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good morning guys it is another day and
I am going to be showing you guys what I
eat I’m super excited I just signed the
lease to meet the new apartment and I
got the keys a little bit early it’s
kind of perfect since we start the lease
January first technically their offices
are going to be closed so we had to get
the keys on the 29th Hey yeah so I’m
super excited I’m going to have some
eggs and avocado this is literally my
favorite part of cooking eggs
honestly hearing it sizzle in the butter
so this is the final product some eggs I
put a little bit probably two
tablespoons of cheese on it and some
avocado some good fat I just put a
little bit of salt and pepper on the
avocado also hmm avocado and eggs are
literally the best thing ever I could
have put more cheese on my eggs but you
know trying to be better about my cheese
consumption I feel like I you she’s like
literally on everything
and that’s not always good for the
stomach you know I mean mmm all right
I’m gonna finish a nervous and I’m gonna
take you guys to see the new place mmm
I’m so excited
also we’re still keeping it classy as
eff with this boss water it was like the
last one that I have actually I love
this but I think I like food you better
I’m a foodie girl
so I’m on the way to the apartment now
and I’m like super excited of ten more
minutes it’s only like 15 minutes from
my old place and next year I actually
don’t have to go to work until 30
minutes later than normal so instead of
being at work at 8:00 I have to be at
work by 8:30 so that gives me extra time
so I probably will have to leave home at
around the same time that I leave now
which I don’t really mind I’ll be on the
road a little bit longer but it’s okay
because because this place is a like so
much cheaper but like I don’t feel like
I’m getting gypped at all it’s such a
fair play like I can’t even express how
hard it is to find an apartment in Los
Angeles that is actually fairly priced
I’m super excited to live here though I
love this area I’m always in this area
anyway so it just makes sense that I
found a place here literally the closest
Wingstop is in this area to just FYI so
yeah no but other than that there’s a
lot of stuff here and a lot of people
here so I’m excited to connect with
people thumbs up if you guys like these
um car blog style too
I I mean I do like just showing my food
in my what 8 in a day’s but I don’t mind
showing you guys other things like what
I’m doing it’s honestly boring stuff
usually usually it’s grocery shopping or
getting food or going to work or going
to Starbucks so it’s like little like
boring things but I don’t mind adding
that into my vlogs if you guys
you know want to see me a little more
let me know though in the comments down
below I’m really obsessed with this lip
color I bought it and my last one I eat
in a day video and it’s just like a
muted Brown so it’s like my lip color
but like
all over my lip if that makes sense
because my lips there’s like darker on
the outside and it gets in and it’s
lighter in the middle there’s just kind
of mutes and it’s all one color I love
this place just feels right and then the
places since I’ve like moved from
Florida have felt right so I’m hoping
this is the third time’s a charm because
I really don’t like moving for a while
like I’m so tired of moving and that’s
partly why I was gonna just stay at my
place and be okay with staying at my
place but honestly it’s just too
expensive it’s too expensive
this is lost water this is actually the
first bottle that I’m drinking and it’s
already like 250 I woke up super late
today I set my alarm for 7:00 tell me
why I grabbed the alarm because it’s in
my bathroom because I don’t leave it in
my room took my phone brought it in bed
back in bed with me and fell back asleep
and woke up at like 10:40
but you know what I do feel arrested so
I can’t even complain about getting
extra sleep because it clearly was
needed but I’m about to check out my
excited I’m super excited like literally
at the area alone there’s just so nice
this is my home huh
thank you guys everyone that has been
praying for me I felt it I felt it I
knew as soon as I walked into this place
the woods gonna be mine like I do it the
kitchen all alone that’s what I’m saying
it the kitchen alone here you guys do it
you please okay so here’s the con at
first you don’t understand storage is
like a big thing in Los Angeles so the
fact that this has a walk-in storage as
soon as you get in that’s a big deal
this is a living room our last place we
were like in caves we only had one
window really so there’s so much window
and view space I’m just I’m so happy
look at this this is the dining area so
you’ll probably be seeing my mukbangs
here again more views you can I don’t
know if you can see that those are the
mountains in this kitchen it was the
main reason I got this place like in LA
you have to get your own fridge
Craigslist I’m gonna be a best friend I
had to get this place for this kitchen
it’s beautiful like first of all more
storage here
come on and you guys saw my last play
though it was a nice place so
yeah we downsized but I didn’t want to
downsize on the quality of place there’s
just so much storage here I’m so excited
like and again we didn’t have windows in
our kitchen so I just can already feel
that my videos are going to be a lot
more brighter just better just better
for you guys and I’m super excited okay
so now let’s go this is a little little
middle kind of hallway area again
storage this probably will be like our
towels and hair products and blankets
and things like that but it’s like all
the way up top it’s all the way about it
like storage is such a big thing here so
I’m super happy and that we have some
storage bathroom this bathroom is
gorgeous and there’s another window like
there was no one does in our last
bathroom so hey we have medicine
cabinets like you guys don’t even
understand the struggle of finding a
nice place and Los Angeles it’s not easy
especially on a budget so and that’s
gonna be my sister’s room I won’t show
I respect for her but here is my room it
is a little bit smaller than my last
place but oh so much better for this all
just this window with this view alone I
can already tell my mornings are gonna
be a lot better just looking outside and
being able to see that view
and then actually so this so you can
really see this first of all this right
here that doesn’t happen in Los Angeles
a ceiling fan and light unheard up but
we have hopefully I will be having some
outfit of the days here eh eh eh eh eh
yes my last place it was like this was
the size this just right here
that was my closet and now I have all of
this even I can walk in it like I cannot
believe it please you guys I am just sit
down have a little heart-to-heart I
can’t believe this place is mine I hope
I don’t have to move anytime soon
because I love this place so much I love
it I finished the apartment and this is
actually my new neighbor let him know
who you are she actually does twitch so
I’ll leave our links down below you guys
can check her out of here into gaming
but we’re at IKEA
literally I do that for everything I
love IKEA though like little things like
that that’s cute
I guess I’ll get it like usually Falls
then veggies
I got no I don’t know what’s in this
gravy but I’m just gonna pretend like I
don’t care and really don’t care because
it’s probably some flour in there but
hey I got veggies all veggies instead of
mashed potatoes so yeah me back at the
old place just saying is so nice oh we
went to I was like literally the first
second time I met her so she’s super
nice hopefully I’ll get hang out with
her more but yeah I have leftovers I
ended up eating about half of the food
so I might eat these later on tonight
we’ll see probably if I stay up long I
probably will sing as I woke up today at
like 10:40 we’re not gonna talk about
that we’re not gonna talk about that
future Kayla here I’m actually editing
now and I am snacking on the cocoa polo
elderberry I’ve actually never heard of
elderberries before this chocolate is
amazing I started it yesterday I’m
probably like maybe half a serving this
whole thing is only two servings this
after I finish eating this I’m
definitely repurchase I got this at the
Quito meetup like I’m just slowly going
through all my Quito meetup stuff but
this is really good huh I’ll show you I
already had one piece but it has I don’t
know if you can see but it has those
hmm I’m literally done editing Joe but I
did want it but that I had some
chocolate to drive mmm
and this is amazing
I’m gonna try some of their other
flavors because this one’s so good I
hope you guys enjoyed this one eh in the
day I’m super excited to be moving I
just know that a fresh start in a new
place a new area I’m super excited it
will definitely get my creative juices
flailing if you guys do you like what
eight in a day’s don’t forget thumbs up
this video before you even watch it just
call thumbs it up so I know and I’ll see
you guys in the next one bye

Randall Smitham



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