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Vegan What I Eat on BUSY Days! | QUICK & Healthy Meal Ideas

Manit back Good morning guys today. I am going to be doing a little vlog style what I eat in a day video I did another one of these a few weeks ago and a lot of you guys like this and in the video I asked actually one where I show you guys my like very very quick meals for super busy days It’s not something to be doing today because I kind of have a busy day I have a facial book to Kate, Somerville, and then I have an event that I’m going to with Janine So I’m gonna kind of be Running around cuz if you know anything about LA things take like a year and a half to get place to place so I’m gonna Show you guys my really fast meals these are also all vegan I don’t like label myself as a vegan, but while I’m at home during the week I try to only eat like vegan things at home so the grocery store I don’t really buy meat anymore And then the only like dairy item alibi is like one Greek yogurt to make this like sauce for Vegetables that I love that you can watch in my other one I eat a day video I’m hungry So I’m going to go show you guys what I made for my breakfast And it’s gonna be quick know this gives you guys some ideas For how to eat some healthy things quick and on the go if you’re in school Hurt your job or whatever. It is so if you like these videos. Let me know I have many more ideas than just someone so I’m gonna show you today So let’s get started also to any of you guys ever go from like zero to 100 on like the starving scale like Actually like filled notches right notes. I’m so hungry like when I wake up food sounds horrible I can not eat a second. I wake up and then out of nowhere after like 30 minutes I suddenly feel like I’m actually like I’m gonna throw up if I don’t eat That’s how I feel right now So I’m gonna fly through this and then talk about it worried about see it’s not an ADD I just love this company so that’s why I’m doing We’re making a smoothie today all these like prepackaged smoothies are from Project juice. They’re not already blended up They have like all the Whole Foods in them And then you just add liquid to the top of this pour it in the blender, and then you’re good to go What chocolate I feel like this is like comical, but I’m actually like not okay Okay This is this today’s just at the front cacao blueberry protein smoothie Here’s what it looks like as you can see this is just like full over the first port and So this is supposed to make to serving sizes all of them do but like who’s gonna do that you know what I mean Not me you’re supposed to like for this to the top of that cup, but I’ve done this so many times I know we’re not I ball it Here is a smoothie so approximately like a minute if you’re interested in this company. I really like them They also do make acai bowl ones that I know you can buy like acai packets at Whole Foods and stuff like that Which is also good alternative eat a few or one who like really likes outside he bowls but um this company has like an acai bowl one that I made yesterday it has like a packet of toppings that you put on top and Just like even aside from the top It’s just like the blend itself is the closest thing I’ve had at home to like a restaurant I am caught can we take this in? to like a Restaurant or whatever bought acai bowls. Oh, okay? I’m gonna go drink this and come back to life. I guess these straws I’ll have a link below if you want there’s some Amazon so you can if you’re a straw drinker for water or whatever um These are cuter, and then you’re not throwing a billion shells away So if you are not interested in buying like pre-made ones like I have been all you really need to do is just plan in Advance and like preps movies, and I like BuzzFeed and different websites. You can go to and they have like lists and lists of like Recipes if you will for like pre-made smoothie prep bags or whatever So just take like as a blood bag and just like put all your some ingredients in there in advance and then put them in The freezer and then whenever you’re running out the door or whatever you grab one do the exact same thing I did that literally took Like two minutes, so that’s what I do for Breakfast or lunch honestly all the things you’re gonna see for breakfast and lunch options. I switch around all the time, okay I’m now heading out to my facial and I’m about to hop in an uber cuz I’m eventually gonna meet up with Janine after my Facial to go to this event like run a couple other places So I feel really funny and getting in an uber like dressed up with yields and with no makeup But I’m also not hungry from that smoothie, because I only made that like an hour and a half ago So I’m not getting anything right now Which means I’ll probably end up eating something in the event which I know doesn’t really go with the theme in this video So I will extend this if that happens too like today and tomorrow that way I give you guys like a plentiful amount of meal idea, so I’m gonna head there I’ll take you guys with me and let’s go fix my skin, so just my facial. I’m feeling so good I mean quiet But I put on like if anyone remembers the 5 minute makeup challenge actually like 3 minute makeup course about to go to the vicked Thank you so much to Kate Somerville. I love going there. I always go to Kelly She’s awesome And they also hooked me up with some products that I’ve been using ever since my last one that I like Changed my skin game so recommend them excited see what I got this time and let’s move on to the next step I met up with my long-lost roommate We’re gonna get a bite to you Jeannine tells your daikon you know my day is going great We had a workout this morning, but I am very tired I need to get my third cup of coffee today for this event we’re going to I still don’t know what it is I couldn’t tell you to be honest supposedly there’s gonna be a list celebrities there But wait you might wanna hold your cares on him but I’ve heard that one before I went to an event one time eating Adrian did when we were promised the Kardashians and there was no Kardashian in sight so we will see me my car my bikes We don’t want to get there early because I get awful horses. Are we in Texas horses? Oh my god right at home? Where is he going here? We got the birds flying behind him wait what? Truly what what is this? What is the purpose like where’s he going with that course? Brunch got to blog started eating huh it is such a good day We’re in such a good mood. The weather’s so good also excuse us shot go home now Heading to the event just had a best brunch of this place go for telecafe my favorite place. I’ve talked about it for him I’ll have a lock channel and now we’re going my boobs are popping out of the dress a little bit But all is well Karen on oh I know it’s all the wild fox event week We met a From nick season of The Bachelor that Christina was so nice, and I want revered she’s on there She was really sweet as a superstar. You know we didn’t meet, but we saw daniella monet from so notorious No, yes, wait Victoria’s