January 18, 2020
  • 10:53 am 🥕HEALTHY Big Family One Week MEAL PREP | Cheese🧀Sticks, VEGGIES, Berries, Eggs!
  • 10:53 am Peanut Butter Cream Pie – Low Carb Keto Dessert Recipe
  • 10:53 am How to Eat Healthy Meals Every Night Without Meal Planning- Large Family
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hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel my name is live if you haven’t seen me before and I make lots of
healthy wellness and recipes here on this channel I’m a med student I believe
that food is medicine and fuel which is why today’s video is a what I eat in a
day to boost energy I’m always on the go I’ve got lots going on and I need that
fuel to keep me going to keep me energized and to get through the day and
it’s an extra special video because it is in collaboration with four sig Matic
you guys know I have loved for sig Matic for so many years so this is such a
dream collaboration I’ve been talking about them in videos for probably two
three years I’m always drinking them you see it on my Instagram I’m just obsessed
so let’s get into what I eat a day for energy so first thing when I wake up I
like to make my coffee before Pilates so I’m using the for sig Matic coffee mix
with cordyceps and chaga I love this one because cordyceps is really good at
giving you that sustained energy level plus it’s great before physical activity
so if you workout in the morning like me it’s perfect I make it in my tumbler and
i sip it on my walk to Pilates so it’s perfect you all you need to do is add in
some hot water and then I’m adding in just a little bit of MCT oil as well as
some pumpkin spice just to make it kind of cozy for autumn and fall I also do
cinnamon sometimes it’s kind of whatever I’m feeling but kind of gives it that
little fall kick which is perfect and then I take that on my way once I get
back it is a time before at breakfast and I like to prep sweet potato toast
and then load them up with toppings whenever I kind of need a quick snack or
meal so I’m mashing up half of an avocado which is great healthy fats it’s
gonna give you lots of energy and it’s gonna help fill you up as well so I put
that on the slice of my sweet potato toast and then on top of that I’m adding
an egg rich and choline all the amino acids you need protein and it’s gonna
help keep you full – plus it tastes delicious such an iconic combo to have
egg and avocado and this is a super delicious quick breakfast I can have
that’s not super filling but when I need a little something after Pilates and
after my bulletproof mid-morning I like to make eight green juice as a snack I
love this because there’s so many vitamins and minerals and green juice
and you’re able to get so much more in a juice than if you were to eat like seven
pounds of kale so I love loading it up with
hail cucumber lemon ginger all of these things are really great and you get so
much more I guess bang for your buck because you get all the vitamins
minerals in a smaller amount and they’re more concentrated so it’s great for
getting more that’s easier to digest and you’re that way your Energy’s not spent
digesting your food you get that quick energy I don’t include fruits for this
reason so I like to keep it just to veggie so you get all of those benefits
so I just put that in my blender this is a super easy way to make green juice if
you don’t have a juicer I blend up all my different things and then you’re
gonna see me I strain it into a nut bag so it’s super easy to do as well for
this recipe you just need three cups of water you blend it I like my ninja to
blend it and then we’re gonna squeeze it out in a nut milk bag this is kind of
like my hack if you guys have seen my videos before you guys know that I love
doing this it’s just super easy and it’s super affordable to a nut milk bag is
like 1012 dollars so I squeeze that out and look at that color guys you get
freshly pressed green juice it’s delicious and you can customize it with
whatever you want and I usually drink with the full batch within 24 hours it’s
so delicious perfect to get your greens in next up for lunch again I like to
load up on veggies all these vitamins and minerals are gonna give you that
energy you need throughout the day for your cells to run on so I’m chopping up
some butter lettuce I’ve been loving butter lettuce lately I think it’s just
the texture it’s a little bit more harder than a romaine and again it’s
more easy to digest compared to something like a raw kale salad which
might be a bit harder and then I’m slicing up just some cherry tomatoes I
really like to eat the rainbow so there’s many different colors that I can
because all the different colors of your fruits and your vegetables have
different benefits in them they’re gonna give you different things so the more
colors and the more of the rainbow you can load up on the better putting on
some acorn squash that I had leftover some broccoli as you guys can see just
trying to mix it up and throw in all the different kinds of
veggies you want diversity in your meals you want diversity in your food and the
more you can get the better I’ve also been obsessed with these green chickpeas
yes they’re green chickpeas guys the basically young chickpeas and they have
more protein and less carbs compared to your blonde chickpeas which is crazy
then I’m drizzling on my favorite lemon tahini dressing I’ve been obsessed with
this dressing leave it in the description box you guys
letting me make it in quite a few videos because I’m still obsessed it’s super
easy and delicious so I just eat this salad full of nourishing proteins and
healthy fat and good for you veggies and it’s the whole rainbow so I’m gonna eat
my salad next up for a snack as you guys can see
I eat a lot so I’m gonna make a lion’s mane latte
I love lion’s mane because it’s great for memory concentration and overall
brain health you guys have seen me probably talk about lion’s mane the most
over the last few years it’s because it’s one of my favorite mushrooms and
it’s great for that afternoon like energizing it’s basically an energizing
hug in the afternoon so I put a little bit of water some pumpkin spice again
and then a little bit of vanilla and this is a super easy way to kind of make
a more milk base or with a lot a drink with the mushroom elixirs and then I
just steamed some almond milk and I add it in there super tasty it’s gonna give
you that perfect ding for the afternoon with no caffeine and then I’m having a
piece of this skillet cookie that I made in my latest video is so delicious and
it’s like apple pie it’s like sunshine for dinner my fiance made funless
burgers for us these were lamb just with mushrooms and onions and a side of sweet
potato fries it was super delicious and again I love complex carbs and protein
and for a bedtime I’m reaching for my golden latte now part of having energy
is getting a good night’s sleep so I love this golden milk it’s calming I’ve
been drinking golden milk for years it’s delicious this one has Tulsi which is
great for calming you down and like I said it’s just a great way to wind down
for the evening and ensure that I get a good night sleep plus I love that they
already have black pepper in the mix with this and black pepper actually
helps you absorb curcumin which is the active ingredient in turmeric bet it’s
so good for you so I sip on that and then I wind down
for the night so if you guys had to for sig Matic you can get 15% off your order
this is their site it’s super easy to use
it’s navigated by coffees elixirs blends but what’s also really cool is you can
filter it too so if you want just the Marches just the latte is just the
coffee is and they also have a caffeine free button too so if you don’t want any
caffeine you can just easily find all of them there so I hope you guys enjoyed
this video and big thanks again at two for socratic for
collaborating with me on this as I said before it’s such a dream and I love
supporting brands and telling you about brands they’re just so good for you and
brands that I stand behind and are just honestly so delicious as well and make
it so easy to live so healthy so I hope you guys are all having a great day and
I will see you in my next video bye guys

Randall Smitham