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Unhealthy Foods Pretending to be Healthy! – Mind Over Munch!

(upbeat music) – Hey munchies, new and old, I’m Alyssia. We all want healthy to be easier and packaged food makes life easier. There are some healthier packaged options but a lot of packaged food items are just pretending to be healthy. I am giving you the rundown on 15 of those right now but trust
me, there are way more. That is why it’s important
that you learn how to read the labels and
determine for yourself. We cannot trust health claims. In fact, if a food package
is making a health claim, it’s usually a bad sign. First up: Banana chips. Noo! These are so good. The upside is that they
are made of bananas and therefore contain the
fiber, iron, magnesium and potassium that bananas offer. The downside: they’re often deep fried and include flavor enhancers and sugar. Instead, try home made banana
chips cooked in the oven. I do have an episode, if
you want to check that out and I have linked it in the description. Gluten free snacks and breads, the upside: many people, not just those
with gluten intolerance or sensitivity, can find
it hard to digest gluten. The downside is that in processed foods, when something is removed,
another thing is usually added. So, gluten free items can contain a lot of refined additives that
are essentially depleted of nutrients, and they’re no
healthier than any other snack. Instead, try a home
made, or cleaner snack. One with less ingredients
and more whole grains even if it does contain wheat
or gluten, will be healthier for most than a refined and
processed gluten free option. Ezekiel bread for
instance, is a clean bread that is not completely gluten free but will do our bodies more justice than a gluten free, processed variety. Dried fruit. The upside: they are fruit. But the downside, they’re
often coated in sugar and to protect them from
mold and to keep their color, they are treated with
preservatives and additives. Instead, make your own. I’ve linked a few videos where
I show drying out the fruit in the oven in the description. Or even better, go for fresh fruit. Yogurt. The upside:
yogurt contains probiotics that can be great for gut health. The downside: most commercial
varieties are loaded with sugar and contain little protein. Greek varieties are
better when it comes to a protein balance, but they
can still pack on the sugar. Greek does not mean healthy. Instead, use plain Greek
yogurt with fresh fruit and add a drizzle of honey. Instant oatmeal packets. The
upside: They are convenient and do contain oaty goodness. So, even quick cooking oats
can be a healthy choice. The downside: these packets
are often a very small serving with more sugar than anything else. Instead, make your own home made packets. I show how in a meal prep video
linked in the description. Agave, oh my. The upside of agave is
it tastes pretty good and I guess it comes from a plant, but so do coffee beans, and it
doesn’t make it a vegetable. It’s far from natural. The downside: agave is
actually extremely processed and there’s more fructose
in agave than almost any other sweetener, even
high fructose corn syrup. Instead, try almost any other natural or raw liquid sweetener, but the truth is they should all be consumed
in limited amounts. I discuss agave and other sweeteners in my sweeteners 101 video. Brown rice syrup. The
upside: it’s made from rice. It seems natural and healthy,
and it contains glucose but no refined fructose which is good. The downside: it’s very
high on the glycemic index, meaning it will spike
blood sugar super fast. Not to mention it’s extremely refined and contains no essential nutrients. It’s empty calories. Instead, like we mentioned previously, another natural liquid sweetener or even a no calorie sweetener, regardless, the goal should be moderation with all sweeteners, sugar filled or not. Vegan mayo, or store
bought mayo all together. The upside: there isn’t
really an upside to be honest. What makes mayonnaise
unhealthy isn’t the eggs or cholesterol or saturated fat, it’s actually the inflammatory oils. The downside: inflammatory
oils exist in regular and vegan mayonnaise options. What’s worse is that vegan mayo options, like many other fake vegan
foods, are often more processed. Some variations contain MSG in disguise and many contain brown
rice syrup or soy protiens which aren’t doing our
bodies any good either. Instead, try making your own clean avocado or olive oil mayo. You can avoid inflammatory oils and sugar. I do this almost weekly, and
it’s a great clean option. I actually have a video of me making this on my instagram highlights. Also, if any of you are
