February 18, 2020
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Let’s cook then? Veg Manchurian! The main ingredient of Veg Manchurian is only one and that is, spring onion! The more you add, the less it is. Rolling.. And.. Action! When the government changes in every country some kind of people are in favour of it and some are not in favour of it. When in China, the Emperor came, The people from Hakka, were removed from the country China So the people from Hakka were primarily, Traders. And they went to different different places. So one “Hakka Tribe” reached India with a trader called “Tong Atchew’ There was a place near Kolkata, over there they made their own small village of 50-60 people. Later on “Tong Atchew” lived his entire life there, his remains are also found there. That place today, is known as “Achipur”. And near “Achipur”, “Tangda” settled down. And the foundation of Indian Chinese food was laid in Tangda. And in Tangda, is where many dishes were born that don’t exist in China or did not exist in India. And that’s Indian Chinese Food. And “Veg Manchurian” is one of those dishes. So, first and the most important thing is Spring Onions. After that, Cabbage After that, remove the stalk. And then pressed it flat. After making it flat, finely chop. So the most important part in chinese food, is the cutting. Because, if cutting is not proper, the chinese food will never turn out nice. And Here we go You know a lot of people ask me why is cleaver and chopper used in making chinese. Right? There are many reasons. The most important reason is its blade, Right? The finer you want to chop, the knife and blade should have that much weight. Because the more pressure you apply, more the knife will be crooked. If the knife has its own heaviness, it will glide down on its own. So, Chinese cleaver looks very heavy and thick. But the finer you can chop using a chinese cleaver, you cannot chop using a normal knife. Because, the weight and the gravity helps. The word “Manchurian” is original. It’s not like, it just arrived form no where. There’s a place called “Manchuria” It’s between Mongolia, North China & Russia. There’s a region in between them known as “Manchuria” And in Manchuria Manchu Dynasty or Manchu people live. It’s said that the food there is very Royal. But in the food served there, there is barely any vegetarian dish. That means, everything that they eat is Non-vegetarian. And sometimes raw. Whether it’s raw meat or raw fish. So it’s impossible for this recipe to reach India from there. Now from here, we can do two things. One is, to cook in my way. My way is to add salt in this and leave it till it leaves its water. I will strain that water and after that I will use this. And second way is the way Pallavi makes it. Pallavi, my wife. Pallavi has worked under a very big Chef. Chef Pempa. Who has been cooking Chinese food since 1971. So let’s cook the way Chef Pempa does. Here it goes. All 3 colors are done. Cornstarch Oh, I forgot Ginger. Ranveer Singh Brar.. Ginger! Ok so now what do I add I didn’t add salt. So, here goes the salt. Alright, here goes the white pepper. Now, my special earthen jar. Ok, don’t add too much water. Ok? You know why? Because, cornstarch doesn’t soak water anyway. See, that’s the most important part of a Manchurian. That the vegetables should be more than the batter. What a lot of people do this, make a lot of batter and add vegetables to it and make fritters (pakoda) out of it. Manchurian is not a Fritter (Pakoda) Right? So here if you see, there are more vegetables and the batter is just for Binding. It is just for Binding. Nice! So this is ready for the Main course. I’ll make some small as well for the starter. This is a good color, there is no use of giving more color than this. If you give more color than this, then there the outer layer will have bitterness. It will all become bitter, then the sauce will also taste bitter the manchurian will also taste bitter and you’ll say “Ranveer didn’t tell us”. So this is Quenelle shaped Manchurian We will use this as a starter. Let’s begin the gravy then! Come one! So, we’ll have to appreciate one thing that the people from China, who settled in Tangda, they understood the Palette of Indians And they understood that everyone likes coriander, everyone likes onion, everyone likes boneless food, everyone likes eating sweet and sour food. So keeping all this in mind, they created their dishes. For example, Manchurian is primarily a sweet and sour dish with lots of coriander and green onions sauce. Which sits right on the sweet spot of the Indian Palette. That is being a smart Chef. All the chopped veggies Soya Sauce Vinegar And i’ll take out little bit of this spice mix to use later for dry Manchurian. So if you’re making Chicken Manchurian, use chicken stock. If you’re making Veg Manchurian, use vegetable stock. Sugar which means the box, that doesn’t open! This box gets me insulted everytime! Everytime! It opened! Got me insulted and then opened! And on the other side, cornstarch slurry. So, cornstarch and water. Coriander And Spring onions And as soon as this comes to a boil, we’ll just put the slurry and we’re good to go! So the gravy doesn’t have to be too thick, yeah? This is a good thickness. This And Come on, now Very little water Here we go! Nice! Go make your own! By the way, did you Subscribe yet? No, please do!

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