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Vlogmas Day 4 2018 | Keto Walmart Haul

hi guys welcome back to blog myths day 4
I’m Michelle from pure goddess
University and so today I did a Walmart
shopping keno haul for you today and I’m
excited to share it with you because
we’re all working on getting snatched
for Christmas you guys
I just found out that a whole bunch of
family members and people I’ve met
before are gonna be there like the day
after Christmas and I didn’t eat well
today and I’m kind of crapping my pants
so I told myself I want to lose 10 to 15
pounds by Christmas do strict keto I’m
starting straight keto tomorrow so I
went to Walmart today and I did a
shopping haul and I loaded up for the
week it’s not a huge haul because I’m
kind of on a budget but I did get my
pork chops I’m gonna have for the week
do eggs and bacon and I’m gonna do some
snacks on the weekend it got some akan
bars you guys I’m keeping it very simple
keto very strict keto I normally do
more of a lazy keto version you know
lost about the 15 pounds over the last
three and a half months I’ve at least 15
pounds in three weeks so it’s going to
be strict keto snatched by Christmas as
my mission there’s so many people coming
in you know with my mom and a family and
I’m just like oh my god I gotta lose all
this weight so I know you know I’m not
into fad diets or anything like that but
I’m just kind of challenging myself to
see if I can really push myself to do
keto the right way basically the the
regular way 20 carbs a day and so I’m
going to be doing some meal prepping
tomorrow getting ready for the week so
it’s not gonna be super exciting because
it’s very simple meals gonna eat the
same thing for four or five days but I
did get some really awesome snack stuff
and I’m gonna share those with you if
you are starting your keto journey and
you need some ideas I got some so don’t
you know stay tuned you will see some of
those and of course later on and vlogmas
I’m gonna be sharing some baking
Christmas cookies and one maybe one or
two more elaborate meals you know every
week I’ll try to have something
front for dinner so you won’t be bored
watching the same milk prep videos but I
do have some ideas you know to help you
crave the sugar craving I have my Tito
lemonade that I kind of created
it’s basically sparkling water with
lemon lime juice and sometimes I put a
splash of stevia it takes just like
lemonade super tart super good for you
and it really helps when you’re having
those late-night cravings get yourself a
really tart keto lemonade and maybe some
tic tacs or some sugarless gum I’m
telling you guys it really helps get the
edge off for those sugar cravings and
I’m going to making an awesome keto dip
this weekend I got it from another
channel but I’m gonna be I’m so excited
I’m gonna so excited it’s ground beef
Rotel and cream cheese and then you’re
gonna dip pork rinds in it you guys I’m
so excited so I did a really nice haul
that showed you some of my snacks
the Atkins bars are like my favorite
thing on the universe because they’re
easy I know a lot of people in the keto
universe are gonna get shook but you
know you gotta do what you gotta do
so keto bars pork rinds
sometimes I dip them in like a jalapeno
cream cheese but I mean making that
Rotel dip this weekend because I’m gonna
do a keto junk food weekend where I’m
gonna have like pizzas and quesadillas
and then the dip so that’ll be a whole
other video so I’m I’m gonna prove to
you that you really can do low-carb keto
I mean we’re not perfect but if you
really try you can almost do anything
and I have a very exciting video that
I’m gonna try to do later on a vlogmas
I’m obsessed with resis oh my god I
forgot I bought Reese’s whipped cream at
Walmart and I forgot to put that in the
hall you guys I’m so excited
I got regular whipped cream and the
recess whipped cream I’m gonna have to
film it because I totally left it out of
my haul so I’m going to be trying that
but um I love those Reese’s chocolate
things that you get is like peanut
butter with like the Reese’s chocolate
that they do like for Easter and for
Christmas I found a recipe that I’m
going to make it keto friendly I’m gonna
try that
and I got those little cookie cutter
things I’m going to try that maybe next
week or the week after so stay tuned for
so anyways just want to say hello if you
have an amazing day thanks for stopping
by my channel please be sure to check
