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so I’m about to make my bulletproof
coffee I’m using the beans from bulletproof today these are the
mentalist ones it is a medium dark roast which I like and I like more darker
roast so I grind my beans myself every morning
I just prefer the taste I use one scoop which this comes with and that’s enough
and then I’m going to make the bulletproof so you guys have seen me make this
before I’m adding in you look about a cat full of the brain octane but lately
I’ve been using the green tub for vital proteins for my hot coffee and it makes
it super frothy once you like use the frother so I don’t use a full scoop I
use about half a scoop and gelatin is also really great for healing the gut so
that’s why I like to have this before and have really any boob
I’m gonna use my handy dandy frother to frost it up it’s a lot easier than like
whipping out a blender today’s what I eat in a day is gonna be focused on
getting back on a track after my trip to Italy and France where I eat a lot more
stuff if you guys want to see kind of a sample of what I ate I do have a
Positano vlog and if you want to see that video I also talked about how I can
eat gluten in Europe or like why gluten is different there and it doesn’t cost
me the same kind of problems that it causes me in candidate in the u.s. so if
you’re gluten intolerant that might be a video you want to watch if you’re
planning a trip to Europe but it mainly applies to gluten intolerant people not
to celiac people because celiac is an autoimmune disease and gluten tolerance
isn’t so yeah today’s can be focused on getting on track lots of healthy meals
that are very nourishing heal the gut gut health balancing
lots of just good food for you so and they’re gonna be really easy simple
meals – I want to show you guys that eating healthy doesn’t have to be
complicated it can be really easy and really simple all right so I’m gonna
enjoy my coffee all right guys for breakfast I’m gonna
make a matcha mint smoothie Bowl if you saw my healthy breakfast video you know
all about it so I’m taking a quarter of a banana frozen along with some frozen
cauliflower that I have steamed and refrozen and kind of act like ice but
gives you some sorts of veggies and it’s also high in choline which means it
helps your brain function then of course we need some mint and already wash this
mint because I know I’m gonna get comments um and I put it back in the box
to store it so in my smoothies I like to put a lot of
superfood powders so I’m putting in half a teaspoon of Moringa leaf really great
for energy and it really tastes good with the matcha and that way you could
just load in all the benefits and of course the extra powders are optional
the matcha of course this is the one I use from the photo isn’t optional and
I’m not just movie but the other ones are I like just adding them things
you’re just gonna help but if it’s in the yummy smoothie like Bowl so that’s
why I do it he’s gonna watch up great for energy
it’s loaded with l-theanine as well which calms you down but also helps you
focus so it doesn’t make you drowsy loaded with antioxidants too and then
they’re half a teaspoon of pearl pearl is really great for your skin and it
helps to help build skin cells also I always add fiber so this is a ground
flaxseed you could also do Chia I’m gonna add in two teaspoons I’m probably
gonna put a little bit of cheetah on top too
you know normally I would add almond butter to this but I do want to put some
crunchy granola it has like nuts in it on top so that’s gonna be my fat source
so I’m just gonna put a little bit of almond milk and blend this up I also
want to add in some extra greens from trying this one out from amazing grass
it’ll focus maybe but it’s the green superfoods detox and digest clean grams
you get probiotics as well as daily greens in it so I’m gonna pop this in
like I said I really like to load up my smoothies with benefits and one more
thing I almost forgot is protein this protein helps to stabilize your blood
sugar I use a vanilla one in this and then I’m just putting a little bit
of my homemade paleo granola which I will leave a recipe for in the
description on top so that’s my breakfast we’ve got protein we’ve got
fats from the nuts we’ve got fiber from the flax and lots
of greens super yummy so I’m about to SoulCycle but I wanted a little
something to tide me through till lunchtime so this is just a crisp bread
with a little bit of almond butter and two strawberries a little bit of fuel so
that I can get through the workout hey guys back from school now which is why
I’m a sweaty mess I’m gonna make some lunch first it’s super important to hide
it after workouts and I’ve been using this charcoal stick here I’ll leave a
blog post that I wrote about why I use it what it does the benefits and all
