April 7, 2020
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– You seem super thrilled with me. Do you need a bib? – No, but my heart is racing
really, really fast right now. – Well, that’s because you did,
like, four shots of espresso and didn’t thin it out. Let’s just go for it. – Do I look at you while you’re
saying it, or do I just– – You can look at them. ‘Cause, they’re… Don’t be rude. – We’ve got to look at the food. I’m gonna be honest. I’m gonna look at the food.
– I’m gonna look at the food. Hey, guys, today on the Edgy Veg, we are doing another Q&A mukbang, but I am being joined
today by my friend John. – Hi guys, I’m John. – John is a professional vegan
football player, athlete. I asked you how you
wanted to be introduced, and I didn’t go with that at all. (John chortles) This is John Rush. He’s a professional vegan athlete. – Yes. – And I thought it would
be fun to do a Q&A. So we asked you guys on
Instagram for some questions. You asked your audience
questions, I asked mine, and then we’re gonna ask
each other the questions that you guys asked. That was more confusing
than it needed to be. So I asked John what he
wanted to eat for lunch, and you said? – Dumplings. – Dumplings, so I called
my favorite dumpling place, and I pretty much just asked
them to do vegan dumplings, three different ways, so we
have some boiled dumplings, we have some pan-fried dumplings, and we have some steamed dumplings. We’ve also got… What else did we get? Spring rolls. – [John] Spring rolls, friend rice. – Fried rice without eggs, and
what is this that you wanted? – Uh, I don’t know. It was, like, garlic fried bok choy. I don’t know, it had garlic in
it, so it seemed interesting. – And they gave us a lot of
fortune cookies and chopsticks and sauces, and I made… No, I didn’t make it; you did. Way to take credit for that.
(John guffaws) I asked John to make the Hunan
dipping sauce from a cookbook because I can’t eat
dumplings without that. – It’s my first time trying
it, so super excited. – Yeah, do we just ask some questions? Yeah, you have a Home
button, and I do not. – iPhone 10’s, right? – Do I go first, or do
you want me to go first? – I mean, it’s your channel,
so I guess I’ll ask you first. – Okay.
– So the first question is from the Tiny Herbivore. Great name. “Do you have any siblings?” – I do; I have two biological
sisters, both younger, and then I have a stepbrother
and also a stepsister, and I’m the eldest. – Oh. Okay, nevermind. – What are you, the baby? You come across as the baby. – I am the baby, yeah.
– You’re the baby. Okay, I’m going straight
for the fried ones. – I kind of want the bok choy first. See what we’re working with here. – Do we need plates? No.
– No, no. Just eat it over Harley. – Oh my gosh, so good. Okay, “How do your teammates
feel about your veganism?” – That’s a really good question. Most of them are actually,
almost all of them are very interested in about how I do it. – Do you get made fun of at all? – No, not really. All the guys I play with
are all, like, my friends and stuff like that, but yeah, like, a lot of them are just,
like, super interested. In football, for the most
part, like, growing up and in high school, like,
you’re kind of taught that you need protein,
like, protein as protein, not, so they’re just like,
“Oh, eat broccoli and chicken.” And then, like, I kind of
started doing it a different way, so a lot of the guys were, like, they’re more, like, intrigued. They’re like, “Oh, like our entire lives, “it’s been protein and chicken. “Like, how are you doing it without protein?”
– Sounds really boring. – Yeah, well yeah, there’s
not a lot of ingenuity people have in cooking. But yeah, so for the
most part, they’re, like, they’re amazing. I’ve actually convinced a
couple of guys on the team to, like, try new things,
and I’ve got some guys hooked on the A&W Beyond Meat burgers,
which has been really cool. – That’s amazing. – Can I eat three at once? No, I can’t.
– Do it. – I can’t do that. – No sauce?
– Uh-uh. – What’s happening? (John mumbles with his mouth full) Cool. – All right, from Spark Alena, “What are your favorite
zero or low waste things? “And do you make homemade
zero waste things?” – Well, I have a KeepCup that I love, so, like, a reusable coffee cup made by a company called KeepCup. Also my glass straws. – I’ll try sauce. – I mean, I always have a water bottle. – That’s so better. – Uh-huh, right? I know things. – Are you a chef? (John snickers) – I’m also double-dipping, so. Deal with it. Oh, and my bamboo toothbrush. And I don’t really make
homemade zero waste things. I mean, I do kind of, if I
don’t have my KeepCup with me or it’s dirty; I’ll
use, like, a Mason jar, and I’ll bring that to the coffee shop. (cellphone rings) It’s my roommate. I’m ignoring you.
