April 10, 2020
  • 3:53 pm Fun Meal Prep Idea: Yellow-Colored Lunch Box
  • 3:53 pm Gilbert’s on Main serves New York Style Deli in Bellevue – KING 5 Evening
  • 3:53 pm Keto diet Meatballs with tomato sauce ASMR cooking No talking
  • 3:53 pm John’s Texas Tenderloin Roulade
  • 2:53 pm Why You Should Try “Cook Once Eat Twice” Meal Prep | What We Ate Over a Weekend (Healthy Recipes)

hi guys I’m back with another video
today is going to be a what I eat in a day a lot of people have been wondering
what I eat what I do interesting video suggestions down below and started I’m
actually on the way to in and out as we speak my chauffeur so I haven’t eaten
anything it’s about 12:30 right now so I am going to probably get a double-double
protein style we’ll see what everyone else is getting
but imma be good imma be good to a guy if you know in and
out then you know there’s usually always align the they actually have two lines
within one line for this one but it’s totally worth it I actually requested
that these be in the box a message you got so mad but I needed to show you guys
how it looked as soon as we got it I just thought a double double was everything I dreamed of honestly
lunch was amazing I’m at Hobby Lobby now because I’m gonna
up my food photography game on Instagram follow me there if you have it I post
all the food basically YouTube part two but I wanted to get a couple of things
just to have a nice background when I take my pictures my lunches and dinners
and things like that just so it’s more aesthetically pleasing for you guys
my budget is 30 bucks because I can while out in here I can already tell
everything’s forty percent off right now it’s basically 2018 guys
I’ve been snacking on some almonds these are the best thing ever
it’s the wasabi and soy sauce you guys you got to try it
I’ve been losing my mind because we’ve been doing a puzzle and like I haven’t
done a puzzle since how old was that probably like maybe probably 10 I
haven’t done a puzzle and this is a 500 piece puzzle so we’re at the baby steps
but we needed a break because it was it got a little tint so it was a little too
tense for me we’re doing this one right now right now we’re just trying to get
all the edges together and then we’re gonna work on the inside the middle part
after I think that’s a good strategy we’re almost there you guys I know this
shirt is way too big I actually was wearing this perfectly fine than the
start of my weight loss but I am making it a point to not buy anything until I
hit my 50 pound weight loss school I think I’m about eight or nine pounds to
go but I’m about to cook my dinner and I wanted to show you guys what I will be
having tonight I’m going to be making kind of like a alfredo sauce pasta type
of things that the pastas going a broccoli slaw and I’m gonna make my own
alfredo sauce even some heavy whipping cream some butter a little bit of garlic
for flavor and some Parmesan cheese so I tasted it and it definitely needed
a different type of cheese I just added a little bit of shredded cheddar and
that did the trick

Randall Smitham