theirs is
really good. I will say one disclosure, that box I think is $149 box every month in this box that
you saw these two strip steaks on there. And from time to time, butcher box will have some special ad-ons
as well as the extra four life offers in like 19 bucks. And we got these two strip steaks that
you saw in the box and someone was asking me the comments in the first video
of what they look like. There you go. I without a doubt, the biggest thing
people get butcher box for is grass fed, grass finished beef. And I like personally for me it’s
the heritage pork, but I’m grass fed, grass finished. And then the other reason is right now
the free ground beef for life and all the free offers you really, I think there
are good deals to take advantage of. So that’s my suggestion right
there. Do you want my free book? I put a link to my free Sauces and Sides
book. Just grab it and download it. Um, uh, in the description box and also
on the website as always for more tips, tricks, other fun stuff. It’s
always at www.barbecuetricks.com. Thanks for watching.

Randall Smitham



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    Hey man be careful sharing your address on the internet. There are some messed up people out there. Also great video thanks for the advice.