(dog barks) I mean, you learned that the one day that we were about to go get coffee. – Yeah. – And I put the coffee in a Mason jar. – Yeah. – It burned your hands off. Yeah, but that’s what I do. – You also have, like,
7,000 reusable bags. – Oh yeah, my reusable bags, yes, yeah. – ‘Cause when we went on
our Trader Joe adventure, that was interesting to see. – Harley is like, she’s
gonna sneak a dumpling. (Candice stutters) Wow. I know how to read. “I run a farm sanctuary.” Oh, I should say the person’s name. That’s why I didn’t. – Do you want me to do it? – Smother Ernest? Smug Ernest? Smugernest, we’re gonna go with that. Asked, “I run a farm sanctuary. “Could you help with an
upcoming fundraiser?” – I would love to. I should message her back. (John laughs) I didn’t read these beforehand, so I will message you after
we’re done doing this. I love, like, animal sanctuaries, and I actually want to open one, one day. – Me too. – So we could open one together. What could we name it? Like, the Edgy, no, Edgy
Rush, no, that’s just weird. Edgy Animals, ooh, that’s kind of cool. Then we can dress them up in,
like, really edgy costumes with, like, mohawks. – Like, for Halloween, or? – Just everyday. – Okay. – So yes, the answer is, “Yes, I can,” and I will message you. Are the spring rolls good? – They’re okay. – I actually had some
of the best spring rolls in my entire life when I was in Winnipeg. – Really? – Like, yeah. – I thought you were gonna say
some, like, country in Asia. – I’ve never been outside North America. – Okay, if you could… I’m going off script, here. – There you go. – Where’s the first place
outside of North America that you’re going to go? – Depends for what. ‘Cause I want to go to Thailand, but I want to do that with my friends. ‘Cause I think that would
be a really fun trip to do with just, like, five guys, and just, like, go hang out there. My brother did. I mean, he did it with his wife, but he did Thailand
and said it was unreal. But I also really want to do Europe, and, like, hike and
backpack through Europe, but I would also like to do that with just, like, one other person. So it kind of, like, depends
where I am at in my life. Definitely France, ’cause
I can speak fluent French, and Italy because my mom’s
side of the family is Italian, so it would be kind of cool to see where my grandpa was born. – Italy’s the best. – Yeah, I’ve heard unreal things about it. And then, like, Switzerland
to see, like, the Swiss Alps and a lot of those, like,
kind of Scandinavian countries would be awesome, too. I know you’re from Germany,
so I could get some tips on where to go in Germany. So, like, those are,
like, the two main places. Actually, one of my best
friends lives in Australia, too, and I would really want
to go to Australia. – They have animals
there that can kill you. – They do; that is, like, one
of the, like, yeah, I know. Maybe I won’t go there. – Spiders the size of a dinner plate. – So scratch that, sorry, James. I’m not coming to visit you because– – Fun fact about John… – Terrified of spiders. I mean, really, that’s like, something that’s fair to be afraid of. – Oh yeah, I don’t like them either. – Like, they can, like,
literally kill you. But if someone brought, like… Like, people bring, like,
exotic things, animals over all the time. Oh, you know what? I missed Harley by, like, this much. It’s on my pants. – I think it’s your turn for a question. – Oh, it is. – Have you tried any of this rice yet? – No, I can’t eat rice with chopsticks. – This, I can, apparently. – I’m actually impressed with that. – Love it. – This one’s from Aga Food and Fitness. “Do you prefer cooking
with a friend or alone?” – Here’s the thing. I am super bossy in the kitchen, so I’d rather have
someone, like, let me cook, and then they do the dishes. They can be there, just
I’m so OCD in the kitchen. I’d rather that they didn’t help me. Can I put soy sauce on the rice? – Yeah, go for it. What about if someone
were to cook you food? – I don’t want to help them. (both snicker) Unless it’s like, you manage this dish. – Okay. – Like, you make all of the side. – Yeah.
