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What Apple Cider Vinegar Really Does To Your Body

Benji Jones: Wait, how zoomed-in are you? The internet is good for many things, but providing trusted
advice on natural remedies is definitely not one of them, especially when it comes
to apple cider vinegar. A quick Google search will show you that people use it for everything
from cleaning their teeth to curing yeast infections. So if people on the internet are doing it, it’s worth trying, right? Definitely wrong. Because not only is there little evidence to support most of the uses
for apple cider vinegar, but some of them are
straight-up bad for you. Apple cider vinegar is
basically just fermented juice. Yeast turns the sugars in
apple juice into alcohol, and bacteria then turns that alcohol into acetic acid, the chemical linked to most of cider vinegar’s alleged benefits. But here’s the thing: This process isn’t unique
to apple cider vinegar. In fact, acetic acid is
in all types of vinegar, from white wine to balsamic. The main thing that makes
cider vinegar different is that it might be easier to swallow than a straight-up swig of balsamic. And if you are so
inclined to gulp it down, there’s at least one benefit
you can look forward to. Research shows that drinking
cider vinegar after a meal may help lower your blood-sugar levels. Edwin McDonald: So studies
have demonstrated that when people eat a high-starch
meal and follow it with a little bit of apple cider vinegar, the blood sugars after eating those meals may not go up as much compared
to when you eat placebo. Jones: That’s doctor and
trained chef Edwin McDonald. He says that ingesting as little as 20 grams of apple cider vinegar has been shown to slow the release of food from your stomach into your intestines. That’s where your body breaks down starches like pasta into sugars, and as a result… McDonald: You’re not gonna
absorb those sugars as quickly. So when you don’t absorb
sugars as quickly, your insulin levels
really don’t rise as much, and your blood sugar doesn’t rise as much. Jones: And that’s great news for anyone who’s diabetic or pre-diabetic. Now, despite what you read online, it probably won’t help you lose weight. McDonald: I also run a
weight-management clinic, and this question comes up all the time. Jones: But lowering your blood
sugar after a meal is just about the only benefit of
drinking apple cider vinegar. Research does suggest that acetic acid can slow down the accumulation of body fat and prevent metabolic
disorders in mice and rats. But there’s little evidence that it has the same effect on humans. In one weight-loss
experiment, 30 volunteers drank two tablespoons of
either apple cider vinegar, malt vinegar, or a placebo drink, twice a day, for two months straight, and none of them lost weight. In an older study with a similar design, participants did lose weight, but only about a third
of a pound each week, which McDonald says isn’t much. But if not for weight loss, what about using cider
vinegar to whiten your teeth? McDonald: I caution people against that. Jones: That’s because
cider vinegar is an acid. In fact, most brands have a pH between 2 and 3, which is similar to stomach acid, so swishing it around in your mouth can over time wear down the
enamel around your teeth, leaving them feeling rough to the touch and more susceptible
to cavities and decay. Yikes. Then there are the people who use apple cider vinegar as
a shampoo replacement. And as it turns out, there’s actually a pretty good reason for that. Because cider vinegar is so
acidic, Dr. McDonald says it can kill some of the microbes
that make your hair stink, and it can also limit the population of a type of fungus that
can lead to dandruff. But there’s a flip side. Because cider vinegar is so acidic, it can also burn or irritate your scalp. So you should always dilute it with water. Oh, and despite what you read online, cider vinegar is not
effective against head lice. In fact, one study found
that among six home remedies that people use to eliminate lice, like olive oil and mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar is
the least effective. None of them worked though. The claims of what apple
cider vinegar can do don’t stop there. Just keep in mind that at
least for now, none of them is supported by a large
body of scientific research. Now, of course, we’re
not talking about taste. When it comes to cooking,
there’s no uncertainty: Apple cider vinegar is delicious. I use it all the time when making dressing, pickles, and sauces. Yes, I cook. I just don’t walk away from meals thinking I’ve just swallowed
some ultimate cure-all.

Randall Smitham



  1. Dane Reid Posted on June 28, 2019 at 4:48 pm

    I have metabolic syndrome and I get headaches as a result of higher carbs. Drinking Apple cider vinegar has helped me with those headaches.

  2. Barb Posted on June 28, 2019 at 5:10 pm

    Keeping your insulin levels from going high is what helps you lose weight, if you were constantly in a hi levels of insulin you will gain weight insulin is a hormone that creates fat cells

  3. Nathan T Posted on June 29, 2019 at 8:50 am

    I had a fatty liver. I started drinking ACV twice a day and within months I lost 2 inches off my waist and my blood triglyceride levels were back within healthy range.
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  4. Robin W Posted on June 29, 2019 at 1:58 pm

    Is it just me or does je Sound like a lesbian? I meaaan do you See what i am saaayiin?

