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Vegan Chinese BBQ Take-Away – High Protein Meal Prep | The Wicked Kitchen | S2 • E9

Welcome to “The Wicked Kitchen”. Today I’m gonna show you how to make some Chinese barbecue tofu. This stuff is amazing, it smells great, high in protein, meal prep style, and gluten-free. I’m gonna share with you some techniques to really up your tofu game. [energetic rock music] All right, today I’m gonna
show you some really cool techniques of how to cook tofu. We’re gonna start with, I have some pre-cooked white rice. I have some extra-firm tofu, that’s what works best for this dish, so the firmest tofu you can get. Also some green beans, I’m doing some of the new Wicked Kitchen sesame togarashi, and also some of the new Wicked Kitchen Chinese inspired barbecue sauce. I’m gonna make this gluten-free. So we’re gonna use rice flour and a little bit of corn flour mixed, and I’m gonna show you how to blend that, and we’re gonna cook it off. So, let’s get started. All right, so, first thing you’re gonna do is take the tofu and
carefully rip it apart. All right, so you want
about bite-sized pieces, and you wanna keep ’em so
they’re all together in one. Try not to have little stragglers. So some of it will fall apart easy, some of it might be a little bit harder. This might be a little
too big, so, like that. And what this does is
it gives the illusion when it’s a finished dish, like it’s a chicken
product or a pork product that we used to eat. So I just do this with all of it, whoops. [lighthearted guitar music] All right, so you should be
able to get a good amount out of each one, and then I put ’em all into the bowl. And you gotta be somewhat delicate with it because you don’t want ’em breaking apart. And there is a little bit of moisture. This is how it was. I haven’t pressed tofu, I’m not a big fan of doing the extra step of pressing tofu like I’ve seen. So just the firmer you
can buy, the better. All right so once all the tofu is ripped apart and in the bowl, I’m gonna add just a touch of soy milk just to add a little bit more liquid. So this is gonna help
with the breading of it, so it’ll help it stay on it. And I just drizzle a little bit on it. This takes the place of the normal wet, dry, wet, dry method that I was taught when I was younger. So we have the tofu here. I have another bowl. I’m just gonna add, this is the rice flour. So I’m gonna about a cup of that. All right, just about that much. And then also a cup of the
corn flour, or corn starch. And then I’m gonna add a little bit of the sesame togarashi. So I wanna flavor the seasoning. The sauce is gonna add
that extra stickiness, and really flavor it, but I also wanna flavor the, [scoffs] Blech, I want to season the flour, because I want some depth in there. So I’m gonna about a quarter
of the sesame togarashi, and this is delicious. Smells amazing. And I’m gonna a little
bit more garlic salt, probably about a teaspoon of that, sorry, it’s granulated
garlic, not garlic salt. All right, and then
I’m gonna stir that up. All right. I’m also gonna add some black pepper. A good amount, so probably a tablespoon. And then a little bit of salt, just, like, a teaspoon. Stir it up. [bouncy jazz music] So then, all we do, is take
a couple pieces at a time, maybe three, could do four. And just shake it up a little bit so they come out like that. It’s nice and coated. And then I just place
it on the baking sheet. So you’re just gonna repeat that process until it’s all done. So a quick helpful tip is you can, this method and this
process of cooking the tofu, you can do this batter, you
can do it with a regular flour, you can do it with corn meal, you can create different
combinations for different flavors. So, this is just the technique. I just really want you
to get the technique because then you can start playing with the different ingredients and really making different dishes, so I think that’s one of the best things. And it’s probably one
of my biggest problems as far as deciding what I’m gonna cook because there’s so many variations. And they all taste amazing. It’s just what suits you, and what you wanna play with that day. All right, so, next step. I pre-heated the oven to
200 degrees celsius, fan, so that’s convection. So in the U.S. it’s 400
degrees on convection. I’ve lit the cast iron pan, so that’s on a medium high heat. And we’re gonna get that nice and hot, and what we’re gonna do
is shallow fry these, pan fry ’em. So there is a little bit
of oil in this recipe. And we’ll just add right to the pan. And I wanna add enough so it’s definitely gonna get all sides. I don’t need a ton of it,
but I do need some in there. So we’ll let that heat up. I wanna test how hot the oil is, so I wanna make sure it’s hot. And you can tell when it
starts bubbling up like that when you add just a drop of liquid to it. [tongs clacking] Okay. So I place these each. [oil sizzling] Now remember, because it’s gas, the heat is on the outside. So I’m gonna put most of
the pieces on the outside. So we’re gonna fry like this probably for a minute or so, and then rotate it on all sides to make sure it’s all golden crispy. So one of the things to note is that when it’s really clean oil, it doesn’t get as brown