– And I make all of the main, like, then it works. But otherwise it’s just… Self-awareness is really important. – Yeah, I like how you said
they have to make the side, and you have to make the main. – I mean, or vice versa. – Sure. – Moving right along. – I’m super glad I picked dumplings. – Me too. I haven’t had dumplings in so long. I just said dump-wings. Dumplings. Med Joe Nine says, “How
do us regular people “get a Christmas card of that cute dog?” – I will get them made and
send you one this week. Actually, a lot of people
have been asking for them, so. – Really?
– Yeah. – Speaking of dogs, you have
dog hair stuck to your beard. – My beard? – Yeah, there you go. – Oh, that’s definitely a Bone hair. Look how it’s white and long. That guy just sheds everywhere. – I’ll link the Instagram
for his dog right here so you guys can go check out
Bone because he’s the cutest. – Ooh, this might be
interesting to a lot of people. Not me, but a lot of people. “Tell us about your skincare routine.” From again, Aga Food and Fitness. Do you have a skincare routine? – Kind of. – Like, you have nice skin, so. – I don’t, but I appreciate that. – Okay, well, can we just talk
about when Harry Potter… Have you see the Harry Potter’s? – Uh-huh. – When Harry Potter says Ron
Weasley’s sister has nice skin? It’s such a great complement. – Well, thank you. – Well, no, no, it’s over now. – I put makeup on it. So I have acne-prone skin, and
I have a lot of acne scars, and so I do have, like, five things that I put on my face every night. I also get medical grade
facials once a month, so I get a hydrafacial
or some sort of peel. I wash my face, and then I use micellar water or miss-sell-air,
depending on what company is making the advertisement for it. I put a caffeine undereye serum, and then I put a hyaluronic acid serum. Oh wait, first I tone it with
rosewater, ’cause I’m (beep) Some days I put on retinol, and some days I don’t because it will just,
like, make my skin peel off if I do it every day. And then I put on a
moisturizer, and then I cream, and I go to bed. – That sounds like a lot of effort. – It is. – If there are any men watching this, you should really tell
the women in your life that you appreciate them,
’cause that is a lot of effort. My skincare routine? I go to bed. – Do you moisturize? – I do not. – Oh my god, you’re going to have wrinkles in, like, five years if
you don’t moisturize. Thomas Lloyd wants to know,
“What’s the health benefits “to being vegan from a male
versus female perspective?” – I can’t really speak
for the female perspective because I’m not a female. – Way to be inclusive. (John laughs) – I’m assuming some of
them are probably similar, but I just… I only know them mostly
from the male perspective, but the health benefits for
me, I have a lot more energy. I feel way less bloated. I recover faster after workouts,
which is massive for me, and especially in–
– Oh no, oh no. – Oh, okay. – Don’t mind me. You just keep talking.
– No, it’s okay, all right. But yeah, recovery is
definitely a huge thing, factor for me. So you recover faster ’cause
your body’s less inflamed, so you feel a lot… Oh geez, oh. – I said, “Don’t mind me.” – Uh-huh, okay. I actually watched this
interesting movie the other day. It’s called The Game Changers, and it’s all about lead
athletes that are vegan around the world, and they did this study about how being vegan
affects your sex drive. – Really? – A lot of doctors now are claiming that going vegan is the new Viagara. Because it opens up your, I guess, not pores, but your blood
vessels and stuff a lot better. – Oh, that makes sense. – Because there’s no, like, animal fat or cholesterol clogging– – Men definitely need blood flow in order to make things happen, right? – They do, yes. – So that makes sense. – That’s how it works, right? So that was really interesting, and it actually took only one night to affect their sex drive. One full day of eating
vegan, the next day, their sex drive had an
increase and their blood flow by, like, 200% after, like,
one day of eating vegan. So I thought that was super interesting. So there is an insane
amount of health benefits. Like, along with the
environmental benefits and the benefits of helping
animals and stuff like that. We know all those things
now, so for me, really, there’s no reason not to be vegan. – I found from, like,
a female perspective, I found that my hormones
were a lot more balanced because I wasn’t getting all
