April 4, 2020
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What are Ketones?  Ketogenic Diet Basics [CC]

The ketogenic diet is receiving a lot of attention
right now. And I am planning a series of videos talking
about the science behind this phenomenon and dietitians’ advice regarding the ketogenic
diet. Today we’re going to talk about what many
refer to as, ketones, though more specifically they are ketone bodies, because
not actually all ketone bodies are ketones. So in our body, there is an acid that is typically used in
the breakdown of stored fat into useable energy, and when carbohydrate intake is low this acid
is instead converted into glucose to fuel the brain. Now this acid would have typically interacted with something that’s called acetyl CoA. But because it is otherwise occupied, acetyl CoA accumulates. And at this point, the liver steps in with a process
called ketogenesis. Now, ketogenesis is actually always occurring,
but it becomes especially active when carbohydrate intake is low. Now during ketogenesis, the liver takes that
excess acetyl CoA and converts it into ketone bodies. These ketone bodies are released into the blood. And are used to fuel the central
nervous system and other body tissues. So when the ketone bodies get to the cells in the tissues, they’re actually converted back into acetyl CoA. Which is then used for ATP production. And ATP has sometimes been described as the body’s currency for using and storing energy. So I know that this may be super sciencey for some
people and maybe oversimplified for others, but hopefully this is helpful or at least a refresher, and
we will talk more about the ketogenic diet soon! So let me know what questions you’d like to see answered, down below!

Randall Smitham