February 25, 2020
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Universal Supplements Review Keto Switch – Switch Nutrition

Welcome to another Universal supplements
product review. These product reviews, we’re going to keep them less than five
minutes long, we’re going to keep it simple and not too technical. These are
just the our personal opinions, so you know we actually use supplements
ourselves. It’s just what we thought of the product; how does it work for us, how do
we like the taste, all that sort of thing. and each product that we review we’re
going to give a score out of ten at the end. So today’s product that we’re going
to talk about is keto switch by switch nutrition. So Sharna is going to kick us
off. What it is keto switch Sharna? So keto switch is an exogenus ketone formula. Thats gonna basically mean for you that is going to help you burn more fat, its going to increase your energy, enhance brain function and guys it tastes absolutely amazing. it does taste phenomenal. So my favorite one in the keto switch is
actually the peach mango. I pretty much live off this stuff now. So originally I
just tried it so that we could make this video and I’d be able to give it a fair
rating, but now it’s part of my supplement regime. So it’s absolutely
awesome stuff. The other few things that it does do guys; it’s going to lower
inflammation, it’s going to control blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity and
fight cravings. So a product that does some amazing things, with an amazing taste.
and I suppose you want to see what we’re going to rate it. So we’re gonna
give you our ratings now, Sharna get ready. Hang on let me get my get my
cards ready here, so… ready, 1, 2, 3, I give it a 9 out of 10 I’m giving this one a 10 out of 10 Okay so Sharna really loves the keto switch guys.
If you want to buy keto switch we’ve got a link at the bottom of this video.
Yeah, so jump onto our website and grab yourself a keto switch by switch

Randall Smitham