that so if you guys didn’t know that I have a blog I’m gonna leave that down
below but I’m gonna make like a quick poached egg bowl from stuff right so to
the boiling water or boil I’m adding in a tablespoon of vinegar this is rice
wine vinegar you can use white vinegar apple cider vinegar just any vinegar you
have on hand to focus doesn’t matter she’s vinegar which just helps the egg
kind of form together in the water and then I’m gonna make two red coats all
right so once it’s boiling take the lid off and then just slide
your egg inside the rest of my bowl I have some ribbond cucumber cuz this is
weird I don’t like if you cut cucumber like slices or chunks I don’t like
eating those plain but I like ribbons so there you go some steamed broccoli that
I meal prepped and then I’m calling this bruschetta guacamole it’s basically
avocado a little bit of red onion and some tomato I’m not sure this video will
be up before after so if it’s not up yet I’ll leave the recipe in the description
or if it’s up then I’ll leave that video so super delish and then the eggs will
go here so this is my lunch we’ve got protein fats and fiber and
because it’s all being too super excited and as you guys can see it’s easy when
you have things on hand like already pre steamed broccoli eggs are quick and then
other things too so it’s the afternoon I’m a little peckish I’m gonna have some
of these hand fuel marcona almonds they’re just almonds sea salt in a
little bit of lemon I really like the 11 in this it makes it kind of like tame
refreshing some to have a few of these and just to show you this is about like
the serving size I have as a good snack hey everyone it says time for dinner now
it’s a little while later put on I got dressed for the day and I’m gonna make
like some quick easy tacos other things I have it left over in the fridge so the
key for me usually is prepping some some sort of protein and then a bunch of
veggie show at the week and then I do different things with them so if you
guys want to see my meal prep I’ll leave that recent vlog I did it down below
where I show you a grocery haul and a meal prep and now I’m gonna mix up with
that meal prep so let’s get into it so I’m taking some butter leaf lettuce this
is what butter leaf list looks like and this is what its gonna make like the
base of our little taco shells alright so then I take some like leftovers these
are just some leftover roasted veggies and some chicken and I just stuff it
into the taco shells so what I like doing is just taking any kind of
leftover veggie or leftover whatever and then I make tacos with it because tacos
are delicious and it’s just something easy to have and then I’m taking a
chicken and putting that on the top alright so I’m gonna make a little bit
of a lime crema for my tacos so I take some unsweetened before like it’s only 1
gram of sugar I’m still cultured coconut which is a dairy-free yogurt
these spoonfuls guys it’s a super simple rolling out a lime and it just adds a different kind of
flavor to it and it’s super easy to make and squeezing not the whole thing so
it’ll be to like make it sauce to runny but just a little bit I would say half
of the half squeeze half of it out half the juice and then you stir it up BAM
you have lime crema it’s super easy and I’m just going to put some on the top
and there you go guys that is my super simple easy roasted veggie tacos are
like five seconds to make so it’s later at night now I thought I would show you
guys what I’m making and I’m making this reishi mushroom elixir this is the one
that’s not coffee it’s just reishi the guy ever have anything close to like ytf
is a turn her on uh so it’s just the individual packets and this is really
good for a sweet it’s really good for immune boosting
it’s great for mood I like to have it at night like I said it helps you really
wind down from the day and then I guess one packet and then I’m gonna add some
hot water like I said good for immune system helped you liver detox as well
and I’m adding in some hot water and then I do like to put a little bit of
almond milk so just like I’m gonna taste really creamy it’s really comforting
especially at night oh and I’m gonna have a little dessert my freezer I’m
gonna have one of my cookie dough you guys have taught me if you watch my
healthy dessert healthy dessert helps with summer treats they’re the cookie
dough bars so you make cookie dough I’m gonna put an ice cream in between and
they make this yummy delicious dessert there’s also banana pops in there
everything in that video is really delicious so go watch it if you haven’t
I’ll leave it down below this that works alright guys so I’m having my reishi
team to wind down along with my little ice cream or an Ice Cream Sandwich
and I love desserts you can just keep in the freezer and I’m like heaven

Randall Smitham



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