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Ultra high fat Ketogenic recipes  Chocolate Fat Bomb

How to make a Chocolate Fatbomb
First you will need a medium saucepan,
a glass bowl, a glass measuring jug,
a spatula, a knife, and a tablespoon,
a meat thermometer, a measuring scales,
an immersion (or any) blender
and a chopping board.
The ingredients you will need
for two servings are:
6 egg yolks, 100ml of water,
200g of beef tallow
(or any fat of your choice),
1TBSPN of cocoa powder (5g),
a pinch of salt,
5 drops of Stevia or alternatively Xylitol,
and 1 vanilla pod.
First we add the fat to the bowl.
Then we add the water to the bowl.
Then we fill up the sink
or wash bowl with cold water
to use later to cool down the fat bomb.
Now we are adding hot water to the saucepan
in order to make the water bath.
Then we add the bowl to the water bath
and we turn the hob on a medium heat.
Now we cut the vanilla pod in half
because you will only be using
half for this recipe.
What you need to do is make an incision
running through the whole length
of the vanilla pod.
You want to aim to only cut
through the top layer of the pod,
trying to leave the bottom intact.
Now you cut the end off,
using the knife to open up the vanilla pod.
While pressing your fingers
down on the vanilla pod
you firmly run the knife along the length
of the pod to remove the seeds.
You will need a plastic bag ready
for the egg whites
and a jug for the egg yolks.
You need to crack the egg over the bag
and gently tip the yolk into your hand.
The white will slowly separate
and fall through your fingers,
but you may need to give it a little shake.
To fully remove the white
you need to run it under the tap
under a gentle stream of water
while shaking your hand.
It’s easier if you hold it closer to the tap
so the water isn’t so heavy and there’s
less chance of the yolk breaking.
You need to be very very careful
because the egg yolks are so delicate.
It is advised to whisk the yolks
with a fork.
In the meantime
your mixture should’ve melted.
It needs to reach
158 Fahrenheit or 70 Celsius
which you can measure
with the meat thermometer.
Now the mixture should have reached
the right temperature.
Take the bowl off of the heat
and gradually pour
small amounts of egg into the mixture.
While you do this
you need to blend vigorously
and keep blending while the egg
is still being poured into the mixture.
This is quite a slow process
and will take about a minute or so.
Once the egg has all gone in the mixture
should turn into a creamy bubbly liquid.
Once the emulsification has taken place
you need to place the bowl
back in the saucepan
and return it to a medium heat,
blending continuously.
If it hasn’t emulsified,
it’s either too hot or too cold.
If it’s too cold place it back on the heat
and continue to blend.
If it’s curdled it’s too hot,
so take it off the heat immediately
and add VERY small amounts of cold water,
bit by bit while blending.
Once it has started to thicken up you can add
the cocoa and salt and continue to blend.
Next add the sweetener and blend thoroughly.
The mixture should now be nice and thick.
Using oven gloves
you can now transfer the Fatbomb
to your sink filled with cold water.
Now you can add the vanilla
and continue to blend.
When there’s no more froth
and the bubbles look lovely and glossy
your Fatbomb is finished.
You can leave it to cool
in the sink for 10-15 minutes.
Once the mixture has completely cooled down
you can put it into containers
using the spatula.
Enjoy your Fatbomb!
Per serving you have 105.5g of fat,
3.3g of carbs, and 8.1g of protein.
For more information on the healing effects
of the Ketogenic diet please visit Sott.net.
To find more keto-friendly recipes
please visit the Cassiopaea forum.
Links are provided below.

Randall Smitham



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    Pd: Warning, use a relatively high glass well if you do not want to leave the kitchen covered with lard