that extra (beep) hormones from dairy. – But there’s hormones in soy. – Okay, but it’s not
the type of hormones– – It’s not; it’s not; I know. (John laughs) – Do not get into a soy
debate with me right now. Cool, is that the end of that question? – I think so. Face ID. Why do you not recognize me, Face ID? I guess I don’t really look like you, eh? – I mean, the beard. – Oh, I guess if I had long hair, I might look like you a bit, though. I have quite feminine features. No? Okay, that’s a pretty intense question. – What? – Katelyn Moon 28, “Have you
ever had an eating disorder “or body issues growing up?” – I didn’t have an eating disorder. I mean, what woman doesn’t
have body issues growing up? I had, like, a really unhealthy
addiction to working out when I was younger. I trained really hard, and then, like, I had a severe case of body dysmorphia where, like, the more I worked
out, the less happy I was. – Oh, yeah. – With my body, like
nothing was good enough. And I was amazing. Like, I look back at photos,
and I looked amazing, but. – I feel like this is a really big problem for a lot of people now
that Instagram’s so big. It’s like, yeah, you look great, but then you look at all
these people on Instagram, and you’re like, “But I
don’t look like them.” So you’re always kind of like you’re always comparing
yourself to others, which makes it, like, a lot worse, right? Nice catch. – Thank you. Yeah, I started being happy with my body when I stopped working out that intensely which is ridiculous. Oh god, I’m just ruining
people’s names today. Em-raw-bah-jufo? – Maybe just spell that out. – “Are the locks making a comeback? “The people need to know.” John. – They most certainly are. – You just got a haircut. – I know, but it was just the sides. I told them not to touch the top so I could start growing back right away. ‘Cause when the sides start growing, it just gets, like, puffy, you know what I mean?
– Right. – So I keep the sides tame
until the top’s grown out. – Is that why you’re wearing a hat? – That is why I’m wearing a hat. For those of you that don’t know, I grew my hair out for five years, and then I recently cut it for cancer. It was probably down to like, here. Actually, you never saw me with long hair. – I never, no. – Oh, you’ve just seen pictures. – It was definitely longer than that. – Yeah, I think it was a
little bit longer than that. – Based on the photos that I’ve seen.
– Yeah. – It was definitely longer than mine. – So I definitely plan
on doing that again. I had a ton of fun, you
know, raising money for it and then cutting it off in the end, even though I went through a little bit of a midlife crisis after it. – Quarter life crisis? – Quarter life, uh-huh. We’ll see how long I live. (laughs) Like, I grew, like, really attached to it, especially because of football. Everyone kind of knew me as,
like, that football player with long hair kind of thing. – You cut off your brand. – Yeah, essentially, but, I
mean, it was for a good cause so in the end, like, I knew
it was for something bigger, so it didn’t really actually
affect me that much, but like, the first night it happened, I had to sleep with a tuque on. When I lay down on my pillow, like, I thought it was, like,
wet because it was so cold, and it was just like my
head was not used to it. It was a really weird experience,
but the answer is yes. They are most certainly making a comeback, and then in the end, I will
again cut them for cancer. Anyone with long hair that can, should. Did I spit on you? – No, I was looking at my long hair. – I mean, it’s different
if you’re not, like, cutting it all the way off. – You want me to shave my head? – Britney 2007 it? (Candace snickers) – How old were you in 2007? – I was 14 in grade nine. – I was probably, in 2007, 19? – Your phone’s going to die, right? Probably should have charged it. – Mm, whatever, being prepared, meh. – I like this question. Jakie Veg asked, “If you could be any
animal, what would you be? “I’d be a tortoise.” – I would be a dolphin. – Wow, a dolphin, that was very quick. Not a lama? – Mm, no, I love lamas, but
I wouldn’t want to be a lama. – Okay, why? – I probably should have
changed my answer for this. I would want to be a dolphin
because I have a fear of water so I would like to, like, be an animal that, like, embraces the water,
and has fun in the water. And they’re super playful. Do you know where I’m going with this? – I have no idea.