  5. Paul Snyder Posted on June 30, 2019 at 7:10 am

    Olive oil and mayonnaise doesn't work to literally suffocate lice from breathing and therefore dying? When applied nightly for the amount of days it would take a newly laid egg to hatch (6-9 days according to the CDC) and some days to suffocate newly born nymphs? Ok random, young, white dude from a random youtube channel on the internet. I'll disregard science and common sense because you cleverly said "none of them work though". lol

  6. Raquel Botelho Posted on June 30, 2019 at 9:05 am

    I lost over 20lbs in 8 weeks drinking 3 capsful of ACV with grapefruit before every meal. It worked for me. AVC reduces inflammation

  7. Andrew Heys Posted on June 30, 2019 at 7:40 pm

    I'll make a video and reference CNN and the BBC at the end, the fact they are even on that list takes all credibility from this video. CNN and the BBC have no credibility in reporting anything anymore.

  8. 2dashville Posted on July 1, 2019 at 5:15 am

    If you gonna chug balsamic vinegar it should be the real deal.

  9. Bobbie May Posted on July 1, 2019 at 9:37 pm

    You are talking absolute rubbish. Apples produce mallic acid and it does wonders for my joints. I wouldn’t be without it. You are trying to drink far too much of it! I use it to keep my joints flexible and it works! Nothing to do with weight loss – that doesn’t work!

  10. El Chapo Posted on July 2, 2019 at 12:32 am

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  12. Ethan Letzer Posted on July 3, 2019 at 1:31 am

    Your missing the most beneficial aspect of raw unfiltered ACV….the probiotics. Probiotics help improve your health in SOOOOOOO many ways it's unbelievable

  13. Allen Edgar Posted on July 3, 2019 at 10:11 am

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  14. Paul McNabb Posted on July 3, 2019 at 8:59 pm

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  16. keecefly Posted on July 4, 2019 at 8:02 pm

    The lowering of blood sugar is it's core benefit you moron.

    Metabolic syndrome issues cause people to gain weight or make it difficult for you to lose it.

    You misunderstood the research data. 😶

  17. joshua stables Posted on July 5, 2019 at 7:05 am

    No valuable information in that what so ever 🙄

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  23. Is Az Posted on July 7, 2019 at 12:20 am

    It stops sugar cravings if 2 tbsps are drank in lukewarm water on empty stomach. That's how it stops you eating unnecessary calories. Hence the weight loss.

  24. Lucy G Posted on July 7, 2019 at 4:18 am

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  26. 101 Life Posted on July 7, 2019 at 9:13 pm

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  30. Jun Lozada Posted on July 10, 2019 at 7:24 pm

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  44. Methuselah Posted on July 15, 2019 at 7:18 am

    Apple cider vinegar is good for keeping to stomach acid level good, balancing insulin levels, Good for gut bacteria , bloating, gas, helps with the absorption of nutrients ,closes the stomach opening to avoid acid reflux going up your throat.

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    I only drink ACV usually to cure food poisoning. Works better than pepto!

  54. coolstay85 Posted on July 25, 2019 at 7:36 am

    It's just acetic acid with apple flavor. It does whatever regular vinegar does.

  55. Dutchess Jones Posted on July 25, 2019 at 1:25 pm

    For me…apple cider vinegar helps me lose inches. It may be superficially help my clothes fit better while I consistently drink it….but it helps manage my curves 😇

  56. Dont Sign Posted on July 29, 2019 at 4:40 am

    You can easily tell that apple cider vinegar bottle is from Bragg

  57. Dont Sign Posted on July 29, 2019 at 4:42 am

    Why do i keep getting such things in my recommendations is youtube tryna tell me something :/

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  59. Michelle Laroche Posted on August 5, 2019 at 4:40 am

    What about it’s antifungal properties? I have used it as an additional treatment for ringworm and athlete’s foot with great effect!

  60. Edward Budai Posted on August 8, 2019 at 3:11 am

    @ Science Insider. You are so wrong with Your Information.
    Apple Cider Vinegar Has been used for over 800 years. In fact maybe even longer, Even Columbus Had Barrels of it when He Discovered America. It's even in Many Medical Books Dating way back to 1500's. Do some Real Research and Don't be Idiot's. Spreading False and Bad Information.

  61. Xperiaplay Philippines Posted on August 9, 2019 at 12:18 am

    Try it if it works for you then good. Research on alternative remedies are suppressed by big pharma. Which is why they are contended with saying that there is not enough research on it.

  62. Cliff Mp Posted on August 9, 2019 at 3:56 am

    You… are an idiot!

  63. atDrinkH2o Posted on August 11, 2019 at 12:11 pm

    Doctor AND trained Chef?? Whoever is married to that man…#BLESSED

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    Please watch Dr. Eric Berg's videos on Apple Cider vinegar. Your research is not enough.