as I would like it. As opposed to, like, oil
that’s already been used. So I try to save the oil
in a separate jar at home, and then I’ll just keep
reusing it over and over again until I can’t reuse it,
just for the color of it. And the flavor, it just adds that extra, and because there’s no
animals in it, I can do that. Another tip for you. It’s starting to get nice and a little bit of brown. Golden brown there. Just turning ’em all over. And whenever I make this dish, my mouth starts to water, ’cause I know how good this is. It already looks amazing. So you just wanna make sure
you’re getting all sides. Sometimes what I’ll do is I’ll
put ’em all towards the end and just make sure they all
get submerged like this. Just to make sure it’s
covering all corners. All bits. And that looks good. So then from this part, when you know they’re done, and they’re nice and
golden brown like they are, I just put ’em on, place them carefully onto a paper towel. Set this aside and start the next batch. [oil sizzles] Just finish up the batch, and then you set this
oil aside to cool down before you do anything else with it. After it’s drained a little bit, it’s really crispy, it’s amazing. I mean, you can eat it just like this. It is super tasty. All right, so next step, we’re
gonna be doing green beans. So I really enjoy green beans, it’ll look good with
this, it tastes amazing, but these ones are really big. So after you snip ’em, the tops off, I’m gonna take these and just line ’em up and slice ’em really quick. [upbeat music] Just on a slight angle. Add ’em back in here. Now I heated, I’m heating
up another cast iron pan so we’ll use that to cook these off in. But first, add a little bit
of sesame oil for flavor. Just like half a teaspoon. I’m gonna add some of
the sesame togarashi. Just a little bit. Maybe like half a teaspoon. And some salt and pepper. Right to this. And then toss it. Make sure it’s all coated with the little bit of oil we have. And this should smell from
the sesame and the togarashi, it should have some amazing smells which it does here. I really wish we had the
ability to smell things from watching this. So when that pan is hot, I’m just gonna add just a drop of oil. Just to make sure that pan, and then I’m just gonna twirl it around. It won’t cover it all ’cause
there’s not a lot in there. I’m gonna crank up the heat for a minute. Make sure the pan’s hot. [oil sizzles] Good. And the just add the
green beans right to it. [lighthearted guitar music] So guys, because I am a huge
fan on big, bold flavors, I’m gonna a little bit of on,
ah, onion [scoffs], garlic. Little baby bulb. So I have two garlic cloves. And I’m just gonna slice that. Super thin. So pretty much, just slices. [pan sizzling] So what I’m looking for
with the green beans is I wanna cook it on the hot pan, very little bit of oil,
it’s already seasoned, and I’m looking to get some brown, some browning on each side. We’re gonna finish this off in the oven, so you don’t have to worry about cooking it fully and entirely. So the beans are looking good. Cook ’em for an about,
three, four minutes. Now I’m gonna add the garlic. When I add the garlic, have
your baking sheet ready. Parchment paper’s all ready to go. Stir in that garlic. Give it a quick shake. And then shut off the heat, now I’m gonna transfer it. Man, that smells delicious. I have a big bowl. I’m gonna add the tofu to the bowl. Whoops. And then we have the sauce. So this is the Chinese
inspired barbecue sauce that we’re doing with Wicked. You just add the sauce right to it. Get all that. I’m gonna add just a little drizzle of the sesame oil, just
for that added flavor. And then toss it up. If you want, you can use a spoon, just to make sure they’re all coated. I mean, that color is amazing. And it smells so good, so I’m really looking forward to this. And I just spread ’em
out so they cook evenly. So we’re gonna take this
and bake it in the oven for 10 minutes before serving. So you wanna take some, I have some pre-cooked
rice, right, you can, we have the best ever
rice recipe right up here if you wanna use that. You can use brown rice,
you can use white rice. Today we’re using white. And I’m just gonna add this to the meals because we’re doing a meal prep. So it’s been 10 minutes,
let’s grab it out of the oven. All right, you guys, this looks amazing. Look at that. What I wanna do is take
some of the green beans, we’ll put the green beans right here. And we’ll just place
the tofu right in here. This is just like Chinese takeaway. A little bit of that extra sauce. So to finish ’em up, I just add a little bit of black and white sesame seeds for garnish. Makes it look beautiful,
give it that extra snap. So there you go, guys, this is my Chinese style
barbecue tofu and rice. Awesome. Enjoy it. Thank you for watching. See you soon. [energetic rock music] Come on, I gotta cook! [laughs] Just turn it. Everybody’s gonna think I cook slow because you’re asking me to
slow down and everything. [chuckles] All right, I’m
gonna put it on the plate.

Randall Smitham



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