– Okay. – You said you were afraid of water, so I’m just confused now. – Yeah, and so I’d want to be an animal that, like, loves to be in
the water, like a dolphin. No, I just like dolphins. – Okay. – They’re just, like, cute, and playful, and they have this, like, curiosity, but they also try to hump
you if you swim with them. They’re super smart, and I’m
not, so, like, I’d like that. – Oh, I’m sure, I mean, you’re an author. – Of a cookbook. – Still an author. – I didn’t write like
a thesis on anything. – I really want to eat this with a fork. – So do it. – But I know I’m gonna get
dragged in the comments for it. – Oh, well. Various species of
dolphins have been known to engage in sexual behavior
up to and including copulation with dolphins of other species. Sexual encounters can be
violent with male dolphins, sometimes showing aggressive behavior towards both males and female dolphins. And they will hump you if
you try to swim with them. Because people like, go
and swim with dolphins, which I don’t agree with. Kind of cheeky and hilarious
that they’ll, like, hump you. Moving right along, I
want to be a dolphin. – Super interesting reasoning there. – What about you? What animal do you want to be? – A dog, are you kidding me? That is the best life ever. Or a lion. – It’s okay. – No, a lion would be– – A dog is like the
easiest answer, and like, such an obvious answer. – Okay, but Bone has,
like, the best life ever. – Like, why would you not want to– – Now. – Okay, well, okay, fair. A lion because they sleep
for, like, 20 hours a day. – Oh, slow downs. – Exactly, and if you’re a lion, like, you can kind of just, like,
roam around and do cool things and no one’s gonna say anything to you. – Jeanette E. asks, “Favorite
football memories so far?” – Ooh, it’s probably
either one of two things. – What have you done to this dumpling? – It was stuck together, and I wanted to save you the last one. – Ohhh. – But thank you for attacking me. – I didn’t attack you;
I asked you a question. Oh, see, there’s a hole in this one, too. – So my favorite football memory. – The fact you’re not dipping this in the sauces is triggering me. – I was the first one;
since the start, I didn’t. (Candace giggles) Favorite football memory
would have to be either when me and my brother were young. I was 10, and he was
12, and we used to play, like, backyard football in the back yard, and my dad would, like, pass us the ball, and like, I would play receiver,
and he would play, like DB. – In the back yard?
– Yeah, in the back yard. – Backyard football in the back yard? – It could have different meanings. Okay, you don’t know. But it would always get,
like, super out of hand, but it was, like, so much fun. Like, we would always, like,
start, like, hitting each other and like, do what brothers do. – I don’t have a brother. – Oh yeah, I guess. But it was always, like, a ton of fun until, like, one of us
ended up getting hurt. – That is the saying. – In that good way, right? – It’s all fun and games
until someone gets hurt. – But like, we would always do it until someone got hurt, and then, like, just do it again the next day. – That’s you. – Or when I got my first pro contract, and I didn’t tell my parents
about it until I showed them, and my dad, well I’ve never
seen him cry in his entire life. Got teary-eyed.
– Aw. – And that was probably one of
my favorite football memories because I was able to
kind of give back to him after everything he’s done for
me, which was really amazing. That was, like, super emotional. (guffaws) You, like, spilled the food. – Are you full yet? – Not even close. Ooh, okay, John Rush Five. – You can’t ask your own questions. – Why are you so cool? – I think I sent you a question
on yours that was, like, “Why are you so amazing?” – ‘Cause we are such losers. (both giggle) – Well, the answer to
that is that I’m not cool. I don’t need to be cool. – Clearly John Rush Five
thinks you’re cool, so. – I’m cool because I’m nice to animals. – That’s a good answer. – High five. – Oh, there you go. – Yeah, that was my question to you. Why are you so amazing? This is the next one. Why are you so amazing? (John snorts) – We’re doing this, eh? – Uh-huh, you read your own question, so. – I don’t think I’m amazing,
but I do really enjoy. – This chick, the Edgy
Veg thinks you’re amazing. – I do really enjoy hanging
out and playing with dogs, and I think dogs are amazing,
so I think by association, some people think I might be amazing ’cause I hang out with so many
dogs, you know what I mean? – Mophon asks, “Am I
still helping our planet “if I become pescetarian?” – I think doing anything
to help reduce meat intake or stop, like, animal
agriculture and animal farming and all that stuff is
helping the planet immensely. I’m reading this book right
now that’s called, like, How To Create a Vegan
World, and it’s talking about how it’s not gonna be the vegans who ultimately end up changing the world because there’s so few of us. It’s gonna be the people
