March 29, 2020
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Welcome to another Universal supplements
product review. Guys these reviews, we’re going to keep them less than five
minutes long, we’re going to keep it simple not too technical. These are just
our personal opinions on the product guy so we actually use the supplements
that we’re talking about. We’ve at least tried them. We don’t necessarily use them
all the time but we’ve at least given them a go, given them a taste and see how they work
for us. So you know that when we give you a review
it’s our honest opinion. Each product we’re going to give a score out of ten
at the end of the video and today’s product that we’re going to be talking
about is thermal switch by switch nutrition. One of our favorite brands
here Universal. Sharna tell us a little bit more about thermal switch. Ok so thermal switch is primarily a thermogenic fat burner but it’s also going to really give your metabolism a good boost. It’s going to give you energy and again the taste of these switch products is absolutely amazing. yeah so they do taste great guys as we’ve said in previous videos. Switch products are all phenomenal
tasting. For me I’m not actually a huge fan of the black currant apple, but
that’s just a personal preference. I’m not a black currant guy. So other than
that the flavors are absolutely unreal. The other thing is this does control
your appetite, it’s going to enhance your focus as well and it’s also packed full
of antioxidants. It’s a really great all-around product and I think it’s time
for us to give you our scores out of 10. So are you ready Sharna?
alright so ready, set, go! I’m going to give it a 9 out of 10 guys which is one
of my favorite products by switch nutrition. absolutely
unreal. I’m giving it an 8 and a half. Alright so there you have a guys, 9
from a 8 and a half from Sharna. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching our review
of thermal switch by switch nutrition.

Randall Smitham