April 7, 2020
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hey guys welcome to Protein Treats today
we are making old fashioned vanilla milkshakes and they’re going to be creamy and thick
and delicious and you’re not going to believe how healthy it is so let’s get
started all right you are gonna need one cup of your favorite milk so I’m using
an unsweetened soy milk but you can use almond milk or coconut milk or even skim
milk if you want I tend not to use that because of the sugar content and then to
make mine extra creamy I actually have a quarter cup of whipping cream so you can
leave that out if you want but I put it in because I like that little bit of fat
and it makes it taste so delicious I’ve got a cup of ice ready to go here and
then I have two scoops of my vanilla Nutralean and that’s it that’s all we
need we’re going to dump it all into the mixer here and get going okay now that we have everything in our
blender we’re just going to get the lid on really nice and tight here make sure
our blenders actually turned on now you can use any kind of blender obviously
i’m using my vitamix but you can use a ninja or a cuisinart or really any kind
of blender that you want the big thing is it has to be able to chop through ice
other than that you’re good to go oh it smells so good so creamy and so
delicious look at this oh absolutely perfect I think we should have someone
come in and give it a little try and see how it tastes all right how does it
taste how does it taste does it taste good does it taste like you want to
drink it all oh you’re leaving with it alright guys that’s how easy it is to
make an old fashioned milkshake it’s delicious it’s full of protein it’s full
of fiber and it is so creamy and delicious you’re gonna love it see you
guys next week

Randall Smitham