April 9, 2020
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hey ! today I want to show you three easy,
vegan and comforting recipes you can make at home. it’s getting pretty
cold here in Europe and I’m pretty sure in North America and other parts of the
world too! today I want to show you, you don’t have to feel guilty about finding
comfort in food, we all do it! and you can make really healthy recipes too! so these
are three recipes I really like to make: we have a creamy pasta with the bomb
sour cream I talked to you about on my insta story for ages, yeah it’s in this video!
then we have a soup recipe that’s from my eBook actually! and then finally we
have something like a curry or stew, something peanut buttery spicy.. it’s
really bomb tasting! all these recipes are super easy to follow, super easy to
make, and they use seasonal ingredients so you can find them in winter too!
so yeah! hope you enjoy! alright so we’re gonna start with the pasta recipe which is
pretty much just sour cream recipe ! so you’re gonna start by soaking a cup of
cashews overnight or four hours minimum. then once this is done, you can cook
the pasta with the instruction you have on the package. then, I’m using one
shallot, you could use an onion but I’m intolerant to onion, so I use a shallot
which is just as fine actually! and yeah I peel it and I chop it in
small pieces! and I forgot to remove the germ, it’s better to do it before then
after chopping.. anyways ! You just finish chopping and then you’re gonna
put it in a pan. Next I’m using some frozen capsicum because it’s not the
season at the moment, and this is just really easy! so, that’s about a cup, but if
you have fresh red capsicum it’d be good too! then I’m cooking everything without any oil or water. and I just wait that the
pepper actually sticks to the pan, and then I’m adding boiling water. That will
result in some caramelized bell pepper and so you do that for about three to
four minutes I would say or until it’s soft and brown. so, to make the sour cream you’re taking
your blender. in which you’re adding your soaked cashews – which you’ve drained
,obviously – and then the cooked capsicum in shallot. half a lemon juice. and once
again all the detailed recipe is going to be in the description box so you can
follow the exact same quantities. I’m adding vinegar, I’m adding salt, and I’m
also adding paprika obviously because this is a smoked paprika sour cream! All
right, then you just blend it and, at first it’s gonna be kind of chunky,
you’re adding water as you go until you have this really smooth consistency.
It might take maybe four to five minutes Next you drain your pasta which should
be cooked by now, and you’re adding them back into your pan, and pour the sour
cream on top and just mix that well. , just add that to your bowl and you
have a really really easy comforting meal I just really love it and I just
love that sour cream on its own too. just like, on toast and stuff! it’s delicious! I
would really suggest you try it out! Next recipe is the cheesy cauliflower soup
that’s in my ebook, I just modified it a little bit, because I didn’t have all the
ingredients! but again I’m using shallot. now, as you probably know I had an issue
with those files and I lost them and I had to recover them, and that one just
didn’t make it, so it’s just stopped here! so I’m gonna tell you what I did after
that. I chopped the garlic, and I added spices to the pan, I’m gonna put the
exact spices in the description box. and then after that I started cooking it
with a bit of water and now we’re here just cook that for about two to three
minutes. next you’re gonna take your cauliflower and you’re gonna cut about
2/3 removing the middle part like I do and then
just roughly chop that. it doesn’t have to be small, we’re just gonna cook it in
the pan. I’m using French lentils, in my original recipe it’s red lentils and
it’s better with red, but I didn’t have any so, you know, I just changed the recipe
a little ! and then adding boiling water, actually not boiling water, just
hot water. you could use stock too. then I put it on high heat and immediately
reduce it before boiling and cover it for about 20 minutes. after that I’m adding nutritional yeast, which will give the cheesy flavor and vinegar, which will
help to brighten the soup. and also two blocks of frozen coconut milk for some
creaminess! once it’s cooled a little, I add it to the blender and I just pulse
it until it’s super smooth! that’s how I like my soups, if you like chunky soups
you could just leave it like that if you want! for the cauliflower croutons, you’re
gonna use the remaining third of the cauliflower, which you’re gonna chop in
smaller bites. add it to a bowl with herbs and spices which, again, are gonna
be exactly in the description box.. but it involves maple syrup because that
gives a really nice flavor to it, and tamari sauce! just mix that well until
everything is well coated like so! then you take a baking tray which ideally
would be lined with parchment paper, which I just didn’t have so I used foil!
and you spread your cauliflower and you bake it about 20 to 25 minutes at 180C
and then it’s done! just pour your soup in your bowl and
add the crouton on top and you’re good to go! and I don’t know, the soup really looks green
here but the soup was actually more yellow I don’t know what happened with
the camera but yeah, it’s more yellow golden color rather than green! All right,
finally we’re gonna have this peanutbutter spicy stew or curry, I couldn’t
decide which word to use! Again I’m using a shallot. yep! this gives a lot
of taste to dishes! this time you want to really mince it as much as you can. then
you’re taking a block of firm tofu that you’re cubing. So I like to slice it in
half, and then slice it again just as you can see. and prior to this, I also removed
the excess water with paper towel. then I’m adding them to a pan with spices. so,
this time I’m using cumin, I’m using masala spice, cinnamon and a little bit
of chili, that’s optional. and tamari sauce! then I start to cook everything, and
magically it transforms into that! just make sure it doesn’t stick to the pan,
just like stirring it for a couple of minutes. then I take my squash and I
magically peel and cut it I add it to the pan again. and
then this time I’m adding the tomatoes, I like to use cherry tomatoes they’re just slightly better in taste I feel! then 2 cans of water. I just reused the
can of tomatoes. I mixed that well, and now it’s time to add the peanut butter
to it. so I add 1/3 of a cup of peanut butter and that’s really important. That’s like the key ingredient here, so no, you
cannot do without it! that gives a really really nice flavor
to the dish so I definitely do it and then I cover it and I’ll let it cook for
about 30 minutes after the time’s up it should be thick like this. and that’s
when you want to add the chickpeas in! and the lemon juice! and then stir that
again. and finally, I’m adding two blocks of frozen spinach you could also use
fresh spinach I just find it you’re super handy! so
that’s what I do! and this is off the heat by the way, just the final final touch
to it that’s what it looks like at the end. and
you’re gonna have plenty of leftovers for this! so I like to pair it personally
with semolina. so I add a couple of tablespoons of semolina and then I add
like, two big dollops of that stew or curry, haven’t decide! and finally I top it
with some crushed peanuts for decoration and just for taste! and voila! here you
have it it’s super delicious and it’s actually super easy to make, and you’re
gonna have plenty of leftover which is amazing news, because it’s even better
the next day ! Ok, so hope you enjoyed that video and let me know which recipe
you want to try! and also let me know in the comments, let us know in the comments,
what is your favorite comfort food recipe! and even if it’s not healthy for
example, or even if it’s not vegan I can try to recreate it for you healthily and
vegan! and if you want I can also do like a dessert edition of comfort healthy
vegan dessert, if that’s something you want! and yeah hope you have a wonderful
day or evening and hope to see you soon

Randall Smitham