that reduce their meat intake because the more they
reduce their meat intake, the more vegan products are
gonna be brought to the market to like, substitute that. And the more vegan products
are brought to the market, the more people inevitable turn vegan. It’s kind of just, like, this cycle that turn into everyone becoming vegan. So I mean, by becoming pescetarian, you are helping immensely to help the– – Do you say press-ketarian? So, like, a pescetarian Presbyterian? – It’s kind of like a
religion and nutritional. Isn’t that what the
Seventh Day Adventists are? – No, they’re vegetarian. – Yeah, so it’s like a nutrition religion. Is that, like, a thing? – Are you saying that
eating fish is nutritious? Careful. – But yes, the answer is you
are helping the planet a ton. – How did a mushroom make
its way into our bok choy? – There’s a ton of mushrooms in here. I just ate them all. Even if people decide to
do, like, Meatless Mondays, or, you know, reduce their
meat intake once a week, or they try and go Veganuary. (cellphone rings)
(dog barks) – My apologies. – Don’t worry. But if they try and go Veganuary, which is going vegan
for the month of January and stuff like that, in the
end, it’s gonna help a lot, and with all the climate
reports that are coming out now, the earth can take all
the help it can get. So yes, you are helping. S. Holland 17 asks, “What’s
your favorite Christmas movie?” I have an entire list. – There are three movies
I watch every Christmas. – Okay. – Christmas Vacation. – Oh, it’s all right. – Excuse you, it’s all right? It’s National Lampoon; it’s Chevy Chase. What else do you need? – We’re not having this debate on here. – I’m gonna stab you in the eye. – We could do, like, a whole
episode of this debate. – I always watch Love
Actually, and I cry every year even though the movie is,
like, horribly sexist, but I still… I always watch The Grinch. – Shocker. – You know what? I’m not overly Christmasy this year because I got a divorce this year. – Oh. – Don’t drag me from being a Grinch. – Okay.
– Yeah, those are the three that I always watch. I like Christmas with the Kranks, too. Oh my god, it’s so awful. Like, it’s like Z grade filmmaking. – So I’m gonna tell you my Christmas list. – I didn’t ask you. – I’m gonna tell you anyway. Die Hard, best Christmas
movie, all time, fight me. – Oh god, you and every other guy. – Rudolph the Red Nosed
Reindeer, the classic. – I’ve never seen it. (John sighs) – I’m leaving; that’s it. I can’t do this anymore. – And you said three. That’s only two. – No, I just said a list. – Oh, okay, oh, this is a great one. I really like this one. Nat Gossler wants to know, “What’s your favorite Edgy Veg recipe?” – That’s an easy actually answer. This beef seitan recipe. It is insanely good. I bought Candace’s cookbook
before I even met Candace. – Is that true? – Yeah, I think so. And I had been searching
for a seitan recipe because all the ones on
the Internet are terrible. I tried, like–
– Bold statement. – Yeah, I tried, like,
six different recipes and could not find a good one. Maybe I’m a terrible chef, but I did Candace’s beef seitan recipe. It’s easy, and it tastes amazing. And it’s like, I mean, all seitan recipes are super high protein, but that’s why I was
always searching for one. So I haven’t tried the chicken one yet. I’ve been meaning to, but
I’ve made, like, the beef one, like eight times, so I was just, like, “Oh, why would I stray from the beef?” So beef seitan. If you’re gonna make one
recipe out of the cookbook, it’s definitely the beef seitan recipe. Brick Bolt asked, “Would you ever live
somewhere besides Toronto?” – Yes, Italy, duh, next question. – Okay. (Candace snickers) Robbie P.’s asking questions about me, so I’m not gonna go there. – What do you mean? – Ask him what’s the
harshest chirps he’s gotten on the field regarding him being vegan and if he’s converted any teammates. I’m pretty much vegan in
the off season, by the way. – I think you should answer that. – Oh, you want me to? – Yeah. – Oh, I was just gonna answer. – So that question. – I have not been not
been chirped on the field about being vegan. It’s not, like, a thing. It’s just like when I had long hair. No one chirped me about that either. And have I converted any teammates? I kind of talked about it earlier, but I haven’t fully
converted any teammates, and that’s not really what I want to do. I don’t want to, like, I don’t want to be like a preaching vegan, but a lot of guys on the team ask me about how to eat healthier,
like, what the benefits are. A lot of the guys on the team,
like, stopped eating red meat and will eat the A&W Beyond Meat burgers when they go get fast food
now, and stuff like that. So no one else is completely vegan. I’m the only complete vegan
one, but there are a ton of guys that have reduced their meat intake and are looking for other
sources of protein now, which has been really
awesome to see, actually. – That’s amazing. – Yeah.
