April 6, 2020
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good morning guys
well actually it’s like 12:15 now I’ve been up since like 4:30 editing a video
so I was eating some Chuck what is this coconut crisp Coco’s this is like
honestly it’s supposed to be dessert but this was my breakfast and I could never
say breakfast rice say it for me Tommy breakfast breakfast
this was my breakfast I had probably probably a serving of this 10 grams of
carbs for dietary fiber so 6 grams not the best start to a what I in a day
but hey we’re going with it let’s just go I’m about to work out so
don’t judge me how you doing
oh yeah start headsets on so scare me so we have finished working out thank
God which means I have earned and
all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue place that’s right it’s gone down we’re gonna
take a couple of pictures because I look good
you know and this never happens so I’m gonna take some pictures you know for de
gram and then we’re gonna eat they just on the side of the street
taking pictures because that’s what people in LA do if you didn’t know I can
literally smell the Korean barbecue like right over there I’m starving though I
already took my fish sauce literally just waiting today guys
worked out so I’ve heard that I practice in arena fasting and on the
rare chance I only eat one mil a day this is just so happens to be one of
them so it’s pretty boring what I in a day but this just goes to show that
sometimes you don’t need three standard Mills my allotted my going out to be the
big meal and I definitely indulged and had a lot of food in order for it to be
considered a meal that I could have and it sustained myself for the whole day I
still have enough calories to eat a cookie a healthy cookie the knows food I
believe I’ll show you guys in a second yeah I want a cookie so I wanted
something sweet but I didn’t want to cheat or anything and then I remembered
I had that cookie from the LA meetup that I was at I definitely want
something a little bit sweet I think I’m going to try this no food it claims to
have four net carbs per cookie and it’s pretty much a healthy hookie that you
don’t have to make yourself so I’m gonna give this a try I got this at the keto
meetup so if this is good I’m definitely gonna be repurchasing a whole bunch
I only has four net carbs 18 grams of protein and 12 grams of fiber so I’m
excited to give this a try and a serving size is one whole cookie but I think I’m
gonna share this hey Chelsea talking to the people yeah yeah hey hey Kayla’s
crew hey I just watched us eat all that lovely food how did you like in that
place so good it was her it was her first time trying it you loved it it was
so good I love Korean barbecue and can Michael get other stuff cuz she knows
Chiquito and stuff but yeah they had specialty things there like instead of
rice papers they had the sliced radish or daikon so it’s just the same but no
guilt I’m stuffed to the brim but that’s gonna be all for this one as always if
you guys like what I in a day videos and want me to continue making them don’t
forget to give this video a thumbs up and I will see you guys in the next one

Randall Smitham



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