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What I Eat in a Day | Vegan & Gluten Free | Healthy Meal Ideas

Good morning, good morning, good morning. It’s snowing! Good morning everyone. Welcome back to my Channel. So for today’s video we are doing a what I eat in a day video. Look at how pretty everything looks. I’m going for a walk in winter wonderland. My hand’s freezing and it’s probably gonna fall off anytime soon but that’s alright. It’s okay. I’m totally loving the snow. And I’m gettig out of breath. So I wanna say I drink a big glass of water first thing in the morning … But I mean, who am I kidding. I need coffee first. Preferably 2 cups, please! I really like to take my time in the morning. So even on an early morning, I wake up half an hour earlier then I should, just to start my day mindful. It gives me positivity throughout the day. So after my 2 cups of coffee I start my breakfast with some fruit so I usualy go for a banana, a kiwi and some blueberries. Depending on what I can find in the store. After my fruit I drink a protein shake. I’m on a plant-based diet so it’s really important to eat enough protein. So this is just a simple and healthy protein shake and it also has lots of minerals and vitamins. So I’m adding 2 scoops to my almond milk and then I’m adding a big teaspoon of maca powder. It’s a great mood booster, it reduces anxiety and it balances hormones. So for lunch I’m having an avocado on toast. So I’m having 2 slices of glutenfree oatmeal bread. And then I’m squashing an avocado. Which is a healthy fat. It helps with digestive issues, it’s a great source of omega 3 and it’s also good for a healthy glowing skin. So I’m adding some salt and pepper and mix it all up. I always use Himalayan salt because it’s unprocessed and it’s high in minerals. Then I’m adding some pumpkin and sunflower seeds, some greens and red beets. Then I’m topping it off with some sesame seeds and some hemp seeds. And there you have a nutritious avocado on toast. If you’re curious about the ingredients or the recipes, I’m leaving everything in the description box below. Now it’s time for a 4 o’clock snack. So today I went for 2 scoops of raspberry coconut yoghurt with some granola. So I’m always looking for products that have no added sugars. So it’s a healthy alternative for when I run out of my own homemade granola. Then I’m also adding some almonds and walnuts. I also had this Little Miracles shot. I just needed a little extra while I’m studying. So for dinner, I’m starting with cutting 2 slices of celeriac and cook them for about 5 minutes. Then I’m making my marinade. So I’m starting with the tomato sauce and then I’m adding 1 garlic glove, 4 tablespoons of agave syrup, 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar and then some cayenne, paprika powder, salt and fresh ginger. I’m letting the slices marinade for about 30 minutes. But the longer they marinade, the better they taste. Then I’m cutting some sweet potato fries. I’m adding some cayenne, thyme, basil, Himalayan salt, smoked paprika and then I’m adding some garlic oil as well. After I mixed it all together I put them in the oven on 180°C for about 30 minutes. Then for the salsa,
I’m cutting some fresh basil and parsley and then I’m adding this to some cut pickles and capers. I’m also adding 2 tablespoons of garlic oil and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. So I baked the celeriac slices for about 3 minutes on each side … and then dinner is ready. So for the marinade, I use it as dip sauce for my fries but I’ll be using the rest of it, tomorrow with some pasta. Time to wind down. This is not it. Alright, I’ve been studying the entire day and it’s finally time to make myself a golden latte. So I just heated some cashew milk. I don’t think you can see it. There is cashew milk in there. Step 2 is some tea. It’s the Numi organic tea tumeric with ginger, licorice and rose So I just added the tea bag in my … Then I’m gonna add some syrup. Just about a teaspoon. Oh that’s a big teaspoon. Then last but not least, some cinnamon. Are you ready for the best chocolate truffel I’ve ever eaten?! You didn’t see that coming right? These are the flaked truffles They are vegan and glutenfree. And I’m gonna eat one. I don’t think there are many left. Nope! There are like only 3 left. That’s what happens when I’m having exams. I’m a hungry person when I have to study. I don’t know. It just happens. So this is it. A little truffle. Alright, so that is it for this video. I really hope you enjoyed it. Please give it a big thumbs up. Please subscribe if you haven’t already. It’s the red button … right there. Thank you for subscribing. Thank you also for liking this video. And I will see you again in my next video. Bye guys.

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