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hey guys is Anita Tee from here to give you more science and gut health facts that are
totally off the book. Today I wanted to talk in particular about a really
interesting article that I was reading and it was actually about a mother and
how she was discussing that she has a lot of problems buying products for her
kid and the reason for that is she sees just a lot of conflicting evidence when
she tries to read about these products and on one hand she’s hearing wow
they’re so good for you you need these products and on the other hand she’s
reading that they are incredibly toxic and she just explained that she’s super
confused as a mom and I understand that because I feel like a lot of you guys
are probably like that too and when I read a lot of these headlines
I understand how confusing the headlines and advertising can be to a consumer in
the consumer marketplace so I definitely wanted to clear that up for you guys
today and tell you exactly how and where you can get a little bit better advice
to know what you’re purchasing and whether or not it’s really something
that’s going to benefit you and it’s worth your time and money so let’s get
started okay so I want to start off by asking you guys to ask yourself do you
commonly get your health information from watching the news or from young
news articles blog posts anything like that yes raise your hand if you don’t
you’re home alone give a thumbs up and said but if you guys do this video is
really really important for you because as a nutritional scientist I’m here to
tell you that that is absolutely the worst place you can be getting your
health information and it can actually be really really damaging to your health
and this is not you know any sort of exaggeration this is really really true
it’s the absolute worst place to get your elbow information and so I’m going
to explain to you guys exactly why that is so I get a lot of clients who come to
me and they have actually got certain information on their health from
a single news article or a single blog post where they didn’t necessarily check
on the reputa bility of the website and they are often doing like one or two
were a dozen things for their health that actually are really really damaging
to whatever condition they have and whatever their health condition is and
the reason that I’m so in tune with this is because I deal with it on a daily
basis and often these people are experiencing chronic symptoms that are
perpetuating digestive symptoms things I thought that they’re really trying to
make better and we really often make them better together by doing the exact
opposite of what they’ve been told to do and this isn’t a small circumstance this
is something that happens really really often so that’s why it’s so important
okay so the reason that it’s so difficult to take advice based on any
single study is basically because there’s a lot of factors that go into
analyzing whether or not this study is even legitimate or something worth
looking at and that’s things like study size study duration how well the factors
were controlled for you know what journal how much peer review it had done
on even what species it was done on and really the statistical analysis and all
these different factors that go into it are quite intensive and so these are
things that I didn’t actually know until I was at a master’s degree level so I
mean I knew about them in my bachelor’s but we didn’t apply them so much so you
can imagine even somebody with a Bachelor of Science in human biology
I feel felt really really confused as to how to assess you know who was giving me
the right story and who should I actually be listening to to give you
guys an idea of what it’s like to find hist when you know people are basing all
of their results and their health information on single studies is that
imagine if I decided to predict the probability of a car accident happening
and let’s say I go in front of my house and I see a car accident that day it
would be pretty ridiculous for me to draw the conclusion that every single
day I’m going to walk out of my house and a car accident is going to happen
of course that would be a little bit crazy but that is literally and exactly
what’s going on when a lot of people use one single study for their whole health
advice and really carry it on for years and years in their whole life
they don’t actually know if what they’re doing is the proper thing to be doing at
all and their surrounding your life around it so one of the places that I
really often see this is in blog posts from non expert scientists and their
motives are very noble but what they accidentally end up doing is they don’t
properly know how to look at these studies and they go and they find one or
a couple of studies without properly researching them and they take the
results of those studies and they write a whole blog post on them and everyone
who comes by and sees these blogs sees these same conclusions and starts to
take that as health advice so it’s sort of a chain of misinterpretation and even
though their motives are really noble they unintentionally end up perpetuating
false health advice that people live by another major issue that I see is often
when it comes to advertising outlets that have they’re trying to push
particular products is what they’ll actually do is there to be say literally
hundreds or even thousands of studies the majority of the studies pool against
the products that they’re trying to sell but of course due to probability or
other factors there will be a few out line studies that actually support the
product they’re trying to sell and they’ll actually use those few out line
studies to push their own products so I mean I look at this as lying to the
public some people may say they’re just concealing certain truths but I think
that’s all the same thing and it’s definitely really negative for the
result that people get in the public because they do waste their time and
money and risk their health so you guys might be a little bit surprised but the
most common culprit that I really see of this as well or one of the most common
is media outlets like really seemingly reputable media outlets on to give you
guys an idea some of the stories that I have pet read the recent
headlines that I’ve seen are things like feeding kids candy reduces their risk of
obesity feeding kids ice cream for breakfast increases their mental
functioning and school performance and most recently I saw one saying that
going gluten-free gives you a higher chance of type two diabetes so these are
all real stories that were published I’m not making any of them up they’re
actually real which is so bizarre because it goes against all scientific
evidence this is coming to you straight from a scientist I’ve read the news on
health and they are literally pushing science backwards and saying things
against science so I definitely would not rely on them I’m not saying they get
it wrong every single time but feeding your kids ice cream does not make them
smarter and going gluten-free does not increase your risk of type 2 diabetes
just so you guys know just to clarify that ok so basically the major danger of
this the reason that I made this video and that is so important is I wanted to
stress so much that the media these you know outlets advertising they tend to
have a really large voice that so much greater than that of the actual
scientists who are actually doing a lot of research of course that’s not always
the case but in general on a global scale it absolutely is and so the people
who are non experts non scientists are really pushing these stories to do it
for their own interests or to create shocking headlines but we as scientists
are kind of sitting here in the corner going well everything you know food
companies media outlets advertising agencies popular blogs all of these
things really going at them and thinking that is such a shame because it is
damaging public health is really damaging the public health and they have
such a louder voice that even though we try and correct them on it becomes
really difficult for us to reach nearly as many people one huge example of this
that I’ll just give you guys before we had
and finish up is what not you probably have tried before yourself is the
decades and decades of low fat dieting that has been followed by the masses you
know it’s been talked about by the government all of this different stuff
that you see promoting a low-fat diet and it turns out when they look into it
that this information and the obsession with it was actually based on nothing it
was based on no scientific evidence there was one very very poorly conducted
study done in the 60s on other than that we’re actually seeing that low-fat
dieting for a long term can cause digestive health issues and other
chronic illnesses I’ll link a video on not that I’ve actually created so that
you guys can understand a little bit more about that but it turns out you
know we fold this for decades some people for their whole lives and
actually causes health problems so whoopsie-daisy so guys this takeaway
from this video is just be a little bit more aware of who you’re listening to
things can get a lot less confusing if you are listening to one very reputable
source or a few very reputable sources to get some different perspectives on
you know just because it’s in the media don’t fall for such catchy headlines all
the time just because you read it it doesn’t make it true
just because it’s advertised it doesn’t make it true and I’m just because it’s
on the internet on a blog it doesn’t make it true and health blogs can be
started by anyone my neighbor could start a health blog on you know I could
start a health blog for my cat it doesn’t really matter so just yeah be a
little bit more aware and that’s literally why I started this channel is
I want to be more of a voice between be kind to the community and the public
because I like that our voice is not so loud right now unfortunately so if you
guys want to support that and support the spread of real science-based
information for your health and nutrition please support this movement
by subscribing to my channel below I really appreciate it and we want to grow
this voice as loud as we can so that you guys can really know what you’re talking
about and really get the right information so I hope you guys enjoyed
this video say I hope it really helps and I will catch you guys next time
don’t forget to subscribe if you want to scientists on your side and I will see
you in the next video here