– High five. – Oh, nice. – That was awesome. – There we go. I hope no one asks about that. – About what? – Our high fiving methods. – It’s our secret. – Oh, this is kind of cool. (speaks in a foreign language) I said it with kind of a French accent. – What? – I don’t know, all right, whatever. “What’s you passion other
than dogs and food?” – Music, plants, art. I really like interior design and working with, like
thrifting and antiquing. I’m like an 85-year-old woman. I love to go antiquing. It’s like my favorite thing to do. – I’ve never understood it. – Really? Oh my god, I love it. It’s like finding, like,
treasure from another time. And it goes hand-in-hand with my, like, my love for interior design because I like finding
really unique pieces. I don’t want to go to, like, IKEA and get the same (beep)
that everybody else has. (claps) – Note to self: Don’t
give Candace caffeine. (Candace chuckles) – So I’ve been off
caffeine for two months, and I accidentally had a
regular caffeinated coffee as opposed to a decaffeinated coffee. I didn’t notice until I was done, and so I’m in a bit of a mood. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, antiquing because,
so, I can’t shop at, like, a Winners or those types of stores because it’s too cluttered for me. Like, I need things to be laid out, and the store that I
do shop at, they, like, act like my personal
shoppers, so I hate shopping, but I like going to antique stores, and it’s always a
jumbled mess of disaster, and for some reason, I can handle that, but I cannot handle that type
of environment with clothing. – I just hate shopping in general. – I hate shopping. – You’ll see me in the same three outfits because I refuse to get new ones. – And Jason Clare wants to know, “Do you miss having long hair?” – I most certainly do. I loved having long hair. I loved the way that it felt, and especially in the wintertime. It kept me super warm. Now my head is perpetually cold. – You should eat this last dumpling. – I will, thank you. – You’re welcome. – Honestly, I was kind of just, like, oh, I’ll let Candace have it. – I was too; I was doing the same thing. Oh my god, we’re so nice. – X Sharon X asked,
“What’s a good substitute “for mushrooms ’cause
mama hates mushrooms.” – Oh, mama love mushrooms. – Papa loves mushrooms too, so. – Eggplant? – Ugh, no, no, no, no. – See, I don’t really
like eggplant, but, like, it does have kind of,
like, a meaty consistency depending on how you cook it. – I guess it would depend on, like, why you didn’t like
mushrooms, ’cause, like, I know a lot of people
don’t like the consistency of mushrooms. – Oh, fair.
– Right? – Yeah, substitute what? (beep) I don’t know. I don’t know, eggplant. I’m gonna go with eggplant. Eggplant. Maybe jackfruit, like marinated jackfruit. – Mm, I haven’t had that. – What? – I don’t know how to cook with it. – Do you want to come
over for dinner sometime? I’ll make you a jackfruit pulled pork. Okay, don’t come over. Do you miss bacon? – I don’t really miss bacon. – That’s one of the things–
– Really? – I did not miss that much. – Really? – Yes, I did miss a lot of things. For some weird reason, hamburgers was like the
number one thing I missed, and it’s not like I ate, like,
a ton of hamburgers before, but, like, after, like, I
was craving them, like, hard, and cheese. Good vegan cheese is very hard to find. – Right. – I talk about that in one
of my recipes, actually, I just made last week. – I mean, it’s a lot easier now. It’s easier if you’re in a big city. We have a lot of, like, artisanal
cheese makers in Toronto, and they make really good cheese. – Yeah. – Like that event we
went to the other night, and you were like, “Oh
my god, this cheese.” But I forget where you
live most of the time, and you probably don’t
have access to that stuff. – That’s the thing about being
vegan in smaller communities. It’s a lot more difficult
because you don’t have access to, like, a lot of, like, even,
like, the Beyond Meat stuff unless you’re in, like, Toronto. Well, I’m lucky when I’m in Niagara Falls. I can just pop across the
border, but out in Winnipeg, it’s like every couple months, like, a food shipment will come in, and you kind of have to be on
the ball to get your stuff. So in some other places, it’s a lot more difficult to be vegan. – Right, that makes sense. – Ooh, another thing I missed. Breakfast foods, huge
