February 27, 2020
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hi guys so today I thought I would share
a what I eat in a day video so here I am making breakfast and it’s normally just
two scrambled eggs with spinach if I have it on hand some cheese and some hot
green tea so here I’m mixing my eggs and I am putting my pan on I’m adding my
butter and then once that gets hot and the butter has melted I will go ahead
and add in my eggs and Here I am preparing my tea so I put
my hot water on I have my tea bag and I have my head my stevia and my lemon
juice and once my eggs are almost done I’ll go
ahead and add in my spinach and I’m going to stir that up a little bit
and then once that cooks down I’ll go ahead and add in my cheese putting my stevia in my teacup and my
lemon juice and my tea bag and then this is the final product it’s just an egg
and cheese and spinach wrap with hot green tea and then next for lunch I’m
gonna do chicken salad with crackers and celery and then just a little toss salad
so here I’m taking my chicken out of the can and I’m going to shred it once that’s all shredded I’ll put it in
the bowl now I’m just gonna chop up my cucumbers
and a few Tomatoes to add to my salad and I already have some lettuce and a
bowl and I’m chopping up celery to eat with
the chicken salad and I’m also finely chopping some to add to the chicken
salad and I’m also going to use some for dinner so I added a little of mayonnaise and
right now I’m using Duke’s because that’s what I had on hand I’m adding onion
seasoned garlic powder a little pepper and then this is the final product
chicken salad with crackers and here I’ve started dinner
this is bok choy that I’m chopping up and I have my chicken all cleaned and
I’m frying that now and I have broccoli and the other pan and I have water in
the back pan for the lo mein noodles and here I’m using the other celery then I
chopped up adding in the bok choy I’m adding a little chicken seasoned and
onion powder garlic powder and soy sauce and a little water and if that mixed
very well and then let that cook down and I’ve added in the chicken that I’ve
cut up with and I’ve added some carrots as well and this is almost done and then this is the final product so
I’m plating the broccoli and then I’m going to plate the noodles and then it’s
just um like a chicken lo mein. It was very good and then for snack I just
have ice water and my pineapple Italian ice and that’s it guys I want to thank
you so much for watching have a great day

Randall Smitham