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VEGAN Fast Food Choices! – McDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC, Panera & more! – Mind Over Munch

Do you have anything vegan?
Do you have any vegan options?
Do you have anything plant-based?
What’s that?
No vegan options at all?
we have lettuce.
Hey my munchies!
A few weeks ago I did a Healthy Fast Food
Choices Video,
and I had an OVERWHELMING amount of requests
for a vegan version.
Now, we need to have a quick chat.
First of all, I apologize for not having more
vegan options before—
I do always try to provide options for everyone,
but that video was structured around selecting
macro-friendly items,
and avoiding salads specifically.
With vegan options, when it comes to eating
at fast food restaurants,
that really isn’t an option.
A lot of times, the only vegan option at a
fast food place is, unfortunately,
French fries, and I couldn’t include those
in a “healthy choices” video
just because they’re “plant-based.”
Which brings me to my point:
just because something is vegan or made with
plant-based ingredients,
does not mean it is a healthier choice for
our bodies in terms of fuel.
Vegan diets can absolutely be healthy and
have many health benefits,
if you decide that’s what’s right for
but the words “vegan” and “plant-based”
are not the same thing as “nutritious”
OR “macro-friendly.”
So, for more macro-friendly options, you’ll
want to check out the previous video.
In THIS video, I’m simply going to share
some better plant-based options.
Pretty much, if I had the limitations of a
plant-based diet and was trying to stay on track,
what would I choose?
So I have got 15 restaurants that we’re
going to blow through,
I hope you enjoy it, but remember—
you’ve got to do YOU,
don’t worry about anyone else.
Thumbs up for episodes like this!
Fruit and maple oatmeal, ask for NO cream,
and a small coffee.
Beware, that maple syrup may be natural but
it is still added sugar.
You’ll notice I did not set macro-standards
to meet in this video as I did in the previous one
because with the options available, it would
have been impossible to meet them.
These are just better-for-you plant based
Burger King is very similar with it’s option:
Maple Flavored Quaker Oatmeal.
Still has added sugar, but less,
and a it’s smaller serving size.
Taco Bell
A bean burrito without cheese!
Unfortunately, the nutrition isn’t always
available for customized menu items.
Taco Bell was one of a few restaurants I will
list today where I ran into this problem.
A plain baked potato, no butter, sour cream
or cheese,
and a side garden salad with light balsamic
Worth noting: Cheese IS on this salad, but
it is not noted in the ingredients or on the website!
So it’s best to ask for it with NO cheese to be safe.
It’s also a good reminder—just because
it’s written online, doesn’t make it true,
and you can’t always trust these companies
to be accurate with nutrition.
It’s obviously not a priority for them.
A grilled market salad without chicken or
blue cheese, and a fruit cup!
A 6 inch veggie delight on 9 grain wheat,
adding mustard and avocado.
NOTE: Some of the breads at Subway DO include
milk or lactose,
like the flatbreads, which means they are
NOT vegan friendly.
Last time I noted that the plain oatmeal with
toppings on the side was an option,
and that IS a plant-based option, too.
You could also get a bagel.
The regular bagels don’t contain non-vegan
ingredients, but they also specifically,
according to their website, have a sprouted
grain vegan bagel
with a few flavor variations: plain, raisin, and blueberry.
Unfortunately, they don’t have a vegan cream
cheese, but they do have an organic avocado spread,
which will offer a fresh, savory taste to
pair with your bagel.
Not sure how well that would go with a blueberry
but hey, I’m not here to judge!
It’s important to note that Starbucks does
have a disclaimer noting that the products
may contain allergens,
which COULD mean some dairy or eggs.
It’s noted for those with allergies, but
it’s good to be aware if you follow a strictly
vegan diet.
Dunkin Donuts
This has the MOST added sugar of any of the
oatmeal at all these restaurants,
but it is plant-based.
OR a whole-wheat bagel.
The spread options are limited,
in fact, the ONLY vegan option here was jelly—
which definitely has added sugar,
but hey—it could be worse!
I did do a whole video on Chipotle, but I
didn’t touch on sofritas.
For a vegan option, try a burrito bowl with
sofritas, which is tofu,
black beans, fajita veggies, fresh tomato
salsa, guac, and lettuce.
Surprising that there’s an option at all,
but if you stick with sides, it’s manageable.
Corn on the cob, green beans, a house salad,
and the light Italian dressing.
A half portion of the seasonal greens salad
with the reduced fat balsamic vinaigrette,
and a cup of the low-fat garden vegetable
WITHOUT the pesto.
Pita Pit
Build-your-own vegan pita.
I chose a regular sized wheat pita with avocado,
red pepper hummus, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers,
and sriracha!
The website actually makes it pretty easy
to determine what’s available to you as
a vegan.
Nature’s Table
The California avocado and cucumber sandwich.
Beware—this USED to have mayo on it, which
would NOT make it vegan,
but according to the website, it no longer
Always check the website and nutrition, or
even ask the restaurant,
to make sure you’re getting what you think
you’re getting.
Pizza Hut
Say what?
Pizza without cheese?!
I have had it before and it’s actually quite
Now, is this a healthy choice without the
cheese just because it’s veggies and sauce?
Not so much with the refined grain crust…
But, it is plant-based!
Simply order a thin ‘n crispy crust, with
classic marinara and your veggies of choice!
Einstein Bros Bagels
A sourdough bagel with peanut butter as a
It’s nice that they actually offer spreads
other than cream cheese.
And that is your quick rundown of healthier
plant-based choices at 15 fast food restaurants!
If you have any vegan go-to’s at fast food
feel free to leave them in the comments below.
If you’re not vegan but are looking for
macro-friendly fast food restaurant choices,
check out my previous episode!
If you found this video helpful, please share
I appreciate you subscribing, commenting and
I will see you TOMORROW on my second NON-health
focused channel,
Eat The Pizza!
Check it out if you haven’t already,
and I will see you here next week.
AND remember, it’s all a matter of Mind
Over Munch!

Randall Smitham



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