out my Instagram Paradise University my
snapchat peer – goddess my blog pure
gosh university calm I’m Way more active
on there but of course I’m daily
vlogging right now until Christmas but I
am also on those channels I hope you
will check me out and stay tuned for the
footage of the Walmart shopping haul and
I will see y’all later
hi guys hi guys happy vlogmas day 4 so
this is my Kido Walmart grocery haul and
also is to show you some snack ideas and
some really good keto essentials that
you should have for your your diet and
I’m gonna give you some tips that I’m
going to cook some of these later on in
the week just show you some meal
prepping but I just did a very tiny haul
today at Walmart because I just kind of
shopped for the week and picked up just
a couple items that I needed so I got
some pork chops here for $6 that’s not
bad guys pretty good size you know
standard meat and make some pork chops
too this week I got to this ground beef
because I’m going to be making these dip
that I got from another channel it’s
like a Rotel and beef and I think cream
cheese dip that I’m going to make it
this weekend and I’m gonna dip it with
pork rinds pork rinds if you love chips
are your best friends on keto so I got
these spicy buffalo flavored and I got
regular flavor so I just picked up three
or four of these bags that warmer I
think there were like a dollar
ninety-nine of heat I also picked up
some sparkling water
I love sparkling water this was a dollar
and I like to put over ice and I pouring
some of this lemon juice this lemon
juice I actually got from the 99-cent
but I like to put it together with the
water and makes like a very tart
lemonade or almost like a sprite
sensation so if you’re on keto and
you’re trying to kick a soda habit I
recommend you pick yourself up some
sparkling water and some lemon juice I’m
telling you it helps with the cravings
at night and it helps you get rid of
your addiction to soda even though I
still drink soda it’s a really good
substitute and it’s a good way to get
your water in so I got some sour cream
some Rotel sriracha now if you are
fighting a sweet tooth so my favorite
products to get on keto is Atkins the
Atkins bars I think they only have six
net carbs no it has three net carbs a
bar and then these are like M&M candies
and these are only one net carb a bag so
that’s pretty good and these are at
Walmart so those are some really good
low carb snack ideas they also have low
carb tortillas from mission it’s the
carb balance tortillas I got these at
Walmart they have six net carbs per
tortilla and you guys these are life
stable I make quesadillas I make egg
tacos pizzas on there those are a
lifesaver another thing I do for snack
when I’m having a craving guys these are
punt tic tacs are amazing they have no
carbs zero carbs guys but I know their
sugar in here but it’s zero carbs so
probably not the best but if you’re a
candy addict or you want something sweet
at night I always put a you know handful
of beads oops a handful of those and
they’re really tasty and pair that with
a tart lemonade you guys you will get
rid of your sugar cravings I’m telling
you so tic tacs and gum and the Atkins
bars are all really really good to have
so basically that’s all I have and I
have some bacon and eggs
fridge and some avocados and that’s it
for the week guys I’m just going to have
pork chops and some loaded cauliflower
rice and some broccoli and then I’m
going to have this dip on the weekend
and I’m going to use it to dip it with
the pork rinds and I’m going to make
probably pizza and chicken quesadillas
on the weekend and then this is going to
be my dinner pretty much for the week
and then these are just snacks I also
got some bacon bits which I figure you
know I could pour them into the
cauliflower rice or maybe into the eggs
I’m gonna make some egg muffins this
week at some I think tomorrow I’m gonna
make them for the week so I will film
that recipe but I hope you enjoyed this
quick little Walmart tall and gave you
some ideas for some keto snacks they
definitely help you getting rid of your
sweet cravings and then of course later
on this week I will be doing some
cooking and meal prepping hope you
enjoyed this video bye guys

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  1. ChellyBean Posted on December 4, 2018 at 6:52 pm

    Another great video 🙂 keep it up 🙂

  2. puregoddessuniversity Posted on December 4, 2018 at 7:01 pm

    Welcome to Vlogmas day 4!