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Universal Supplements Review Adrenal Switch – Switch Nutrition

Welcome to another Universal supplements
product review with Stu and Sharna. We try and keep these videos less than five
minutes guys, we keep it simple and not too technical and just remember these
are our personal opinions about the products. We are supplement users
ourselves and every single product that we talk about we have actually tried
ourselves, so you can be sure that we’re giving our honest opinion about the
product. At the end of these videos we’re going to give the product a score out of
10 to give you a bit of an idea of what we really thought about the product. The
product that we’re going to do today is adrenal switch by switch nutrition and
this is one that’s very close to my heart.
It’s probably the first switch nutrition product that I ever used. I love this
stuff. This is one of my staples guys. Sharna tell us a little bit more about
adrenal switch. Ok so adrenal switch is designed to switch off your stress and switch on your
recovery. So it’s basically an anti cortisol anti stress product. it’s
gonna help relieve your adrenal system, so it’s really good for
anyone stressed out at the office and for all their stressed out moms out there.
Myself included, and as with all the switch products I absolutely love the taste of these products. They’re really yum. So that’s right Sharna they do taste
great. I think in one of our other videos about I believe it was thermal
switch, I mentioned that I didn’t like the black currant apple flavor. That’s
not actually a flavor that they make in the thermal switch. That’s actually in this
product so the black currant Apple, not my personal favorite but that’s just
because I don’t generally like black currant anyway. but an absolutely
phenomenal product. It’s great for those guys who have been using pre-workouts
for a long long time and have really trashed that adrenal system. It’s going to really
help to recover that and then when you do go back to taking your heavy stim pre
workouts, you’re going to feel like you’re taking it for the first time
again and the other thing is it also helps you sleep. Which is really
important you know, a lot of our muscle growth and recovery happens during our
sleep time. So sleeps hugely important for anyone who’s trying to transform
their body. I think it’s probably time that we gave our scores you out of
10. So let’s get those ready Sharna. Let me quickly just get sorted here.
All right so ready, one, two, three… Guys I’m giving adrenal switch a 10 out
of 10 as I said this is one of my staple products. I absolutely love it I
think I’ll use it forever yep 10 as well. My absolute number one favourite product. Awesome guys thanks again. I hope you enjoyed watching
our review of adrenal switch by switch nutrition.

Randall Smitham



  1. Eye Control Posted on July 3, 2019 at 12:17 pm

    Does this have any side effects like liver toxicity or heartburn?