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[google translate] arancini, Italian
[lauren] arancini.
[google translate] arancini, Italian.
[lauren] hey everyone, it’s lauren from hot for food and we’re cooking again, just for you!
[lauren] now today i was inspired by some leftover cauliflower that i had in my fridge that i needed to use up
[lauren] and you know how much we love cauliflower.
[lauren] actually, you love cauliflower!
[lauren] you love our cauliflower wings, our cauliflower tacos, our cauliflower sandwich!
[lauren] but now, i’m gonna show you how to make CAULIFLOWER ARANCINI!
[lauren] you know like, risotto balls?
[lauren] so cauliflower rice is all the rage for people who don’t like eating carbohydrates, or grains or something.
[lauren] and i don’t really like cauliflower rice on its own,
[lauren] but as a deep-fried arancini, it’s delicious!
[lauren] we’re gonna start by making our vegan mozzarella cheese sauce
[lauren] that we used on the margarita pizza way back in time.
[lauren] and that’s gonna be the base for the binder of the arancini,
[lauren] along with panko breadcrumbs and some seasonings.
[lauren] so the first thing we are going to do is pulse this cauliflower.
[lauren] you need about 5 cups of florets, which is about half of a head of cauliflower, depending on the size.
[lauren] we’re gonna pulse it in a food processor and you need to do that cos you need to get it very finely ground up.
[lauren] also, add in some garlic into this.
[lauren] so there’s your cauliflower rice. it should be very fine.
[lauren] in another bowl, you’re gonna take 3 cups of panko breadcrumbs and
[lauren] combine it with basil, oregano, sea salt and pepper.
[lauren] so to make the cheese sauce, we’re gonna use cashews.
[lauren] soy milk, tapioca starch, nutritional yeast, salt, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar.
[lauren] so you’re gonna blend this until it’s very smooth
[lauren] then pour it into a saucepan and heat it up until it’s thickened.
[lauren] you’ll also have to whisk it pretty constantly.
[lauren] as soon as you notice it’s thick, remove it from the heat.
[lauren] now add all the cheese sauce to the cauliflower rice.
[lauren] you’re gonna add a thickened flax egg.
[lauren] then you’re gonna take 1 and a half cups of the breadcrumb mixture and combine it with the cauliflower rice mixture
[lauren] and the other portion will be used to bread the arancini.
[lauren] now combine everything together.
[lauren] then you’re gonna form balls and you’re gonna use a scant quarter cup for each ball.
[lauren] it should stick together nicely like this, not too much handling.
[lauren] and then coat in breadcrumbs,
[lauren] and set them aside on a tray and you can form them all, then deep-fry them in batches.
[lauren] well there they are! CAULIFLOWER ARANCINI!
[lauren] with marinara sauce that i bought, did not make from scratch.
[lauren] but you can do either.
[lauren] i also added some fresh basil into the sauce just to make it look like i made it, so that’s a little tip!
[lauren] we have a marinara sauce somewhere on the blog so i’ll link it below.
[lauren] as well as the full recipe for the cauliflower arancini.
[lauren] now i did test these way back when i created this and baked them. i didn’t love them baked,
[lauren] they don’t hold as well and they don’t get as crispy, of course.
[lauren] but by all means, you people that don’t like frying, be my guest.
[lauren] i would still spray them with some oil.
[lauren] otherwise you’re gonna get a weird, light-coloured, not very brown, uneven arancini.
[lauren] these are light and delicious. slightly cheesy, it’s not an overwhelming cheese taste or anything.
[lauren] but creamy from the cashews.
[lauren] you could um- oh my god, i’m making a mess.
[lauren] you could fry them like this and if you wanna reheat them, just put them in the oven.
[lauren] but they keep pretty well and they don’t get too soggy.
[lauren] so much lighter than real risotto balls!
[lauren] but i love risotto too.
[lauren] speaking of which, i also have a cauliflower mushroom sage risotto
[lauren] on if you’d rather try that.
[lauren] so i’ll link that in the description as well so make sure you click the description
[lauren] all the links to the recipes are there.
[lauren] and this is just delightful!
[lauren] so tasty!
[lauren] alright, let me know what you think of this recipe for vegan cauliflower arancini.
[lauren] leave us a comment below, give us a thumbs up,
[lauren] share the video on social media with your family, friends and anyone you’re trying to convince to go more plant-based or vegan.
[lauren] and i look forward to your comments and i’ll see you next week.
[lauren] we post here every wednesday on hot for food.
[lauren] subscribe to the channel, we’re @hotforfood on instagram, twitter, we’re also on facebook!
[lauren] we’re always posting on instastories, some behind the scenes, some made up recipes?
[lauren] and uhh, that’s it! happy cooking, happy eating! love you all, tata!

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