wanting to learn more about inflammation and inflammatory foods, I have a course called
Conquer Inflammation. You can get it at
inflammation course dot com, I will link it in the description. It’s completely free and
it teaches you all about inflammation and how to start to remove inflammatory foods from your diet. Next up, we’ve got low net
carb, high fiber supplements. So the upside: for most
people, these can help keep the total carb counts down
and get into protein. The downside: most of
the fiber supplements used do not create a
universal blood sugar response meaning, different people
respond to them differently. Some people can absorb the fiber
and those high fiber syrups just like regular carbohydrates,
it just sort of depends on the person and their
own carbohydrate tolerance. Also, many companies keep
the net carb count low by adding synthetic
fibers that don’t provide the same benefits as
natural dietary fibers from whole grains and
fruits or vegetables. Instead, try whole foods. Most of us don’t need
supplements to get enough protein and if we are in a pinch,
there are still plenty of cleaner options for energy or fuel. That doesn’t mean that you
shouldn’t ever eat protein bars, it just means to really be
mindful about what’s in them and why you’re consuming them. If you’re finding this video helpful, please subscribe for
new videos every week. Now is the time. Rice cakes. The upside:
they’re low in calories and a great vessel for
spreads or toppings. The downside: they’re
typically made with white rice which is digested quickly
and can spike blood sugar and insulin, meaning you’re more likely to store it as fat than burn it. Instead, try a less processed
or even home made seed or whole grain cracker. They may have more calories, but they’ll have more nutrients too. If you must have rice cakes, then get one that’s made
with 100% brown rice or a whole grain option, but recognize that they are still very much so processed foods. I’ve linked videos with my
homemade crackers below, too. Superfood powders. The upside: they do provide nutritional benefits. The downside: they’re pretty
much a waste of money. So, not only are they expensive, but they aren’t giving
you much more nutrition than regular fruits and vegetables
that you can buy locally. Almost all fruits and veggies contain antioxidants
and fight inflammation and you know they aren’t processed. Some contain added sugar, too. Instead: whole fruits and
veggies, fresh or frozen. Don’t get me wrong, if
you love adding these to your smoothie, they
probably aren’t going to hurt, but they might not help as
much as you’re hoping either. Couscous. The upside: it tastes delicious. The downside: did you know that it’s actually just refined wheat? Essentially like a processed white pasta? Noo! You have to actually to buy
a true whole wheat variety to make sure it’s whole
grain, or better yet, try a more nutritious option,
like quinoa or bulgur wheat. Veggie burgers. The upside: you
can enjoy a burger meatless. The downside: they’re often
loaded with over processed proteins and soy products,
lacking vegetables and rarely healthy. Instead, if you aren’t eating
meat but will eat fish, consider a tuna or salmon patty. If you want to go meatless all together, go for a home made or at
least a cleaner variety with less ingredients
using actual vegetables, legumes or quinoa. Smoothies. The upside:
they can be a great way to get in fruits,
vegetables, and nutrients. The downside, buying them
at a restaurant or store almost ensures a sugar overload
with far less nutrition. Instead, make your own so
that you’re in control of what goes in, especially
that sugar content. Thumbs up if you want
more smoothie recipes. Last but not least, pretzels. The upside: now, they are lower in fat than fried potato chips. The downside: other than
that, they’re pretty much the same as other fried snacks. They’re higher in sodium,
nutritionally empty, made with white flour,
corn syrup, and corn oil. Instead, go for a potato or
sweet potato chip that’s baked or if you’re really feeling nutritious, vegetable or kale chips. Just watch out for those inflammatory oils if you aren’t making your own. So, that is my limited list of foods pretending to be healthy. We could go on and on and remember, I’m not telling you to
not eat these foods, I’m encouraging you to be mindful that these are some of the foods
often trying to trick you and it’s up to you to
be aware and read labels and make the right decisions for you. If you want a chance to win
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those sneaky health claims, it’s all a matter of mind over munch.

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