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WAG Cooking Show: Bachelor Patties

[Rory] Hey guys welcome back inside the kitchen Rory Mckernan
[Tommy] Tommy Marquez
[Rory] and we cover some ground today man we learned a lot of things we did some
recipes that would work for the family
done some recipes that just made some
simple little salads and this one’s
completely different
[Tommy] yeah you mentioned covering some ground today we’re covering some ground beef some lean ground beef
we got some 93% lean ground beef so a little bit
less fatty alternative for some
people at home you know summer is gonna
be around the corner the weather starts
to turn a little bit better
everybody is outside on the barbecue
it’s like an American tradition you know
thrown some burgers throwing some sausages but for a lot of people they just
default to whatever’s at the party and you don’t necessarily want to
do that because you don’t know what
you’re getting macro wise so here’s a
pretty easy way in my opinion at least you know kind of do the barbecue on your own terms
so we have a pound here of that 93% lean/7% fat ground beef so
we’re gonna put that in there Rory if
you want we got some garlic powder some
onion powder salt and pepper I’m gonna
let you season those
I’m gonna chop up a little bit of this onion
[Rory] oh buddy that was your first mistake
[Tommy] I know
[Rory] when’s the last time you had a quarter pound burger and you were satisfied never
so we’re gonna throw these in cook them for a couple minutes we’ll come right back after that
[Tommy] all right guys so these burgers are just about done we’re actually gonna take a little bit of
cheese to put on there but we actually
got these ultra thin slices of mild
cheddar cheese just so if you guys are
being a little bit more macro conscious
in terms of your fat you know we get a
ton of protein from the burger already
so you don’t have to worry about these
ultra thin slices are like half the
protein and fat of a normal slice of
cheese plus you still get the flavor and
the texture it’s kind of a win-win in my
opinion those are gonna finish up
[Rory] what’s gonna go with it Tommy what’s gonna go with my burger
[Tommy] well I’m glad you asked Rory because we are gonna set up a wonderful
singles only salad and a little mixed
berries action for the summertime or
you know it’s good any time of year if
you’re in California because it’s pretty
much sunny year-round we also have an Israeli salad recipe that could go well
with it as well so double-check that as
well but we’re gonna do a little salad here
[Rory] I can’t see where the buns are
[Tommy] oh that’s funny because there are no buns mother nature has provided us some buns
[Rory] what oh probably from the lettuce capital of the world
[Tommy] yes from Salinas always be plugging the hometown
[Rory] bing
all right so we have our bachelor patties completed with some cheese some homemade
condiments some fresh vegetables on top and a little bit of salad
[Rory] I want to eat man I mean that’s a wrap
[Tommy] that’s a lettuce wrap

Randall Smitham



  1. Mike Does Things Posted on June 25, 2018 at 8:10 pm

    Looks amazing and ridiculously filling. Gotta give it a go.