Victoria’s yeah, whatever wait yeah Yeah, so now. We’re going home. It’s gonna take us like year and a half, okay Hey, bye, okay? There’s now the next day basically yesterday I ended up not eating any other meals at home So I just thought I’d add today cuz now I’m gonna be doing some real quick meals Because I’m actually bout to run out of the house with Adrienne We’re gonna do a little Coachella shopping, and I am gonna eat a quick little bite I’m gonna make I believe avocado toast, okay So just hop my bread in there used to salute and for your brothers from Whole Foods I don’t know why I’ve just been trying some gluten-free things lately. Here’s the time 10:09 Let’s see when it’s ready great So I have just like a leftover half of an avocado that I like Chiseled off some brown boards from and then what I’m gonna put on top Basically I used to always just put lemon pepper because it’s so good I think this is a great flavor combo then I went into a phase of putting red pepper on it Just to add a little kick, and then recently I discovered this everything about the bagel seasoning Which is so good and like this alone or not a pound of toast it’s good so take your pick Or if you just can’t choose put a little of all of them and somehow it still tastes really good so that’s not happen to Do here is our finished product. It’s so good. I think it’s pretty. It’s flavorful. It’s awesome lately. I’ve been burning toast because our toaster If anyone knows how to like figure out levels and settings and whatever just like an optimal bagel or an optimal piece of toast holla at me because basically I Really hungry basically I burn everything lightly Mmm another thing that I’ve been absolutely loving for breakfast lately is getting a just bagel again I’ve had like gluten free bagels Toasting that up adding this vegan cream cheese from Trader Joe’s and then putting on this everything, but the bagel seasoning I’m gonna taste just like a bagel cream cheese. It’s so good shopping shopping Edgy girls magic. I’m gonna show you now dinner is so easy to cook. It’s extremely flavorful and like actually the easiest thing you could ever make so You guys are in for a treat. I make this not even necessarily when I’m in a rush. Just like whenever like taste I’ve got a like crave this meal more than like any dinner me off. Yeah It just involves a couple things pretty quick. This is like a cooking involved one. So you just need like one pan This is also like a 10 minutes or less Let’s get started wearing my Debbie shirt So basically what we’re making is cooking up some of this fried rice from Trader Joe’s freezer section Japanese top right rice edamame tofu and Some seaweed thing that I don’t know how to pronounce but it tastes so good. You don’t really tofu or seaweed situation it’s so flavorful just like by itself as is and This has about like three servings in it So I just kind of like mentally Third out how much I’m using whenever I make this dish basically what the dish is is that and then some spiralized zucchini? To make kind of like the zoodles in a way zucchini noodles, but first I am putting just like a cap sized amount of olive oil into the pan That’s all these this whole time and then also chop up a little mini like small amount of Garlic because I’ve been lately realizing the transformative power of garlic and sometimes if I have more time or just like have Ingredients on hand I’ll maybe like slice up some Onion and cook it in there and just like will take a little longer because since do kini does cook like pretty quickly and so Does the rice and it’s already been cooked but you can definitely? Get more creative with this and throwing other things there like chicken or like whatever. I don’t know make it your own This is just a very easy like base So gonna pop the olive oil and garlic over there even add like other vegetables like some broccoli. It would be good Okay, so I began this process two minutes ago at 6:48, so we’re gonna see Yeah, how longest hey next time spiralizing my zucchini with it’s just this little thing. I got on Amazon honest. It’s like five dollars I’ll have one linked below if I can find this one and yeah I’m gonna give this a rinse look kind of nice if you don’t have a spiralizer You can also just like chop up some vegetables and add it in if you’re feeling it Okay, so I’ll just put my zucchini in there with the garlic. That’s been cooking up for a second It is so far under min four minutes This is gonna cook down a lot sometimes. I will use 2 zucchinis depending on how hungry I am or if they’re on the smaller side and then I am in this same pan I’m just going to pour it in my rice and This I’m just adding the remainder of the bag that was about a third of it I’m gonna mix it all together Then we’re just gonna step aside and stir throughout probably a time or two and then it’s ready to go Also tip for making cooking less painless is while your actual like food is cooking to go ahead and clean everything up that way once You serve and like eat your food afterwards You only have like the direct pan and like your plate And you don’t have to come through and clean all the this up afterwards as well because this just makes the time Be extra productive, so I’m gonna clean all this up fully We’ve started out because she’s got a package while cooking this and Sigma sent me everything literally ever Oh, just thinking about how I needed new makeup brushes To be able to clean my makeup brushes in a better way I know this is not the point of this video, but honestly like holy crap This is every brush should we get it ever need for the rest of my life, and this is looking pretty finished I do like it to where the noodles are kind of not like crispy by any means, but not like cold zucchini texture, so I’m gonna pop this in a bowl and grab a spoon or Fork rather, this is what it looks like all in the bowl I just think it’s really good so the current time after all this even with my package delay and everything is 7:02 So this took about 14 minutes, so I said 10 we’re at 14 currently But I mean you could do this more quickly or I don’t know I mean this isn’t gonna be as fast It’s like taking something straight out of the freezer and just microwaving it and eating it in like two minutes But I wanted to think outside of the box a little and show you guys a flavor combination that maybe you haven’t thought of so if any of you try this Let me know I think everyone was like it whenever I cook this Adrienne’s always like it smells so good And I’m like yeah girl cuz it is yeah that is it for this video I hope you guys enjoy this if you did Please make sure you give me a thumbs up leave a comment below letting me know what other videos you want to see for me I think I might do a favorites video with like skincare favorites and things like that, and I’m done one of those in years So if you like that idea also make sure you let me know me and Digger you’re gonna go eat dinner And I appreciate you guys watching, and I will see you in my next video

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