December 12, 2019
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Turkey Meatloaf Recipe

Welcome to Cynthia’s Home Cooking. Today’s
recipe is Turkey Meatloaf.
This meatloaf will be leaner because we’re
using ground turkey in place of most of the
ground beef.
In addition to the turkey meatloaf, we are
adding two sides; steamed cabbage and rice.
Now let’s get started!
Now we’re going to sautee all of the vegetables
together, starting with the garlic.
Then the green onions.
The carrots.
White onions and celery.
We will cook these for a minute and a half
until they are soft.
These vegetables are cooking in 2 tablespoons
of olive oil.
We’re turning the fire off and we’ll let the
vegetables sit while we mix the rest of the
Now, for the rest of the meatloaf, we’re going
to add the ground beef to the turkey meat.
We’re going to mix them. It’s best to do it
with your hands to mix everything well.
And then we’ll add the dried bread crumbs.
They will help bind it together.
We’re going to add one whole egg.
We’ll add all of the seasonings; the salt,
pepper, cayanne, and oregano.
Mix everything with a fork.
Now we’ll add the
sauteed vegetables from earlier.
Continue to mix everything until well blended.
Once everything is totally mixed, add one
teaspoon of worcestershire sauce.
Bring a baking pan in. Pour the meat into
the pan.
Shape it into a traditional style loaf.
Now add the meatloaf to a preheated 350 degree
And bake for 45 minutes.
Now for our final step, we’ll add a ketchup
The ketchup gives the meatloaf a nice crust.
Once the layer of ketchup has been added to
the meatloaf, we’ll place it in the oven for
ten additional minutes.
After ten minutes, the meatloaf is ready.
Let’s allow it to cool for four minutes before
we start cutting.
I’ve added the meatloaf to our plate of steamed
cabbage and rice.
Hope you enjoy!
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Randall Smitham