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What I Eat in A Day on KETO at Work | Low Carb High Fat Meal Ideas

guys it is Monday Brighton early I
thought I would show you guys already and a day I did Mill prep early early in
the wee hours the mornings going to show you what a true day is like to you I
wanted to show you guys what I eat that isn’t fast food because let’s be ro i
nobody got that much money to be buying fast easy 24/7 so i’m mill prepped and
I’m excited to show you guys a couple of different recipes that you should try
just trying to fix my hair guys since it is hard for me to wake up I’m making a
conscious effort to try to make my life easy in the morning so I picked up some
of these power Crunch Bars it’s really good on my macros it is a little bit
higher in carbs but I’ll a lot for this especially as you know I would have like
a low carb for Tia in the morning sometimes it would add up to about this
but the total fat is 13 grams total carbs is 10 but dietary fiber is 1 so 9
for the whole bar and overall I’ve been trying out different flavors to see
which one I like I really really love the original it’s the peanut butter
fudge one so I will be repurchasing like a big box of that but I’m just testing
out all the flavors now I tried some of this last night and I figured I would
just finish the rest in the morning this is the
salted caramel this one’s not bad the texture of this is like a Nutter Butter
obviously the flavors not there but the peanut butter 5:1 tastes like a
healthier nutty butter and that is like my ish so if you need a replacement for
a snack or dessert this will be good this one’s not bad either I definitely
could eat at all I still have three different flavors but I need to try so it’s lunchtime so this is the time
where I realize all the things that I forgot for my lunch because I was
rushing today it’s cheese so I’m going to walk to Trader Joe’s and grab some
cheese I just bought cheese at the grocery store yesterday so I’m very
annoyed but hey I guess I’ll just keep some cheese here so I’ll have to think
about it anymore right I ended up going with the fancy shred Mexican blend it
was under 4 bucks so I figured this should be enough cheese for the week
hopefully I just have a buffalo style chicken salad this is inspired by
Wingstop if you don’t know me I’m so upset something stopped but I’m a budget
is like no no more they’re high today I’m making coffee I’ve assessed
with these nuts so what I have here is kind of sloppy
but it’s basically a burrito it has some cheese some ground beef some guacamole
some salsa and a little bit of lettuce and there’s some onions poking through
please excuse how I look I’m just getting ready to go to the gym a couple
hours after this so I just want to have my clothes already on so there’s no
excuse but I will see you guys in the next one thank you so much for watching
as always if you do like what I in today’s um this one was kind of
different because it was my job so if you like those ones let me know I will
be doing more on the weekend as well so that way you can see what I usually eat
if I go out because I like to treat myself and go out to eat sometimes but
yeah I will see you guys in the next one you

Randall Smitham



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