March 31, 2020
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[candice] there is nothing more anonymous than a chicken nugget. [candice] just kidding! it’s me! The EdgyVeg! [candice] and today i’m going to show you how you can make- [candice] VegNuggets. [candice] one cup gluten flour. [candice] two to three tablespoons of nutritional yeast. [candice] a pinch of pepper. [candice] and then our spices. [candice] so a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of poultry seasoning and [candice] about half a- no i would say a teaspoon of onion powder. [candice] now that we know what our dry ingredients are, we’re going to add them to a bowl. [candice] now you want to whisk these together and make sure that they’re really well combined. [candice] three-quarters of a cup of vegetable broth. [candice] take a fork, [candice] and mix it together [candice] now we’re gonna use two tablespoons of tahini. [candice] whisk that until well combined. [candice] and now you’re gonna mix your dry with your wet. [candice] so what will happen is: you will get this kind of crumbly, it kind of looks like strudel. [candice] and at that point you just want to use your hands. [candice] hello hubert(?)
[hubert] hello! what are you making? [candice] i’m making chicken nuggets.
[hubert] are my friends in there? [candice] no, these are vegan chicken nuggets [candice] now what we are going to do is mould our nuggets. [candice] so fun nugget fact: have you ever noticed that a certain fast food company only has four shapes of nuggets? [candice] the first shape we are going to do: [candice] is ball! [candice] the next shape we have: [candice] is boot! [candice] the third shape: [candice] is bell! [candice] ding!! [candice] the fourth and final shape: [candice] is bone! [candice] why? [candice] i don’t know since it looks like a rectangle. [candice] but an ‘r’ doesn’t go with the ‘b’ alliteration theme we have going here. [candice] and we’re back! [candice] as always with pot! [candice] hello pot. [candice] in this pot, i have about four and a half cups of vegetable broth. [candice] with one small onion cut into pieces and about two tablespoons of garlic powder. [candice] now we are going to add our little nuggies! [candice] so what we are doing here is we’re going to put it in the oven for about an hour, [candice] and what the broth and the onions as well as the garlic powder will do is make [candice] that kind of meaty, moist flavour really permeate in this gluten chicken [candice] so we want to cover our pot with aluminium foil. [candice] and put this in the oven at 350F for about an hour. [candice] but at 45 minutes, go in and move the nuggets around, just flip them around to make sure they’re evenly cooked. [candice] okay let’s put them in for another 10 minutes [candice] after 10 minutes, [candice] you can take a slotted spoon and take your nuggies out of the broth water. [candice] now we have to make the breading. [candice] a third of a cup of tempura flour, [candice] two thirds of a cup of regular flour, [candice] one teaspoon: onion powder, garlic powder [candice] two teaspoons of salt and a quarter teaspoon of fresh ground pepper. [candice] and the magical ingredient? [candice] THE PLASTIC BAG. [candice] you’re going to add all of your ingredients into your plastic bag. [candice] and then mix it together. [candice] shake, shake, shake, sinora(?), shake this all the time [candice] shake, shake, shake sinora(?) [candice] i don’t know the rest of the song, hey! [candice] in the bowl, we’re going to mix three eggs worth of egg replacer. [candice] get your nuggies, [candice] i always do three at a time to give them enough room. [candice] so that they’re not sticking together but they’re getting evenly coated. [candice] now we are going to take these bad boys and dredge them in our egg replacer. [candice] are you ready? [candice] once we’ve dredged them, we’re putting them back in the flour mixture. [candice] so now we’re going to put our- [candice] who built this freezer? ants? [candice] we’re going to put our nuggets in the freezer for about 20 minutes. [candice] we’re gonna put em there for 20 minutes. [candice] after 20 minutes in the freezer, we’re just going to bread them again. [candice] so now we’re at the oven, we’ve heated our oil to the optimum temperature. [candice] so we’re going to take a slotted spoon, i find this is the easiest way to do it. [candice] place your nugget on the slotted spoon, [candice] bring it into the oil, let it sit there for like 20 seconds, [candice] until the bottom has a nice coating then it won’t stick. [candice] and then let it go! [candice] so move these guys around every couple minutes. [candice] and when you’re finished, you can enjoy your VegNuggets. [candice] with VegChicken sauce, or sweet and sour! [candice] mmmm [candice] oh man! am i full! [candice] i’m candice, The EdgyVeg and i make new videos every monday! [candice] so make sure you subscribe for more videos just like this guy. [candice] or if you love to eat as much as i do, make sure you check out the dinner playlist right here. [candice] bye!

Randall Smitham