April 7, 2020
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– With any nutrition plan that you start, you are rewiring your body to
operate at a different level. You can either look at it as “I’m sacrificing xyz to get to my goal” or you can see it as
letting go of old habits to start a new life. Sacrifice means you’re giving up something that you don’t value. So if you don’t value obesity,
the risk of heart disease or diabetes, then are you
really sacrificing anything? What you’re sacrificing
is a life of restraint for a life of freedom to make
choices based on your health and what you want in the long run. If this sounds like something
you want for yourself, I have a free resource for you. Click the link below to download
my free mindset manifesto. So one thing that I
teach my code red rebels, is instead of saying “I
can’t have this”, they say “I don’t want it” or “I
choose not to have it”. It’s all in your mind,
you gotta realize that. It all boils down to
how you look at things. I can’t have that, I can’t have that. No, I can but I don’t want to. I can have the cupcake. Certainly nobody’s slapping
that food out of your mouth. You control the last 8
inches from here to here. It’s not prison but I chose not to because it will set my weight
loss back an entire week or it will give me diarrhea
or it will make me really sick or it will make my blood
sugar go through the roof. You’ve got to switch around your thinking about sacrificing certain foods. You’ve got to start
thinking of certain foods as “this is not the best fuel for my body. This is not serving my
health for the better.” or “I choose to have the bell peppers and the fajita meats because it’s a great source
of fiber and nutrients, a great source of meat.” You’ve gotta change your mindset. You’ve gotta change the way
you look at sacrificing. Is it a sacrifice or are you
choosing a healthier option and choosing to hold yourself accountable? I’m telling you guys, I
sound like a broken record but it all boils down to your mindset. It all boils down to
want I want for my body. I choose to fuel my
body with healthy foods. I choose to get my sleep so that I feel rejuvenated and
refreshed the next morning. I choose to put water in
my body instead of soda, juice, energy drinks, alcohol. I choose to do that. I choose the healthier option. See you’re expecting so much in your body. You’re expecting yourself to be able to chase after your three kids. You’re expecting to be
able to perform in sports and to lift a 305 deadlift at cross fit. You’re expecting to be able to take care of your elderly parent,
walk your dog twice a day, cook dinner for your family. You’re expecting that from your body but yet you’re not giving
your body what it needs to be able to function at those levels. That’s not fair. That’s not fair to do to your body. So choose the healthier option to give yourself the right fuel that it needs to get through your life, which by the way is just not easy. Your life is not easy, it’s complicated, therefor you need the right
fuel to get through it. Decide a day how you want to
view your weight loss journey. If you’re seeing restraint and sacrifice, then yes it’s gonna be
a tough journey ahead but if you switch that attitude and see it as empowerment of freedom to make a healthy choice, you come from a place of abundance. Decide today. Download my free resource below. If you like this video
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when I release a new video but listen, I want you to comment below what freedom have you experienced since switching to code red, how have you experienced
just incredible empowerment and freedom. I want to hear what you think. Put it in the box below and
I’ll see you on the next video. (upbeat music)

Randall Smitham