Randall Smitham



  1. Naomiif Posted on August 21, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    Please make a video about SIBO

  2. Luna Lia Gingerbread Posted on November 18, 2017 at 12:19 pm

    in a way it's very vague. I understand you can't slander (is that the right word?) by naming names or companies. I personally have to be gluten free because I feel a difference in my gut feeling better. It's due to having Hashimotos for 35 years.

  3. Stephen Dickens Posted on December 15, 2018 at 2:53 pm

    People have gut problems I think because they have been spraying phages on everything since around 2005. Phages are types of virus that infect and kill bacteria. They not only infect bacteria they grow inside bacteria then burst out releasing countless more phages that repeat the cycle. So all foods now sprayed with phages result in gut damage because it kills gut flora, which you need for health and a healthy gut in the first place. Im not talking BS here people. Just google phages sprayed on foods. It seems a time will come when the only healthy food anyone can get is what they grow, or your lucky enough to find organic foods not sprayed with phages. But even now big market sprays phages on organic foods. They do it because the phages keep the bacteria count low on the foods. So they can ship them further and have them on the shelves longer because bacteria cause spoilage or food rot, which is natures way of saying this food is no longer nutritious because its been around to long. So you eat the foods sprayed with phages, and the phages go in your gut and kill gut flora and cause all kinds of problems. Again google phages sprayed on foods this is very real and been going on since 2005.

  4. Devine Massage Posted on February 9, 2019 at 6:51 pm

    I have a specific question that I keep forgetting to ask my doctor, and no doctor has ever explained to me.

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in the 1990s. My doctor then, and no doctor since then, informed me of any dietary restrictions.

    A friend told me I shouldn't eat soy or soy products. I've seen different sources that said I shouldn't eat cruciferous vegetables. Other sources said I should eat cruciferous vegetables. I don't trust these sources 100%, but I'd really like to find a trustworthy source that will provide a chart or graph or something as reference what I should and shouldn't eat for hypothyroidism.

    Is there any source, website, vlog, etc., that you know of which can provide this info? Thank you even if you don't know of any.

  5. Kendall Kessler Posted on April 22, 2019 at 8:13 pm

    Helpful video!

  6. Andrea Wisner Posted on October 16, 2019 at 11:01 pm

    Dr. Greger is an MD who specializes in nutrition, so yes, he is a nutritionist.