April 5, 2020
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Hey YouTube Family so today we’re doing
another weekly keto grocery haul y’all I just really and truly love doing these
type of videos you know it if your girl can’t talk about anything else I can
talk about some food y’all are gonna be so proud of me go ahead and get ready to
clap for your girl because you know I don’t normally do this so I did make me
a little keto shopping grocery list or whatever y’all I’m very proud of myself
like who am I like this adulting thing is really going pretty smoothly right
now for me but know about all that y’all so we are about to go inside the store
and start this keto grocery haul let’s go So, today um I actually did a full body workout y’all and I’m very proud of myself Like, I wish I would’ve recorded that Because y’all like we are doing our BEST on keto, but we also want to make sure we are working out. I feel like it is so important to workout still even if you are doing keto Y’all if I get kidnapped at least we’ll have proof but y’all won’t even know because I got to edit the video Okay y’all so first things first we are going to get some avocados. We loooove some avocados over here y’all at our Walmart we have avocados for .98 cents Y’all I did see in someone’s video where they did like where they split and
avocado and then they put it in it and then they just put in the other and
I’m gonna try that when hey I feel like I’m gonna really love that we are
getting three avocados y’all they go great with anything like breakfast lunch
dinner it doesn’t even matter like you can never go wrong with avocados
all right you know so now we are gonna get some kale yay I’m so proud of
Walmart for having some here today and I’m gonna show y’all how I make my kale
chips hashtag health y’all so we are going to
get two cucumbers y’all you know last time went well last week when I did my
weekly grocery haul I hate all those cucumbers love y’all I’m trying to get
the perfect cucumber I like that but yeah I hate all those cucumbers up y’all
I’m literally addicted to cucumbers now y’all so we are in the vegan section but
this is where I get my pasta zero spaghetti noodles they’re so good and I
haven’t had them in a while so yeah just in case y’all don’t know the nutrition
facts it is 15 calories 0 grams of fat 5 grams of carbs 2 grams of fiber so
there’s three grams net carbs and 0 grams of protein all right y’all so now
we’re looking at fruits so we have strawberries blueberries blackberries
raspberries question of the day you all know why strawberries are cheaper than
the other berries because I would think that you know these other berries would
be cheaper scratch that y’all we’re gonna go with the bigger ones because
now everyone else in the house loves strawberries and I’m trying I’m eating
up all the strawberries but even with the bigger container y’all it’s still
just a few sin then these other berries like this crazy I don’t understand it ok
y’all so it’s veggie city so we’re gonna get 3 things up okra yo I’m so happy
Walmart has my five gram net carb rap yes so happy so we’re gonna be making
some keto tacos this week yes yes now y’all we are going to get three
bags of broccoli and green beans of course duh y’all I would love to get
this mashed cauliflower cheddar and bacon but y’all know I can’t have this
cheese not about that cheese life so we are just gonna get some plain original
mashed cauliflower meat time we have Meat Time! We have some thin chops yeah oh yeah I’m so
ready to eat some food y’all like I can already just imagine
just eating these right now so we’re gonna get some all natural
ground beef yeah 80% lean 20% fat y’all my mom wants me
to get this whole young chicken so bad I could eat this whole chicken by myself –
y’all we are gonna get some chicken wings because y’all I am all I’m
honestly y’all I’m kind of tired of chicken thighs right now I’m just saying
that this week next week I probably get some chicken thighs but this week we’re
gonna have Chili’s and of course y’all we are going to get some bacon
next meat product we’re getting y’all is some smoked sausage on the days when I’m
just like forget cooking I just want a snack I’m gonna have me some liver
cheese I can make it into like my little wrap oh my gosh mom you just creeped up
on me like that and I was like who is this so now y’all
we are gonna get some roasted pecans uh-huh Oh what is going on I don’t see
any rows of guns y’all I would knock all this stuff over can you know it I’m just
playing it but that’s how I feel inside I don’t knock all this stuff over I’m so
mad y’all we don’t have any bro super guns y’all the way I feel right now I
just want to go home I don’t have my Rosa pecans I feel hurt
I’m very hurt a great snack y’all we’re gonna get some pork rinds yeah today
y’all I’m gonna get some sprite zero just kind of over a Coke Zero I’m
probably lie to myself but I just want to get crazy right so that’s what we’re
gonna get we’re gonna get two of the Powerade zero makes Perry just on the
days when I probably have Zumba we’re gonna get two dozen eggs probably what
top three important items on keto I mean you don’t have to eat eggs but life is
great with eggs on keto silk on the milk make sure you get the unsweetened one
y’all and the one that’s 30 calories that’s someone I prefer to get so y’all
I do make my own keto pancakes but I’m not gonna get these for this week but I
may get them for next week but these are some keto pancake and waffle mix so I
mean just let y’all know they got a meal Walmart in case you did not know that
so y’all here at Walmart I don’t think they have the Walden Farms sugar-free
pancake syrup I typically just get those at Kroger in a way but um so I think
after our little trip here I’m gonna have to go to Kroger and get some
sugar-free syrup yeah of course I got to get me some Smuckers creamy natural
peanut butter because I like to make my peanut butter cookies with Oh almost
failed I like to make my peanut butter cookies with this um
peanut butter so yeah we got some pecans and we have some pure vanilla extract
because your girl is gonna be doing some bacon this week yep yep yep
of course y’all we got our halo top dairy-free candy bar ice cream y’all it
is dark dark as can be let me out thank you
so YouTube family we are in the car mama you want to say something to them you
would talk to them all day like that is so rude such a great day such an awkward
fall y’all is so crazy it was daylight when we went in Walmart
it is dark do y’all see this darkness I just want to go to bed y’all like I know
I’m gonna sleep so good tonight y’all I’m talking about snoring and everything
like all my sleep good tonight I wanna tell y’all this I have been
watching Grey’s Anatomy and right now I’m on season 9 and y’all I just can’t
take this like I can’t take it right now it’s stressing me out I don’t need
anything else to happen right now are any members as a YouTube family like a
loyal Grey’s Anatomy fan y’all because who chow season nine I’m just at the
beginning and I’ve been crying crying real tears y’all real tears
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will see you in the next video which will be Wednesday alright y’all I really
do hope y’all are having a great Monday and I will see you on Wednesday
let me so much bye Oh y’all new boy just takes me all right bye offer

Randall Smitham