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What Are Some Of The BEST Dietary Practices You Recommend?

Dr. Eric Bakker here, thanks for coming back. I’m the naturopath from New Zealand. You probably know that by now. Anyway, here’s a question that repeatedly
gets asked of me. What are some of the best dietary practices
that you recommend? Let’s talk about some of the main few points
here on paper. Many, many different points could be raised
here, but what I’ve written down here some of my favorites, and I think if you follow
some of these points, it’s going to help you tremendously. To begin with, I don’t really recommend that
you follow any particular specific kind of diet, like the paleo diet or the low carb
diet or the keto diet or this diet or that diet. You may look at the Candida Crusher book and
say, “But hang on a minute, you’re wrong. You recommended MEVY diet.” Well, if you look at it carefully, it’s actually
meat, eggs, vegetables and yogurt. And also the way I’ve written it in the book
is it’s modifiable to suit your approach. I’m not telling you what you can and can’t
eat. I’m not the food police. I’ve never been like that. However, some people may aggravate on some
of the recommendations I make and some people may not aggravate at all on them. And that’s the key. You need to really modify the diet to suit
your own microbiome at that particular point in time. No two people have got the same microbiome,
in the same gut, the bacteria in the gut. Their diet is going to have to be modified
to suit the person. That’s how it works. Here are some key points, particularly if
you’re looking at keeping lean and mean. Because I’m not a fat bugger, lean and mean
and at nearly 60 now I’m the same weight I was when I was 20. If you can keep that same weight all the way
through your life or gain a few pounds, I call it a winter coat and then drop that winter
coat in summertime, that’s really ideal. Particularly when you get older, you don’t
want to pack on too much weight. Smaller plate sizes is the first thing I’ve
written down. Check out the size plates you’ve got, and
you could probably go for a smaller plate size. Even slightly smaller. When you fill that up, you get your normal
plate, put your food on it, you take it off, that food off and put it on a smaller plane. Look how full that plate looks. Psychologically you’re going to think, whoa,
I got a lot of food on this plate. The bigger the plate, of course the more food
you need on it to fill it up. Psychologically you’re thinking that you’re
only eating a small amount, but in fact you’re getting a larger amount. And remember my exercise, the best exercise
you can do, the best exercise ever you can do to lose weight, it’s this exercise. Remember this one that I taught you a while
ago? It’s pushing the plate away from your face. It’s a really good exercise and it works. Also, if you keep doing it every day, you’ll
build up good shoulder muscles. Especially if your plate’s really full with
food, like some people. Last time I was in Los Angeles, I was at this
diner. I could not believe much people, food people
had on their plates. It was literally piled, I need a ladder to
get up the top. It was crazy how much food. Every time consistently when I’ve eaten in
Los Angeles and I’ve got a meal and I had to give the guy instructions on what I wanted. I didn’t want sauces all drizzled on it. I had to literally leave half or three quarters
of the meal behind because that’s how much food I was served up. Just too much. Quality of your food, not quantity of your
food. Always be fussy about the quality of the food
you’re eating or not always. Always strive to do your best when you’re
eating particular foods, especially if you’re out and sometimes your best isn’t brilliant,
but it’s the best that you can make it at that particular time. But generally there’s always choices and many
people tell me they haven’t got choices when they go to restaurants, but excuse me, you
got plenty of choices. Watch out for buffets, watch out for places
where you can load up. You can keep going back more and more. And be very careful of some restaurants like
the seafood buffets. My brother calls him Salmonella City. Just be careful of these places. They can be a bit dodgy. But if you’ve got a buffet it means you’re
going to go back again and again and again. You’re going to have three or four plates
of food which you don’t need. Be careful on buffets. The quality, not the quantity. With each year that passes and you get older
I think this is an even more important rule. The quantity needs to go down of the food
and the quality needs to go up. 20 year old doesn’t have to eat in my opinion,
exactly the same quality as an 80 year old. The 20 year old has got different energy requirements. 80 year old is more infirm is going to be
sitting down more. Look at the nutritional requirements there. But a 20 year old, if they’re really smart
