March 30, 2020
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Hi guys. We’re back again in this video.
We’re gonna talk about two things to focus on to rid diabetes type 2, okay? Out
of all the things that you can do, there are two things that are the most
important. The first question is, what is diabetes type 2? It’s a problem with
insulin. It’s actually too much insulin. Type 1 is not enough insulin, but type 2
is too much insulin. So what is insulin? Insulin is a carbohydrate hormone. So
it’s a hormone that regulates carbs. So the two big things and there’s a lot of
things that can trigger insulin. The two big things are number one, consuming
sugar AND frequent eating. So if we take a look at sugar and frequent eating. So
which one of these do you think is more important to focus on, okay? It’s this one
right here. Frequent eating. So if you, if you actually just make this one change
and you eat less frequent and let’s say you do two meals a day. Some people even
do one meal a day or even three meals a day, no snacking you will see more change
than if you cut off the sugar and kept eating all day long, okay?
So this is the most important thing right here to focus on. This is the
second most important thing to focus on. Now if you do these in combination, it is
very, very powerful. But the problem is that people, in their mind, they don’t
realize what sugar is. They think, oh just added sugar. No, I’m talking about
all the foods that turn into sugar very fast. Like the breads, the pasta, cereal,
the crackers, the biscuits, the waffles, the pancakes, the muffins. It’s hard to go
anywhere without running into sugar. I mean I was at the grocery store the
other day and I saw this wall of Gatorade, you know. It’s all sugar water,
sports drinks. It’s everywhere. Juice, alcohol, there’s a lot of hidden carbs
and social events, birthday parties. I mean it’s in popcorn, and chips, and
potatoes. It’s everywhere. So you really have to just be aware of what sugar is
or what a high-glycemic food is and start to cut that down to the point
where you keep it really, really low. And then frequent eating, that’s another
challenge too, because all you’re doing is you’re spiking insulin and then
what’s happening, the insulin is bringing the sugars down now you’re going to be
hungry again. So you want to gradually phase into this.
Now I created a real simple, easy, fast mini-course down below. You could click
that and just learn how to do this. Where I combined everything at once. So you’ll
see huge changes just by tweaking these two things right here. Alright? So if
you focus on that, that’s going to be your greatest tool to overcome diabetes.
Thanks for watching. Hey, thank you so much for watching. Keep spreading
the word and share this video.

Randall Smitham