April 4, 2020
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what fruits can you eat on Keto

Welcome to another video in the KNOWLEDGE
series from Your Keto Site.com. We have grown with a firm belief that fruits
are an essential part of any healthy diet plan. One of the challenges we all face during our
initiation to Keto is of letting go of our favourite fruits. It is difficult to accept this change as fructose
in fruits is quite addictive. Most internet articles are too technical and
advice you to use a calorie calculator to monitor your fruit intake. Quite evidently, people are suffering from
information overload on this topic of fruits in a Keto Diet. You could waste time experimenting with some
fruits in your diet that might work for you or get frustrated by eliminating organic fruits
from your diet. The good news is that “one can eat fruits
in a Keto diet”. But, you may have to change your favourite
fruits or limit your intake to match the requirements of the Ketogenic diet. Here are Five ways you can incorporate Fruits
in a Ketogenic Diet: 1. Eat half cup of berries as a snack. Choose from Blackberries, Raspberries & Strawberries
as they are low in Carbohydrates. 2. Drinking a few glasses of lemon water a day
is refreshing for you and will not take your body out of Ketosis. A rather delicious variation of unsweetened
lemon water is to mix Cranberry juice with Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice and Water. 3. Eat mini skewers made up of Watermelon, Cheese
& Cucumber or Skewers made of Cantaloupe, with Cheese & Mint. 4. Avocado is the best fruit to have to keep
your body in Ketosis. Eat Avocados as a salad, as a side serve along
with your protein dish, or, enjoy the Guacamole spread on cheese slices. 5. Depending on which part of the world you live
in, you could enjoy small quantities of these Exotic Fruits… : Rhubarb, Nectarines or Star Fruit. Technically speaking; Tomatoes, Olive & Coconut
are fruits too; which are highly recommended in most Keto Recipes. To sum up this Video: You can undoubtedly
have a few fruits & nuts in a Ketogenic diet, as long as you do it in moderation. Your next step is to refer to the list of
fruits and their calorie values given in the video description. Choose in-season low-carb fruits that you
like the most. You will have a much better chance of succeeding
with a Ketogenic diet if you are having farm-fresh fruits and love what you are eating! If you like to see more such videos;  do
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Randall Smitham