like my young son is, he’s doing weight training, he only eats quality. But he eats quantity too because he’s doing
an enormous amount of weight training. Snack on yogurt, clever trick. If you’re hungry, get a bit of yogurt, put
some strawberries on it or some blueberries on it. Snack on yogurt. Why would you do that for? Keep working on improving your beneficial
bacteria. Keep putting lactic acid into the stomach. It reduces inflammation. It inhibits bacteria and yeast. It grows good bacteria and good bacteria again
are going to give you incredible benefits. Eating small amounts of yogurt has proven
to be very powerful for your immune system as well. People who eat yogurt every day don’t get
anywhere near the colds, coughs or flus than people who don’t eat yogurt regularly. There are many research papers I can show
you that all back up that statement. Sour Greek yogurt, not the stuff full of artificial
sugars, high fructose corn syrup, crap like that. Eat sprouts. Sprouts are a fantastic food full of enzymes. If you really want to improve your digestive
function, if you want to really clean that stomach and small intestine right out, keep
eating sprouts. You can sprout them yourself or you can buy
sprouts in packets in supermarket. I try and eat sprouts every single day. I like the hot, peppery ones. I like the mung bean sprouts, all different
types of sprouts. They’re a great snack too. What else have we got here? Here’s a habit that I’ve developed over the
years and it was a habit that sprung out of a bad habit that my mother had. Every time the mother would be typing a letter,
she’d light up a cigarette every time. I saw that for years and years. Typewriters, in fact, all my studying was
done on a typewriter. We didn’t have computers back in the eighties,
nineties. That’s what she did. I always associated her smoking and typing
and I watched my dad eating apples and I looked at him and I thought, he only eats an apple
when he’s driving a car. It’s an associated behavior. Every time he gets behind the wheel of a car,
and that’s a habit that I’ve picked up. Often when I drive, many times people see
me eating an apple. It’s just an associated behavior. It’s a healthy behavior, but if it was in
the UK, in England, I believe I’d get fined something like 80 pounds for driving while
eating an apple. Isn’t it crazy? That’s why I’m not going to England. Associated behaviors, if you’re doing a particular
behavior, you’re going to associate a healthy behavior with that, an eating behavior. Think about that, it’s an interesting statement. Be picky when you go out for food, you only
thin friends, you only thin people at restaurants, but don’t sit there and eat lots of gluten
or lots of meat and suffer in silence. If you don’t want a particular food, you just
say, “Look, I’m sorry. I don’t want that,” order something else. It’s your call. Many people have told me that they don’t want
to put someone out or embarrass them so unfortunately then that person has to pay the price. You end up sitting on the bathroom all the
next day or by being sick because they didn’t speak up for themselves. Speak up. Don’t have what we call cheat days where you’re
eating five or six days of the week really good and then one day you blow out and you
have couple of big bottles of Coca Cola and you have a couple of big snack packs of KFC
or something. That’s not a great idea. If you are going to have these cheats, you
can incorporate small amounts here or there. But having an actual day where you cheat out,
in my opinion will slowly lead to more cheat days and more cheat days. And eventually, you’ll have a few bits of
lettuce leaf and you’ll pay lip service to healthy eating around all the greasy spoon
kinds of stuff that you eat. Don’t do it. Small amounts are acceptable. But remember the 80/20 rule, even 90/10 rule,
80 to 90% of what you eat should be very good. A small percentage should be not so good,
but having the cheat days allows you to have more cheat days. I wouldn’t do it. And that’s some of my tips. Another tip, I’ll leave you the last one is,
don’t always eat food. Remember we’ve discussed this previous, if
you feel that stomach growling sensation is most likely the MMR. It’s a motor reflex. It’s your body actually cleaning out that
digestive tract. It doesn’t mean to say you’re hungry all the
time and sometimes it pays to be a little bit hungry. It’s great for your gut not to be always peppered
with food. It’s the key to keeping your weight down is
by curbing and controlling the appetite. And a lot of it’s emotional based. Think about that statement. That’s what I’ll leave you with. Click on the link below in the description
box if they want my free 70 page Candida shopping guide. It’s a good one. Thank you for tuning in.

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    So is it okay eat plain dairy yogurt if we have candida?

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