  65. Óscar A. Montiel Posted on August 15, 2019 at 3:26 pm

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  72. Montrose MartialArts Posted on August 29, 2019 at 8:04 am

    ACV cured my dermatitis. My sons g.f. told me it was the only thing that cured her acid reflux. It helps your digestion. Also, i recently had severe tooth ache and swishing with 50/50 ACV and water relieved the ache immediately… and with half water, i dont think it hurt enamel on my teeth.

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  77. Stephy Dippolito Posted on September 14, 2019 at 4:16 am

    The only thing I’ve noticed in my own personal, non professional experience is that it helps with my digestion if I have a tablespoon of ACV with water. I normally bloat and can often feel tightness or discomfort in my gut, but when I take the ACV it helps. I definitely don’t think it’s a cure all though.

  78. Cloxboy Posted on September 16, 2019 at 8:08 am

    You guys should seriously drop the "Science" from your channel name. Some more appropriate (and honest) name suggestions: "Pseudoscience Insider" or "Scientific Conjecture Insider".

  79. Crying Onion Posted on September 23, 2019 at 4:20 am

    I just started like 5 mins ago but I drank to much

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    if you have low stomach acid , always get a lump feeling in your throat spitting all the time and get nauseas after eating.

  81. Luis Garibay Posted on September 29, 2019 at 6:16 am

    good thing they have Acv gummies now check them out….

  82. Quentin Daniels Posted on September 29, 2019 at 12:20 pm

    Fyi, if you haven’t taken the time to test this for yourself, and observe the effects of acv, then you may want to do this.

    Acv does lower blood sugar, and how much acv you drink makes a difference as well.

    Liver/Natural Energy
    Acv cleans the liver and in turn allows the liver to clean the blood that much more effectively. Rest assured you will notice your energy levels go up quite a bit.

    Don’t drink acv straight out of the bottle, that’s just stupid. As soon as you did that, I could tell you had no actual idea what you were talking about. You want to keep your teeth? Mix it with water and drink it through a straw, then rinse your mouth with water afterwards.

    Acv is great for your health, and you are seriously missing out if you don’t make it a part of your diet.

  83. Gilbert Cervantes Posted on September 30, 2019 at 5:29 am

    Bullshitt it might of Not worked for him that’s why his ass hurt 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  84. Israfael D. Posted on October 1, 2019 at 7:59 am

    I don't speak for everyone; but Apple cider works for me. Don't use it for teeth though.

  85. Love Peace Posted on October 2, 2019 at 9:22 am

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  86. watercloset99 Posted on October 2, 2019 at 6:03 pm

    You are one foolish moron. No one said that acv will help/make you lose weight in & of itself. You have to incorporate diet & exercise into your daily routine. Also, taking acv is recommended; however you only need to use about one tablespoon in a 12oz glass of water.

  87. Theholocaust Isalie Posted on October 2, 2019 at 6:51 pm

    Apple cider vinegar is used by myself and fellow pigeon fanciers to prevent and cure a very severe mouth fungus called canker. It works. It saves pigeon lives.
    I am quite confident that ACV helps stop fungus overgrowths in humans too.

  88. Theholocaust Isalie Posted on October 2, 2019 at 6:53 pm

    ACV maybe acidic but when you drink it it alkalizes the body.

  89. United Kreative Posted on October 3, 2019 at 1:57 am

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  90. DH Posted on October 3, 2019 at 4:59 pm

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  91. Xrystiana Heiselt Posted on October 4, 2019 at 3:46 pm

    So, question. You said that the benefit of not raising blood sugar levels with a heavy meal mostly comes from the acid, and that the same acid is also found in wine. Does that mean I can gain the same benefits by having a glass of wine with my meal?

  92. mike blaze Posted on October 5, 2019 at 12:45 am

    So you a nobody, is disputing the dozens of research done on this subject, the numerous doctors who explain why it is beneficial and how it works on the body.
    When you have a minute please tell everyone of your qualifications to discuss this, and the dozen of research the supports your findings.

  93. Antnj81 Posted on October 5, 2019 at 6:35 pm

    It's funny, because you can tell how hard this guy is really reaching to discredit apple cider vinegar. It's been used for hundreds of years and most people swear by it, not to mention the numerous studies that have been done. Yes there have been studies done on apple cider vinegar and the effects on the body. Just like this guy said not to believe everything you hear on the internet… Well this video is definitely one of those things on the internet to be cautious about

  94. sagrammyfour Posted on October 6, 2019 at 8:50 am

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  95. sagrammyfour Posted on October 6, 2019 at 8:55 am

    I dropped thirty points in my blood glucose checks by taking one TBSP of ACV once or twice a day. I haven't had sustained normal blood sugars in 10 years–not that my endocrinologist or BigPharma give a shit. Actually, they WANT me to be sick–keeps them in the money.

  96. gmaccruyff55 Posted on October 6, 2019 at 12:02 pm

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