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What Happens When You Workout High?

Chances are that you know someone that smokes…
weed from time to time.
And seeing that this channel’s age demographic
is pretty much in line with the age of people
that smokes the most weed, you probably smoke
a bit as well.
And wouldn’t be surprised if you’re high
right now.
But what happens when you mix a little bit
of that THC with your workouts?
What happens when you work out high?
For those of you that don’t know much about
marijuana, the most important substance in
it is tetrahydrocannabinol, aka THC.
THC has a huge effect in one system of the
body known as the endocannabinoid system.
In fact, your body produces its own THC-like
substances known as, well, endocannabinoids.
When endocannabinoids or THC binds to cannabinoid
receptors, primarily in the brain, it causes
all types of fascinating effects that pot
users are familiar with.
Now the question is whether any of these effects
can help with your workouts.
First, let’s make it clear that even though
it’s more widely accepted today, smoking
marijuana is still illegal in most states
and many countries.
Because of that, this channel does not condone
the use of marijuana.
Goal of this video is to look at what we know
about marijuana and how it can help or hurt
your gainz at the gym.
Whether you choose to use marijuana or any
other THC-inducing drug is solely your choice.
Now, let’s face it.
Most people’s image of a marijuana user
is not what we would call “physically active.”
The cliché “lazy couch dwelling pot smoker”
almost makes it seem like smoking weed will
do absolutely nothing in terms of fitness.
But many athletes say otherwise.
Some triathletes have said that consuming
THC-laced edibles were able to help them focus
better in physical activities.
Some athletes say that getting high allowed
them to take away anxiety during workouts.
Marathon runners have said that smoking weed
before a run allowed them to get into a groove
easier, and it makes it feel like they can
run for much longer.
So the anecdotes of professional athletes
seem to give a thumbs up to bongs up.
But what about actual research?
Well, the thing is, not too many research
is out there since marijuana and THC is still
classified as a “Schedule 1” illegal substance.
But we do have some research and the information
is quite interesting.
First is the connection of marijuana and the
good feeling after a long jog known as the
“runner’s high.”
It was long believed that runner’s high
came from the release of beta-endorphins.
But now studies say that’s not true since
endorphins can’t reach the brain.
Instead it’s most likely from endocannabinoids,
which can reach the brain.
Since marijuana’s THC share the same effects
as endocannbinoids, it can be possible to
increase the sensation of a runner’s high
if you smoked a bit before you run.
Not exactly improving performance, but at
least improve the enjoyment of exercise.
As far as improving performance, unfortunately,
it seems that all studies are pointing at
In terms of power output, studies have found
that, when performing a cycling test at maximal
effort, smoking marijuana caused subjects
to exhaust faster.
Another study showed a placebo beat out marijuana
in an endurance test.
They even found that the smokers routinely
had an elevated heart rate and blood pressure.
This can be discomforting and problematic
for people at risk for coronary heart disease.
And even though yes, smoking marijuana can
reduce stress and pain sensations, which can
even help you push through a few more reps,
this can pose as a huge risk.
Since many of the early indicators of injury
from physical activity is discomfort and joint
pain, smokers might not be able to timely
identify pain-injury signals before it’s
too late.
And THC is also a psychoactive drug that can
impair coordination and slow down reaction
A study found that smoking 17mg of THC caused
users to run into walls more frequently and
took longer to complete a virtual maze test.
A caveat, though, is that people smoking only
13 milligrams of THC did as well as non-smokers.
On top of this, another study showed that
if smokers were given a chance to practice,
they were able to perform just as well as
non-smokers in a reaction test.
So if you do choose to workout high, perhaps
smoke just a little bit and make sure you
get enough warmup practice before you go heavy.
And one more possible positive, but not fully
proven, is that marijuana can serve as vasodilator.
This means that it can improve blood flow
by widening your arteries, which can help
with delivering nutrients to your muscles
and vasodilation has shown to even improve
A small win for grass city.
Now putting everything in perspective, it
doesn’t seem like working out high is that
great of an idea.
There’s just no proven performance benefits
and it might even make it worse.
But if taking a few puffs will help you with
YOUR workout, then don’t let this video
stop you from puffing away.
Stay high and stay active!
What’s your thoughts on working out high?
Share in the comments below.
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share it and don’t forget to subscribe.
Thanks for watching!

Randall Smitham



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    I met these two Greek brothers in my senior year of highschool. We became fast friends, and when we finally started hanging out we were doing a lot of hiking/climbing/biking while high. At first it seemed quite difficult, because there is indeed a sensation of gassing out quicker. However, I've found over time that the actual gains are made on the back end. That is to say, responsibly dosing a small amount before working out makes the work more difficult. Hard training leads to hard gains. It also trains your brain's reaction time and focus as well as potential dexterity gains; We would practice throwing knives while high, and spatially it was overwhelming the first time. After two weeks or so of practicing whenever I hung out with them (while stoned), I could over and under-hand a knife into a tree from two yards.

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