fan of scrambled eggs, and I haven’t yet, I really
want to try that JUST egg stuff. – It’s the same as the vegan egg. – But is it, like, the same? – I mean, it’s the same concept. – Yeah, same concept, but
it might taste better. – JUST egg, send us some stuff. – Send us free products. – Send us stuff to try. – This isn’t really a
question, but Missy 79 says, “Just wanted to say hi. “Having a rough go at it lately. “Your stories and feed are
welcomed and appreciated.” – Oh, thank you. I’m sorry you’re having a rough go. I hope it gets better soon. – “How do I encourage others
to care about sustainability “without sounding preachy?” That was from Savannah Alexa. – I just yell at people. Like, if I have people in my
home, and they don’t recycle, I yell at them. – That’s aggressive but fair. – Just do it through education. I find that when I pull out my glass straw or my KeepCup, usually people
kind of ask me about it, and then I’ll take the
opportunity to tell them why I do what I do. I also have given friends
as gifts, like, glass straws or KeepCups or water bottles. Water bottles on planes
is a big thing for me because first of all, when we fly, they always give you this (beep) tiny cup, and it’s never enough water. They don’t even fill it up, and then they give you
a new cup every time, which I can’t stand, so I will
bring an empty water bottle to the airport, and then I
will get them to fill that up, and then I always have more water than the entire plane combined has in their tiny little cups. And then I traveled
with a bunch of friends a bunch of times doing
that, and they were like, “That’s so smart,” so now they all travel with water bottles. – Nice. – Okay, one more question for you, then I’m kicking you out of my home. – Wanted to leave. – What’s your favorite vegan dish? – I kind of already
talked about it earlier, but seitan on anything is
basically my favorite thing ever, but I really love quinoa. I think they’re called the power bowls. – Like a Buddha bowl. – Yeah, it’s like trendy way of saying it. – Or a green goddess bowl. (John shouts with laughter) Are you a green goddess? – Look at me; I am the
definition of green goddess. They’re super versatile. You can make them super, like, fast, and if you make them right,
you can get all your nutrients, and they’re super healthy
and super filling. I thought it was always funny, like, whenever I started going vegan
at first, everyone was like, “Oh, I tried it for a week,
but I was always hungry.” – You were eating the wrong food, then. – Yeah, you probably
weren’t eating enough. Like, I eat a lot of either burritos because they’re super
quick and easy to make. You can pack them with,
like, tons of things, or quinoa power bowls ’cause it’s for, like, the same reason. They’re super easy, they’re
super nutrient dense, and they taste delicious. – Yeah. – Those are my favorite dishes. – Power Bowl-ism. After nine years of being
vegan, I’m like, over it. – Good, yeah, you have to have your, like, your, like, comfort foods, too. – Oh my god. Comfort foods? What do you eat? Comfort food every day. – Then it just becomes regular food. (both chuckle) It’s not really comfort food. – That’s fair. – Wow, we crushed this. I just spit rice everywhere. – This is yours now, and
this is yours now, and this. (chuckles) – Corena I. Joe-flew asks. (Candace snickers) I think I said that right. I’m sorry, Corena, if I
butchered your name, but, “What is your favorite makeup? “Still getting into having
more vegan products.” – Oh god, guys, my makeup
is such a disaster. First of all, I hate wearing makeup. It takes me, like, two hours to put it on even the fresh face of just natural stuff because I get distracted, and I hate it. I really like Tarte products, though. Kat Von D, NYX for, like, drugstore stuff. That’s probably it. – I don’t wear makeup, so I
can’t answer this question or have any experience. – You got mad at me for putting makeup on. – I didn’t get mad at you. I just said you didn’t need it. – Aw. – I wasn’t mad. I was just like, okay. – Aw, that’s sweet. Here, hold my dog while I do the end. I’m very full. – I am still hungry. – All right, guys, thank you
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Randall Smitham